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Armored Car Transport


Welcome to the ever most anticipated "Armored Car Transport Service" provided by Dinar Inc.  This service is something we have been working and coordinating for a very long time and are now proud to offer. 
Here's how it works:
Dinar Inc will transport from your location of choice in association with one of our global business transportation partners your currency (we have to carry or exchange the currency).  It will be picked up, transported and insured till it is delivered to our facility.  Once delivered we will take possession and will be secured in our vault until the exchange is complete.
Dinar Inc will coordinate the entire process, select the armored car transport service (based on your country or area you live) and walk you through the entire process.  Please call and inquire toll-free at (888) 800-1977.
*Cost of service is based on total amount of currency exchanged*

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