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The Best Things To Do In Vietnam

by Xchange Of America ~ June 28th, 2016

When you hear the word Vietnam, your first thought may be to a war that was fought 40 years ago there. That is not the Vietnam that exists now. Today, it is a thriving economy and one of the fastest growing places in terms of wealth in the world. It is also visited by millions of tourists every single year. If you are planning on going to Vietnam, you are going to need to exchange your currency to the Vietnamese dong, so don’t forget to do that before you travel. Dinar Inc can do that for you and ensure you have plenty of money in your pocket for your Vietnam vacation.

Once you arrive in Vietnam, then what do you do? Well, that is the great thing, there are plenty of things that you can do.

The first place you need to visit is the Hoi An Ancient Town. This is a truly beautiful place within Vietnam, and it gives you a great look at the culture of this amazing country. It has existed for over 500 years, and was once one of the major trading centers in all of Southwest Asia.

If you want to see what Vietnam truly is, and the true culture there, then visit Old Quarter. This is a great place to go to see the real people of Vietnam and they are truly great people indeed. Don’t forget to buy Vietnamese dong before you go here because there are plenty of places you will want to shop when you arrive.

There is no denying that the Vietnam War was one of the worst chapters of the history of this wonderful country. If you want to learn more about that history, you can visit the War Remnants Museum. This museum is a place where you will see the leftover remnants of the 1960s-1970s war with the United States. It is a place that is highly emotional, and highly educational. It is a place that you should visit to really learn about the history of this country.

The Cu Chi Tunnels are another part of the history of this country that involves the Vietnam War. It is a place where you can tour the tunnels themselves and see how the Vietnamese people lived and fought during the war that defined the country after the war.

One of the most beautiful places in all of Vietnam is the Paradise Cave. This cave system has become one of the most popular places for people to visit, and it is a definite place you should visit. The caves are a bit expensive, so once again make sure you buy Vietnamese dong before you arrive.

When you are looking for Vietnamese dong, look no further than Dinar Inc. which will provide you with everything you need so you can have a truly amazing experience within a country that is becoming one of the most important on the entire planet. You won’t be disappointed by this country.

How Much Vietnamese Dong Should You Bring On A Vietnam Trip?

by Xchange Of America ~ June 24th, 2016

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries on Earth. It has a deep history and a stunning landscape, as well as some of the friendliest people in the world. If you travel to Vietnam, you will be very happy there and you will never want to leave. While you are there, you should consider the fact that you are going to need the Vietnamese dong, which is the national currency of the country.

When you need to buy Vietnamese dong, don’t ever do it at the airport or a local exchange. Instead, use an online exchange like Dinar Inc. With an online exchange, you can do the exchange from your computer using your bank account or even a credit card, and then you just wait until the dongs arrive in the mail. Dinar Inc. is trusted and reliable, with thousands of customers who have been happy with the service and how quickly they get the dong currency.

Once you buy Vietnamese dong, you can begin your trip and what a trip it is going to be. Now, let’s backup one moment and determine just how much dong you are going to need for your Vietnam trip.
The Vietnamese dong is attached to the dollar of the United States, and typically sits at about 16,000 dongs per United States dollar. For the Australian dollar, you will get 14,000 dongs, and for one Euro you will get 24,000 dongs. The pound will give you 32,000 dongs. This rate is going to fluctuate of course, but it all depends on who you go through for your exchange rate, and the fees you pay, plus the exchange rate internationally at that very moment.

You can take United States dollars into Vietnam, because the currency is accepted there and many activities for tourists are quoted in dollars, rather than dong, so you have no problem switching between both if need be. That being said, you should not just bring dollars, always bring dongs so that you have everything you need.

The amount of Vietnamese dongs you need to bring depends on what you want to spend. If you want to stay in a relatively nice location, it is going to cost you about 15 dollars per night, while a cheaper place will go for five dollars a night. You can go for a higher value place and that will cost upwards of 50 dollars a night. Hotels typically cost about 100,000 dongs for a night for a double on average.

If you eat cheap and good street food, you will save a lot of money. You can typically buy street dishes for as little as 3,000 dongs, or about 25 cents in United States currency. Portions will be small, but you will still save a lot of money even buying a few portions if you are hungry.

Putting it all together, you should have between $20 and $40 per day for a trip. That means you will need between 320,000 and 640,000 dongs per day. If you stay for one week, you will need between 2.24 million to 4.48 million dongs.

What Can You Purchase With Vietnamese Dong When Traveling?

by Xchange Of America ~ May 26th, 2016

When traveling to Vietnam, one of the many things you will need to consider before leaving is the local currency of your destination. Vietnam’s domestic currency is the Dong, and has been in use since 1978. In your travels you will find a wide variety of shopping experiences, all of which using the Dong as their accepted currency. The shopping experiences available to you on your trip include dining to enjoy local cuisine, shopping at local markets and tours. There is a high likelihood that one of the expenses on your trip will be your accommodations, which are going to be paid for with the Vietnamese Dong.

If you have done world traveling you know that each country possesses its own unique cuisine, directly correlated to the country’s culture and heritage. The country’s most popular dishes include Noodle Soups, Meat Dishes, and seafood dishes. Sampling some of the local wildlife, Vietnamese seafood is abundant with flavors we don’t often find stateside. If you are a fan of spices, try some of the local Noodles mainly referred to as Ph? in the United States. Typically served in a flavorful clear broth, Ph? combines a variety of meats with spring onion and slices of minimally cooked beef for maximum flavor. The authentic cuisine is absolutely delicious, a real treat when experienced in Vietnam.

Another major purchase you can make with the Vietnamese Dong is within the many markets. Within the street markets you will find many instances of Vietnam culture as well as international ties, culminating a global shopping experience, something you may not have expected to find in Vietnam! Clothing is among the top most popular market goods because of their low prices and high quality. The markets do not just serve up custom made garments but also goods from major international brands such as Nike and Adidas. These brands are offered at a fraction of the cost to which you would find them in the United States.

If you are really looking to make the most of your trip, make sure to add a tour to your to-do list; with some of the most beautiful sites in the world it would be hard to pass up. Some of the great areas to tour in Vietnam are Hanoi, Halong Bay, and Mekong Delta. Hanoi is the perfect place to tour by motorcycle which can introduce you to the country’s capital city as well as the scenic roads which

If you are interested in buying Vietnamese Dong for your travels to Vietnam, be sure to check out our currency exchange services which make buying Dong easy, convenient and cost-effective. If you intend on immersing yourself in Vietnam and its beautiful country, you need to make sure you have enough Dong to cover the expenses of your trip!

Why You Should Buy Vietnamese Dong Before Traveling

by Xchange Of America ~ May 22nd, 2016

When we travel, one of the last things we want is for something to go wrong with our itinerary. Though there are few things we may control about the weather, flight delays, et cetera… what we can certify is that we have all of the things needed for the trip to go smoothly. One of these things of note is local currency. In your travels to Vietnam, possessing the Vietnamese Dong is critical and should be a major item on your list. Though you could try and wing it, attempting to locate a secure source once you have already entered the country, sourcing it prior to your travels is the only way to ensure you have it for your trip.
One of the major sources people often mention when searching for currency are the international airport currency converter companies.

There are three major problems with sourcing from these companies, the first being that you may not travel via an airport or airports which host such a company. Secondly, these companies add an extreme margin to their exchange, which puts you in a very weak position. If you have opted to wait until your travels, you may be pressured into paying these high fees seeing as if there may be no alternatives. The third reason why this is a major problem is because if you are traveling by means other than air this will not be possible whatsoever.

Sourcing an exchange locally may be equally as difficult as doing so in the airports. Most areas of the United States do not feature exchanges, which could mean that you would need to drive a long distance to conduct your exchange. While this may not be the case, physical currency exchange companies also bet on the fact that you will be in a weak position, meaning you will tend to pay a higher rate for their services as opposed to buying online. Deciding to wait until your arrival to Vietnam may make buying Vietnamese Dong incredibly difficult as exchanges are typically designed to make as much money as possible, knowing that you have no other choice. By purchasing your Vietnamese Dong online, you can avoid the headache of sourcing currency under pressure, as well as the ridiculous fees they tend to charge.

If you decide to buy Vietnamese Dong on our website, you can rest assured knowing that your currency will arrive on time and provide the best value possible for your exchange. Our convenient system allows you to purchase foreign currency in a safe, easy to use manner. Our company experts monitor the international exchange rates very closely and understand what forces are at play in making those changes. Purchasing your Vietnamese Dong online also saves you time, your most valuable asset. This is an incredibly important point to make, much more important than the reasons listed above. Purchasing your currency online means you can avoid the time consuming search for local, airport, and even Vietnam based currency exchanges. If you have bought currency in one of the above methods, the best way to experience this difference is to try it for yourself, we are sure you will be surprised with how much time and money you save.

Tips for Traveling to Vietnam

by Xchange Of America ~ March 25th, 2016

When traveling to Vietnam you may want to take the time to buy Vietnamese dong online before your trip, because it can save you a substantial amount of time and ensure that you have enough currency when you’re getting around the country. Although there are many vendors who will accept U.S. dollars, there are some who will not because they don’t want to have to change the currency back to their own. As a result, you should be sure to try to buy Vietnamese dong well before you travel; this way you will have enough currency for your trip and it will very likely go a lot more smoothly.

You’ll be able to buy food from street vendors

When you buy Vietnamese dong on the internet and take the time to purchase enough of the currency, you’ll be able to buy food from street vendors and others who may only accept cash. There are many vendors who don’t have the equipment needed to accept credit card payments. Because of this you’ll want to bring a small amount of cash with you; you don’t have to take large amounts, but a minor amount will usually suffice and it will ensure that you are able to enjoy the local cuisine no matter where you travel to in Vietnam. There are plenty of opportunities to try out local cuisine in each region, so be sure that you are bringing cash with you and bring enough of it.

You’ll want cash for transportation related costs

Transportation is another cost that is often paid for in cash because of the fact that there are some cab drivers or several of them who cannot accept debit or credit card payments. So you’ll want to carry cash with you for these situations, as you don’t want to be stranded in Vietnam without a way to travel if you’re only carrying a debit or credit card. Don’t make the assumption that cab drivers will have the ability to accept credit card payments, although there may be a few of them in bigger cities who are able to do so, the chances are that they’ll ask you for cash, and when you buy Vietnamese dong online you won’t have to worry about finding a currency exchange locally.

Avoid dealing with expensive airport exchanges

An airport currency exchange can end up costing you a significant amount of money and it can be very expensive for you depending on how much currency that you need to purchase. That’s why when you buy Vietnamese dong from a reputable service like Dinar Inc. you’ll save time and money both in the short term and after you’ve traveled. You never want to rely on an airport exchange because the wait times can also be very long, as many other travelers may be scrambling to get currency at the last second along with you. Avoiding this type of scenario is essential and you can easily do so just by purchasing the currency that you need on the internet from a service like Dinar Inc.

Things to Spend Vietnamese Dong On

by Xchange Of America ~ March 23rd, 2016

When you travel to Vietnam there are many different things you can spend Vietnamese dong on, and it can end up saving you a significant amount of time and money if you buy Vietnamese dong from an online currency exchange service like Dinar Inc. rather than having to find out locally. You’ll have a lot of options to spend your currency after you travel and you’ll save a significant amount of money on local costs. Before you travel to Vietnam it’s a good idea to carry Vietnamese dong on you, and be sure that you have enough for expenditures like food, taxi cabs, and other types of transportation.

You’ll be able to buy items at the Old Quarter in Hanoi

The Old Quarter in Hanoi is a delightful area that you’ll be able to spend a lot of time at, and you’ll find just about anything that you could want to buy there whether it is souvenirs, clothing, kitchen wares, and just about anything else you can imagine. Although it’s a busy area with a lot of hustling and bustling, you’ll be able to step aside and get food at street vendors or at the many restaurants in the area. You’ll want to try the egg coffee, beer and other delicious food items in the area, and the best way to do this is to ensure that you have a sufficient quantity of Vietnamese dong with you when you are traveling here.

You can pay for tours in cash

Another thing that you can spend your cash on is tours. There are many different types of tours that you’ll find in Vietnam, whether it’s touring Hoi An Ancient Town, Cu Chi Tunnels, Halong Bay, Thuan Tinh Island and many other areas of the country that offer scenic photos and great views. Being able to pay for tours with Vietnamese dong can be a major advantage, especially for the tours that don’t take dollars as a form of payment. Although some of the tours may be able to accept dollars, you don’t want to get caught out without Vietnamese dong in case there are some that prefer to be paid with the local currency, and it will ensure that you get to see everything that you want.

You may need to pay for transportation

Paying for transportation is a must when you’re in Vietnam as you probably already know, but in many cases you won’t be able to pay with it using credit or debit card, as many taxi cab drivers and others will only accept Vietnamese dong. You can expect to pay anywhere between 12,000d to 15,000d per kilometer, but it’s recommended that you only travel with reputable companies instead of some of the dodgier taxis that might charge you extra money. You can also pay for many buses with Vietnamese dong, but also be sure that you aren’t getting charged at a higher rate. The same goes for Cyclos and Xe Oms which you’ll have to bargain for, and many of them will accept Vietnamese dong as a payment, but in general you’ll need to be aware of which prices are fixed and the ones that aren’t.

Spend Less Time When You Buy Vietnamese Dong From Home

by Xchange Of America ~ February 28th, 2016

When you buy Vietnamese dong from home you can expect to spend less time on your currency purchase because making an online purchase is very fast and convenient compared to other methods. Buying Vietnamese dong from home allows you to buy the currency without having to travel to a physical location or even meet with a representative. It can save you both time and money and help you get the currency that you need before your trip so that you are fully prepared and ready.

Buying Vietnamese dong from home makes sense

It makes sense to buy Vietnamese dong from home whenever you can simply because the amount of money that you can save. You can end up saving tens or hundreds of dollars compared to what you would spend at a local currency exchange or at the airport. Airport exchanges know that you have no other option in most cases and will tack a large premium to their exchange rates or charge you for service fees. Dinar Inc. does not do this because we are in the business of helping our customers getting the currency that they need at the lowest exchange rate possible, and we will supply you with whatever amount that you need in the timeframe that you need it in.

You can buy Vietnamese dong from home in just a few minutes

Another major benefit of using Dinar Inc. for your currency purchase is the fact that you can buy Vietnamese dong from home in just a few minutes. You can use a tablet computer or your laptop computer to buy the currency online and it literally is just a matter of filling out a few forms and you can have your currency shipped directly to your door. There are few other services that offer you this level of convenience and the best benefit of all is the fact that you are not going to be spending nearly as much money as you would on other currency exchange services while getting your currency on time.

You’ll get the currency that you need on time

With our service you will get the currency that you need right on time so that your trip to Vietnam will go smoothly. You don’t want to have to stress out at the last second because you are short on currency and then have to look for a currency exchange at the last minute or look for an option when you are in Vietnam. When you buy Vietnamese dong from home you can have it sent straight to your home no matter where you live in the United States and you’ll have it in time for your upcoming trip so that everything goes exactly as you planned. It’s always a good idea to do this so that your trip planning goes as you expect and you can end up saving quite a bit of time on the whole process. Contact Dinar Inc. at 1-888-800-1977 to learn more about the benefits of buying currency from home.

Save Money When Buying Vietnamese Dong by Purchasing It Online

by Xchange Of America ~ February 26th, 2016

If you’re looking for the best way to save money when buying Vietnamese dong for a currency purchase, you’ll probably quickly find out that online services like Dinar Inc. are some of the lowest cost ways to purchase the currency without having to travel. Dinar Inc. does not charge outrageous service fees like most other currency exchange services, and you can purchase whenever it is the most convenient for you in order to save both time and money. You can always purchase from your home whenever you would like, and this convenience is one of the top reasons to consider buying currency from Dinar Inc.

Don’t deal with the headaches of traveling to buy currency

If you buy Vietnamese Dong or other foreign currencies from Dinar Inc., you won’t have the headache of having to travel to a local currency exchange service. This can cost a significant amount of money especially when you have to travel over long distances just to find currency. You can avoid most of this by just buying the currency that you need directly from Dinar Inc., and you can buy the specific quantity that you need for a trip. We can advise you on the amount that you should buy based on the length of time that you are staying in Vietnam and other factors, and you can have your currency shipped directly to your door.

You can meet with experts at Dinar Inc. to discuss your currency purchase

One of the top benefits of buying Vietnamese dong from Dinar Inc. is the fact that you can ask our helpful support staff any questions that you may have about your currency purchase at all prior to making it. This is helpful because you can specifically determine how much currency that you should be purchasing prior to actually buying it. You can save a lot of time and ensure that you have as much currency as you’ll need for your trip, and you’ll be able to get an accurate total for the amount of currency that you can be expected to purchase.

You can get as much currency as you need delivered directly to you

At Dinar Inc. you can have as much currency as you need delivered straight to you, and this is a convenience that very few other currency services will offer you. Our shipping rates are among the lowest in the industry and we have very fast shipping times. No matter where you live we can have your currency shipped straight to you to ensure that you have it on time for your trip. In the vast majority of cases you will be better off buying currency from a service like Dinar Inc. because you will save both money and time and you’ll be able to ask questions about the total amount of currency that you should purchase and other important details about traveling to Vietnam. To learn more about buying Vietnamese dong from the comfort of your home or to speak to a representative now, contact Dinar Inc. at 1-888-800-1977 today.

How to Efficiently Buy Vietnamese Dong

by Xchange Of America ~ February 20th, 2016

If you want to save money and time when you buy Vietnamese dong for a trip or for other purposes, you should be sure to use a service like Dinar Inc. that allows you to buy dong at a low exchange rate. There are no service fees with our currency purchasing service which means that you will be paying the lowest rate possible for your currency. You can end up saving a substantial amount of money no matter how much currency that you purchase, and it’s one of the best ways to benefit from the lowest exchange rates with the dollar being very strong against the dong at the present.

Purchase large amounts of currency before you travel

It’s a good idea to purchase as much cash as you’ll need before you travel to Vietnam. If you plan on staying in the country for any number of days, you’ll need a small amount of cash at the very least, and you might need more cash than you might expect. If you plan on taking a taxi to some parts of the country then you need to take at least some cash with you, and you may need to take larger quantities with you depending on how many taxis you are taking. Buying currency before you travel is always a smart decision especially in a country like Vietnam where there are several vendors who can’t take debit or credit.

Buy it online so you don’t have to travel

When you buy currency online you won’t have to travel anywhere to get it and you can save a substantial amount of time. Buying currency this way is the most efficient way to purchase it because you won’t have to find a local currency exchange and you can make an online purchase with just a few clicks. It’s one of the best ways to get the exact currency that you need at a low cost and online currency exchange services like Dinar Inc. are a great option no matter how much currency you need to purchase and what your specific needs are.

Buy when the exchange rate is favorable

Every currency exchange rate fluctuates naturally so it makes sense to monitor the exchange rate of your currency to Vietnamese dong and then make a decision when its more favorable. When you time your purchase to when the exchange rate is more favorable you’ll save substantially more money than you would at other times. Be sure to ask Dinar Inc. when the exchange rate is more ideal and favorable based on your particular requirements your currency purchase. If you have more time to wait before your currency purchase then be sure to try to time it so that you save as much money as possible. The exchange rate will fluctuate based on several different factors but you can time it so that you get as much Vietnamese dong as you possibly can in one purchase. Contact Dinar Inc. today to learn more about purchasing Vietnamese dong and the right time to buy it.

Why You Should Buy Vietnamese Dong Online Instead of Offline

by Xchange Of America ~ January 25th, 2016

If you buy Vietnamese dong online at Dinar Inc. you get the benefit of not having to wait in lines, not having to travel around your area looking for a viable service that sells it, and not having to worry about paying service fees and other extensive fees that you may be charged at a brick and mortar currency exchange. You can end up saving tens or even hundreds of dollars on service fees just by purchasing your currency on the internet, and you can have it shipped directly to you no matter where you live.

Your currency will arrive when you need it

It will arrive in the timeframe that you need it and you’ll avoid the difficulties of having to travel to and from a currency exchange just to get currency before your trip. This can end up taking a lot of time and when you buy currency online from Dinar Inc. you only have to make your purchase and then wait for it to arrive by mail. You can choose expedited shipping if you want which can save you a lot of time if you need to have your currency by a certain date. It just takes a few minutes to place an order and you won’t have to wait in a queue or talk to someone to purchase any amount of currency that you want before your trip.

You may not have a place to buy it in your area

Many areas around the U.S. don’t have anywhere to buy Vietnamese dong because they often don’t have the proper currency exchange services. There are many areas that don’t sell it and as a result you might not be able to find the currency services that you need. This can end up forcing you to have to travel longer distances than you might want to travel to find currency and if you are spending the large part of a day just to get to a currency exchange service then you are wasting valuable time when you can just make a purchase online. There are several parts of the U.S. that don’t have a high quality exchange service.

You’ll get the exact amount that you need

Another issue with many currency exchange services is that they often don’t have the amount of currency that you need. Sometimes their quantities will dwindle and you may have to wait a period of time for a shipment to come in. This just adds more time to your currency purchase and makes it difficult to get the currency that you need. When you buy Vietnamese dong from Dinar Inc. you can purchase the total that you need and you’ll be able to buy large quantities whenever you need to. This is particularly important if you plan on staying the country for a while and it’s essential for you to purchase exactly the amount that you need before you embark on any trip for any length of time to the country of Vietnam.

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