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Q:Do I have to be home to receive my shipment?
A: Anyone over the age of 18 can be present to sign for the package.
Q:Notice to Texas Customers Only
A: We cannot ship to PO Boxes in the state of Texas.
Q:How do I know I am buying authentic Iraqi Dinars and other currencies?
A: Xchange of America is a licensed company.  We have to answer to the Office of Financial Regulation and the Department of Treasury.  We purchase directly form licensed sources in the Middle East and Asia which we have been doing for quite sometime.  Lastly, we sell to other licensed financial institutions here in the United States which include banks.  Our internal controls are of the highest standard. Finally, we authenticate every note making sure each is true.
Q:How can I track my order?
A: When you place your order you will have an account created where you can view all orders, track your packages and view invoices.  Also, you will receive an email with your tracking number contained for that specific purchase.
Q:How will my order be (shipped) delivered?
A: You will have shipping options based on the geographical area you live.  If you live in the continental United States you will usually have the option of 2-3 Day shipping or Overnight shipping.  Alaska and Hawaii are considered international because of the distance.  International options depend on the country.
Q:Can I arrange to pick up my currency order in person?
A: When ordering online or by phone you will always have the option to pick up your currency at one of our store locations, we actually encourage this.  The educated and friendly staff of Xchange of America is willing and able to assist.
Q:When will my order be shipped?
A: This varies from order to order depending on your payment method and dollar amount of purchase.  Most are ready to be shipped 24 hrs after receipt of cleared funds.  Speak to an Xchange of America representative for specific details.
Q:How can I pay for my purchase of currency?
A: Xchange of America gives you more payment options than any currency exchanger in the United States.  We offer bank wire, cashier check/money order, bank draft/ach and credit/debit card.
Q:If I use a credit card will my purchase be charged as a cash advance?
A: Xchange of America charges your card as a miscellaneous transaction, however check with your card issuer for their specific policies.
Q:Where can I have my order delivered?
A: We will ship to the address on your order.  Please remember that someone over the age of 18 will need to sign for the package.  International purchases and deliveries depend on the country and availability of service.  Alaska and Hawaii are considered international.
Q:Is the Dinar Inc website secure?
A: Xchange of America and all of its websites utilize the latest technology ensuring all the information you enter on our site is secure.
Q:How can I order foreign currency?
A: You can order online by following the steps under buy currency. You can also schedule to visit one of our many locations nationwide.
Q:How much foreign currency can I order?
A: Xchange of America does not have a maximum amount you can order of any currency like most currency exchangers. However, additional identity requirements by the individual or business may be required.
Q:Can I have my order shipped to an address other than the one my credit card is billed to?
A: No, we can only ship to the address your credit card is billed to.  A signature is required by someone over the age of 18 at time of delivery.
Q:How can I exchange my Iraqi Dinars or sell what I have?
A: We are always in need of currency.  We will exchange or buy your currency back at anytime.  Please follow the steps under sell currency or give us a call.

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