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Top Tourist Sites in Vietnam

by Xchange Of America ~ March 31st, 2017

Vietnam is full of tourist sites which draw people from the United States and all over the world to visit the beautiful country. Vietnam has become one of the most frequently visited countries in Southeast Asia for these remarkable tourist attractions and its natural beauty. It also happens to be one of the more inexpensive Southeast Asian countries to visit, and when you buy Vietnamese dong before your trip there from Dinar Inc. you can have a substantial amount of currency for a wide range of different expenditures that you may need to take care of. So be sure to purchase Vietnamese dong before your trip there and check out the following top tourist attractions in the country:

Cu Chi Tunnels

The Cu Chi Tunnels are a vast network of underground tunnels which are located in the Cu Chi District of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. They are a portion of the tunnels that are located throughout the country. They were a location for numerous campaigns during the Vietnam War and provided the Vietcong soldiers with a hiding spot, a base for operations, and served and food, weapon and supply routes during the war for North Vietnamese fighters. These tunnels were of incredible importance to the fighters during the war, and many of them remain intact, allowing you to tour them with an approved guide. It gives you a great chance to see how life was for the Vietnamese during the war.

Thuan Tinh Island

Thuan Tinh Island is a small island which is located about 3 ½ kilometers from Hoi An Ancient Town. It has become one of the most popular places for a variety of cooking classes because of its ecological beauty and amazing setting. When you are visiting Hoi An Ancient Town, taking a cooking class here is a must try activity and many other tourists will tell you that it was one of the highlights of their trip. You will search the local markets for the freshest ingredients then take a boat ride to the island where you’ll learn how to cook the ingredients and make a wide range of delectable Vietnamese dishes. The cost of these cooking classes is also relatively affordable and you’re sure to have a great time.

War Remnants Museum

The War Remnants Museum is located in Ho Chi Minh City and offers one of the more interesting attractions to visit in Vietnam. Here you can see remnants of helicopters, tanks, planes, weapons and many other types of war devices that were used against the Vietnamese during the war. There are also several photos of the war, and although it’s not necessarily the best place to take younger children, for adults it’s a great stop to learn more about the war and take some photos of some of the weapons and transportation devices that were used. It’s a smaller museum and although some of the photographs can be a bit hard to watch, you’ll find that it is well worth the trip and also conveniently located in Ho Chi Minh City, with a low admission fee.

Why Travel to Vietnam?

by Xchange Of America ~ March 30th, 2017

Vietnam is one of the top tourist destinations in the world in recent years because of its relatively low cost compared to several others. When you buy Vietnamese dong online, you can purchase a large quantity of the local currency so that you can experience everything that the country has to offer and enjoy all of the tourist sites and plentiful other things to do there. You’ll find incredible street food, beautiful beaches and bays, delicious coffee to wake you up in the morning, incredible tours, caves, markets, fresh produce and so much more in Vietnam to experience. If you’re debating visiting Vietnam, perhaps some of the reasons below can convince you to visit this beautiful and unique country.

Amazing freshly caught seafood and street food

You’ll tour Vietnamese fish markets and other meat markets and may prepare yourself for the fishy smell that is typically associated with it. But you won’t experience that because of the fact that the fish in most Vietnamese markets was recently caught just a few hours ago. There’s no better place to get some of the absolute freshest seafood that you can purchase, and if you prefer to avoid cooking you’ll also find it available at the many street food vendors throughout the country. The street food is very inexpensive, and when you buy Vietnamese dong online you can use it to purchase a wide range of different types of seafood, street food, and other produce.

Visit beautiful Halong Bay

Halong Bay is absolutely beautiful and although it has become a bit swarmed by tourists in recent years, you should make the drive over there to visit it from Hanoi. There has been a recent clean up effort in the area to protect it and ensure that it stays incredible, and there are over 1,900 islands in the area as well as an incredible mountain backdrop. There are also numerous boat and other tours of Halong Bay hosted by locals where you can learn more about it. There are now some top tier hotels located on Halong Bay that you can choose from for your next vacation or romantic getaway, and these hotels are located close to the water or right on it for some incredible views.

Visit the caves

There are some of the biggest cave complexes in the world in Vietnam, and although they are now becoming overrun with tourists they are still some of the less populated attractions to visit. You can find Son Doong Cave in Vietnam which is known as the biggest cave in the world, and tours of the cave are limited but you should definitely sneak one in during your next trip there. Other options include Paradise Cave which is located in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park and many others with a variety of different tour options. Be sure that you purchase Vietnamese dong online from Dinar Inc. prior to visiting any of these attractions, as you’ll be able to purchase tours, street food, hotels and other important items during your vacation in cash whenever you need to.

Why You Must Purchase Vietnamese Dong Before Visiting Vietnam

by Xchange Of America ~ March 29th, 2017

Before you visit Vietnam, it’s always important to buy Vietnamese dong, as you’ll want to have some of the local currency with you. Vietnam is substantially developed but there are still many areas where you should make purchases in cash. When you have Vietnamese dong with you, you won’t have to worry about finding an ATM or missing out on some great opportunities to enjoy street food, local tours, souvenir purchases and much more. It’s easy to secure your purchase well before you fly out to Vietnam, as you can have your currency purchase shipped directly to you whenever you want by making a fast purchase online.

Many vendors only accept cash

You’ll find that the many market and tourist areas have thousands of vendors who only accept cash payments, which means that you’ll need to have a sufficient amount of cash on you before you visit them. These vendors will likely have several amazing items for you to purchase, and many visitors to Vietnam end up wanting to take souvenirs or gifts back home with them. You’ll want to bring a sufficient amount of cash with you during your trip so that you can purchase whatever you want, whether it’s clothing, jewelry, handmade crafts, art, and so much more. You’ll be sure to find something that you like among the many hundreds of street vendors that you’ll run into, and when you have the local currency with you you’ll always be able to purchase it.

Try amazing street food

When traveling to Vietnam you’ll also get to experience some truly amazing street food, and many of those vendors will also only take payments in cash. The fresh meat, fruit, vegetables, and seafood in Vietnam is made available to you in delicious local cuisine through these street vendors, and you’ll have the opportunity to try some of the most unique and interesting foods in Southeast Asia whenever you’re exploring the country there. You’ll need a sufficient amount of cash with you during your trip to fully enjoy everything that the country has to offer, so be sure to bring some with you and avoid having to miss out on something amazing and delicious that might interest you.

Get around in the country easily

There are plenty of buses, taxis and other forms of transportation that you can use in Vietnam but you’ll need cash to purchase many of them. It’s crucial that you bring some with you during your next trip so that you can get around the country without any problems at all. Having cash will ensure that you can visit the most popular areas of the country at a low cost. Buses go through most of the country along with other transportation choices like taxis. You don’t want to be stuck using lower quality transportation or not being able to get where you need to go, so be sure to have enough cash during your next trip and purchase Vietnamese dong on the internet before you head out there.

Why Vietnam is a Popular Travel Destination

by Xchange Of America ~ February 28th, 2017

Vietnam has become one of the most increasingly popular travel destinations in Southeast Asia for a number of reasons including a low cost of traveling, several amazing historic sites, unique and delicious cuisine and more. If you’re planning on visiting Vietnam or Cambodia in the near future, you’re making a good decision, as you’ll get an excellent value for the money that you spend there. Before you travel to Vietnam, make sure that you purchase Vietnamese dong before your flight so that you can truly enjoy the country and explore all of the areas that you want to explore. Be sure that you visit the most popular tourist areas in the city such as Halong Bay and Ho Chi Minh city, and consider these benefits of traveling there:

An amazing and unique culture to experience

Vietnam truly offers one of the most incredible and exciting cultures to explore and visit, with a wide range of historic areas, tourist sites, beaches, bays and other natural wonders to see. You’ll find that the locals are very friendly and when you buy Vietnamese dong and have it with you during your trip you’ll be able to purchase whatever you want and enjoy the local culture, restaurants, bars and other exciting things to do. Everywhere you go you’ll find people who are welcoming, smiling and warm and you’ll get to experience a totally new culture that you may not have seen in the past.

Great delicious and cheap food

The Vietnamese street food and cuisine is one of the top reasons to visit, and you’ll be able to purchase it when you buy Vietnamese dong before your trip, as many vendors will mainly accept the dong for purchases. However, the food is very inexpensive and you’ll only spend a few dong per meal, and because of the fact that you can purchase such a large quantity of currency, you’ll be able to get by in the country without spending much money at all. The food is freshly made, and each region serves its own unique cuisine to test out. For example you can find king crab near the beach and a wide range of other types of seafood for very low prices compared to the United States.

One of the most affordable travel destinations in the world

As previously mentioned, the Vietnamese dong is currently cheap to purchase right now. It’s one of the most affordable travel destinations on the planet, where you can enjoy a long term vacation if you wish at a really low price. You won’t spend much money at all for your trip, whether it’s for just a week or for several weeks, and you’ll be able to enjoy some luxury meals, hotels, and other normally high priced items at a much lower cost due to the relative strength of the dollar compared to the Vietnamese dong. Be sure to purchase whatever quantity of Vietnamese dong that you may need before you visit the country, and you can make your purchase online now or on the phone at your convenience.

Saving Money on Vietnamese Dong

by Xchange Of America ~ February 25th, 2017

When you need to purchase Vietnamese dong for any reason, you might find that it’s difficult to find a suitable currency exchange service in your area. Many of them will charge you a wide range of extra fees in order to purchase Vietnamese dong if they even offer the currency. You’ll find that many services don’t actually sell Vietnamese dong and you’ll be stuck with having to search for another currency exchange in your area or having to use an online currency exchange anyway. You can avoid spending too much money on your currency exchange by using a high quality online service like Dinar Inc. and you’ll find that you can save a huge amount on your purchase as well as time.

Our online currency exchange doesn’t charge service fees

You won’t have to worry about huge service fees when you use Dinar Inc. and a few other online currency exchange services, and that’s one of the biggest benefits to buying Vietnamese dong on our website before your next trip. Another top benefit is the fact that you’ll have your currency delivered on time and well before your trip as long as you purchase your currency a few weeks before you need to leave to Vietnam. You won’t get stuck having to use an airport currency exchange where you can spend a substantially higher amount of money for less currency.

You won’t have to drive around looking for a currency exchange

Driving around trying to find a local currency exchange can be a major hassle, as many of the local exchanges in your area may not sell Vietnamese dong. In other cases you may have to travel to another city near you just to be able to purchase the currency. You may have to make multiple trips if they need to ship their currency in, as the Vietnamese dong is a relatively rare currency that is often unavailable at local currency exchange services. At the end of it all you may also end up spending more money on the process, as online currency exchange services are often much cheaper than most offline exchange services.

Some of the best exchange rates anywhere

At Dinar Inc. you’ll find some of the best Vietnamese dong exchange rates anywhere, and that’s why it’s a great idea to purchase as much of it as you can before your next trip. You’ll get excellent value for each dollar that you spend, ensuring that your next trip is fun and enjoyable and that you have enough currency to do all the things you want to do in Vietnam and explore the country to its fullest. You’ll love the time that you spend there, and if you plan on traveling to any number of other Asian countries such as South Korean, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong, we also sell their currencies so that you can enjoy a multi-country trip. Purchase the Vietnamese dong or other currency that you need on our website today, and you can have it shipped to you within a few business days.

Benefits of Traveling to Vietnam

by Xchange Of America ~ February 21st, 2017

Traveling to Vietnam has become very popular in recent decades as the country’s economy continues to grow and it becomes more developed. Although Vietnam is starting to become well developed in several areas, the Vietnamese dong still remains one of the lowest priced currencies in the world relative to the U.S. dollar. It isn’t expected to stay this way forever, so you should take advantage of the strong U.S. dollar and travel to Vietnam if you get the opportunity. Many people love their experience traveling there as they meet friendly locals who are willing to help, enjoy great and unique food, experience a different culture, and see the natural beauty of the country.

You’ll spend very little if you prefer

You won’t have to spend very much money on your trip to Vietnam, as the dollar remains a strong currency compared to the Vietnamese dong. Although you can enjoy a wide range of luxurious things to include in during your trip such as dinner at top rated restaurants, quality hotels and more, you can also spend less money and enjoy street foods or cheaper restaurants, or even cook your own food in a vacation rental. You can get by with just a few dollars per day or its equivalent in Vietnamese dong, and that means that you can extend your trip for quite some time if you would like.

You’ll get to enjoy amazing and fun outdoor activities

Vietnam is loaded with natural attractions like Halong Bay, numerous beaches, and other fun things to do in nature. Enjoy swimming in the ocean, hiking, biking, kayaking and any number of other outdoor activities that interest you. You’ll find that the country is very beautiful and that the terrain is quite diverse depending on which region of the country that you visit. You can go on guided nature tours or kayaking tours for a very small amount of money, and many tour operators will request that you purchase their tour in Vietnamese dong. So be sure to have the local currency with you even when you plan on enjoying outdoor activities, as you can enhance your experience with equipment rentals, tours and other small outdoor recreation equipment items that you can purchase.

Vietnam is a very travel friendly country

Vietnam happens to also be one of the most travel friendly countries on the planet because of the fact that the local economy is so heavily reliant on tourism. You’ll find that there are plenty of amazing restaurants, bars, hotels, nightlife destinations, and other fun and exciting things to do such as guided tours of historic areas, souvenir vendors, and more. There’s the War Remnants museum where you can see remnants of the Vietnam war, the Cu Chi Tunnels where you can go on a guided tour of the tunnels which are quite fascinating, and caves and islands to explore. You’ll also find incredible other museums throughout the country, as well as a huge historic district in Ho An Ancient Town as well as the Old Quarter and other areas, and these places are absolutely loaded with vendors and food sellers.

Buying Vietnamese Dong Before Your Trip There

by Xchange Of America ~ December 24th, 2016

When you are planning out a trip to Vietnam you should also plan on purchasing Vietnamese dong a few weeks ahead of your departure date or earlier than that. Vietnam is one of several countries where there are large sections that don’t have access to the typical credit and debit card machines that you see everywhere in Western countries. Although some of the more popular sections of Vietnam certainly do have credit and debit card machines, your particular debit card may not be accepted there. To have the certainty that you can eat where you want, use the transportation services that you want and visit all the areas that you want to visit, you should be sure to bring a sufficient quantity of Vietnamese dong with you.

You need cash to purchase many items in Vietnam

The reality is that you will need cash to purchase many different types of items when you are in Vietnam including souvenirs, food, clothing, gifts and more. There are plenty of stores that offer credit or debit card machines, but many of the vendors in Vietnam are street vendors who deal mainly with the local currency. You won’t be able to purchase some of the more unique and memorable souvenirs and items if you don’t have cash with you when you travel to the country. This can limit your experience and force you to only stay in areas where your card is accepted.

You won’t get caught without having cash

If you don’t have cash in Vietnam it can be difficult to find an appropriate currency exchange easily. You might not be able to find one at all in many regions. You also don’t want to get stuck at the airport needing to exchange your currency for Vietnamese dong at the last second; the chances are that you may not be able to get the quantity of currency that you need, or that you may end up paying significantly more money than you would at an online exchange. You can avoid a lot of last minute problems simply by purchasing Vietnamese dong from a trustworthy online currency exchange service like Dinar Inc., as your currency will ship quickly and is guaranteed to arrive on time.

Plan your trip out ahead of time

When traveling to Vietnam it’s always a good idea to plan your trip out well ahead of time, deciding on the places that you will want to visit and having enough cash available for day to day expenses. You never know what types of things you might want to do once you arrive there, but if you have an overall daily schedule, your trip will be a lot more organized, and if you have cash you’ll be able to purchase whatever you want. Be sure to spend the time to plan things out to the best of your ability, and you can always contact Dinar Inc. for more information about buying currency online, or to ask any questions at all about traveling to Vietnam.

Save Money on Exchanging Your Currency to Vietnamese Dong

by Xchange Of America ~ December 23rd, 2016

When you need to buy Vietnamese dong you have a few different options available to you: you can look for a local currency exchange, use an online exchange, or find one at the airport or abroad. The last option, finding one at the airport or abroad, is one of the worst ways to exchange currency because there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to find it, and you may end up getting stuck in Vietnam without having enough cash to buy the things that you want. Some of your local currency exchange services may offer Vietnamese dong, but the easiest and most convenient way to purchase it is through an online currency exchange.

Online currency exchange services are faster

The simple fact is that online currency exchange services are much faster than any other method of purchasing Vietnamese dong. You’ll be able to place an order in just a few minutes after you go to the website of any top tier currency exchange service, and your order will be placed securely with your private information being protected. As long as you choose the right service with an established offline presence and years of experience selling Vietnamese dong and other currencies, your online purchasing process should go completely smoothly. In general, it’s much more convenient to just place your order online, and most importantly you will usually save much more money compared to other methods of buying the currency.

Offline currency exchange services can be expensive

Although there are some offline currency exchange services that have competitive rates, many of them will tack on large service fees and charge other fees to you in order to cover their overhead. Offline exchanges have to pay for their staff, rent and other expenses which can end up driving up the cost of exchange services. That means that you end up paying more of your currency for less Vietnamese dong, when other methods of purchasing the currency such as buying it online can net you much more. You’ll usually get a higher quantity of currency if you can plan things out and purchase it well ahead of your trip, and if you choose the right service it should arrive right on time.

Airport currency exchanges are a bad idea

If you wait until the last minute, almost inevitably you’ll end up having to use an airport currency exchange, which is usually the worst option possible. You’ll have to spend significantly more money because the vast majority of airport currency exchange services will take on large fees. They charge more money because they know that their customers have few if any other options for currency exchange at that point. The other option that you may have is to find a currency exchange service in Vietnam, but those aren’t necessarily guaranteed to be found in the area where you are staying. To avoid last minute headaches and panic, your best bet is to purchase Vietnamese dong from an online trustworthy currency exchange like Dinar Inc.

Best Ways to Spend Vietnamese Dong When in Vietnam

by Xchange Of America ~ December 22nd, 2016

Vietnam has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, as many Western currencies remain strong against the Vietnamese dong and thus the cost to travel there is relatively cheap compared to many other countries. Vietnam has a number of great tourist attractions that draw millions of visitors each year from around the world, and if you plan on traveling there you should be sure to buy Vietnamese dong so that you can enjoy all of the country’s top attractions and get the best experience possible. Consider visiting some of these popular sites during your next trip to this beautiful and unique Southeast Asian country.

Visit Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is one of the most popular tourist areas in Vietnam, and it features beautiful ocean scenery, limestone islands, caves, and beautiful weather throughout the year. You can purchase a number of different sightseeing tours and cruises with Vietnamese dong when you are traveling to this area, and you can also purchase hotels, food, and souvenirs from local vendors with the currency as well. Cruises are very reasonably priced and often include food and are usually one to two days or longer in some cases. The calm waters and beautiful scenery is sure to leave plenty of lasting memories when you visit Ha Long Bay, and it should certainly be on your list of things to see when you’re visiting Vietnam.

Visit Ho An Ancient Town

The Ho An Ancient Town features a number of historic buildings and landmarks and is another one of the most popular tourist sites in Vietnam. This unique and quaint town features dozens of local vendors who produce food, art, souvenirs and a variety of other things that you can purchase with Vietnamese dong. Be sure to stop by this area to pick up a gift, or two for your family and friends back home. You’ll enjoy the beauty and liveliness of this particular area, especially if you like markets and historic areas. It also offers a more relaxed and peaceful change of scenery compared to the city, and as a result it can be stress relieving to visit this area if you’ve been running around the bigger cities.

Check out the Old Quarter

The Old Quarter is another site certainly worth visiting when you are in Vietnam, and it is located in Hanoi. In this area you’ll find many street food vendors, shops, hotels, and a lot of traffic. It’s more of a commercial area and offers a more urban vibe compared to Ho An and other smaller cities. So be ready for a lot more chaos in this area, but there is also more opportunity to find some unique gifts, clothing, and of course delicious food. Be sure to carry enough Vietnamese dong with you when you visit so that you can purchase anything that seems appealing, as many vendors will not be able to accept credit or debit card payments. You can also pay for electric car tours and other tours while you’re visiting in cash.

Be Sure to Buy Vietnamese Dong Before You Travel to Vietnam

by Xchange Of America ~ October 31st, 2016

It is almost always a good idea to buy Vietnamese dong before you travel because of the time that you can save and in order to ensure that you have sufficient cash for your trip to Vietnam. When traveling to Vietnam you want to make sure that you have cash available for various expenditures that you may not be able to purchase with a credit or debit card. Some of these can be things like food, cab rides, services, tips, purchases from local vendors and more. There are many vendors throughout Vietnam who do not have access to credit card machines and cannot process credit card orders, and when you don’t carry the local currency with you, you won’t be able to do business with them.

You may not have the chance to buy Vietnamese dong once you fly there

Waiting until the last minute is almost always a bad idea because there is no guarantee that you will be able to buy Vietnamese dong once you have arrived in Vietnam. You may not be in an area that has access to a currency exchange service, or you may have to travel several miles out of your way in order to find one. You don’t want to be caught in a situation where you need transportation, food or another important purchase without having the cash available to do it. This may end up limiting the things you can do on your trip or force you to waste time trying to find a currency exchange in Vietnam.

You can purchase Vietnamese dong online

When you buy Vietnamese dong from Dinar Inc. online you can ensure that you always have the local currency with you. You will also save a substantial amount of money, as many currency exchange services will charge you high service fees and other fees when you exchange U.S. dollars or other currencies to Vietnamese dong. Dinar Inc. has some of the best exchange rates anywhere, and the rates are updated on a daily basis to reflect the daily changes that occur. You’ll get an excellent deal on Vietnamese dong at Dinar Inc. ensuring that you have the cash you need, and you can easily purchase it from home.

Buy Vietnamese dong from anywhere and have it shipped

Your purchase can be shipped right to your home, as you can buy Vietnamese dong from Dinar Inc. anywhere in the United States. International shipping options may also be available for some countries. In any case, you will want to have your cash ready to go well before your trip. It can save you a lot of headaches and stress and ensure that your trip to Vietnam is fulfilling and fun. You can call Dinar Inc. to get more information on the specific quantity of currency that you should purchase. Even if you plan on staying there for just a short while, it is crucial to have currency with you for small purchases and other items that cannot be purchased with a credit or debit card.

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