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The Top 4 Sights to Visit in Iraq

by Xchange Of America ~ September 8th, 2017

History books have stamped Iraq as the cradle of civilization for a reason. When it comes to tourism, this beautiful country never disappoints. It is characterized by a rich history and authentic culture that dates back thousands of years. Truthfully speaking, if you have never been there, you have been missing a lot, and if you plan on going, it is a good idea to buy dinars online before you head out so that you can experience these amazing tourist destination among others. Here are the top 4 sights to see while touring Iraq.

The Citadel of Erbil

Erbil is a huge and famous city situated in Iraq. It is located on the slopes of a mountain. Just being there feels magical as it lets you connect with nature. It is home to the great citadel of Erbil which was erected over 7000 years ago. This huge tower stands out from other buildings and speaks for itself. It has an amazing history linked to it. Currently, it also houses the UNESCO heritage site. While in this city, be sure to check out the following as well: Erbil civilization museum, Kurdish textile.

Ziggurat of UR

There are amazing pyramids that were planted during ancient Mesopotamia all over the country. Some have been destroyed, but the incredible Ziggurat of UR city has successfully stood the test of time. This structure was built by King Ur Nammu. Locals believe that it served as a center for religion and agriculture. This pyramid and the whole city of UR is such an amazing place to visit if you want to connect with history.


Dating back to over 2300 BC, this city is honored as a political and religious epicenter of the ancient empires. It is famous for its palaces, fortified walls and temples. Many perceive it as the most
fascinating ancient city in the world. Here, you can visit the hanging gardens that were built by King Nebuchadnezzar 2. Other notable attractions in Babylon include: Nin akh’s temple, Lion of Babylon, Ruins of ancient ziggurats.

Being located near the capital city of Iraq, this city should be on your list of the must-visit places. It combines and integrates ancient and modern architecture making it one of a kind. Some of the most famous places to visit in Babylon include: Umm al Qura mosque, Abbasid Palace, Victory arch.
Baghdad Zoo

If you are a lover of wildlife, this city got you covered. The Baghdad Zoo was started back in 1971 and despite facing major destruction in 2003, has recovered and regained its strength. It has animal
species of all kinds, including rare animals.

There is so much to keep you busy and entertained while visiting Iraq. Also, the people here are very friendly and hospitable. As a tourist, you should not allow yourself to be deceived by the media
negativities and buy dinars online before you travel so you can enjoy the country. If you overlook the negative reputation and give it a try, you will be amazed how beautiful and rich Iraq is.

Save Time By Purchasing Dinars From Your Home Anytime on Dinar Inc.

by Xchange Of America ~ July 27th, 2017

Are you traveling to any Middle Eastern country where the Dinar is an accepted currency? If the answer is yes, then now is a good idea to buy dinars. Time is a major factor when it comes to exchanging your currency for dinars among other considerations like pricing.

Do you know how many dinars will be sufficient?

A person who is traveling to Iraq for recreational purposes, journalism, film-making, or any other purpose needs to have sufficient amount of dinars beforehand. One issue is that many currency exchange services may not have sufficient amount of dinars to offer you.

It can also be easy to miscalculate the amount needed for the entire journey. You can easily run out of money in a country where credit cards or debit cards are not widely accepted.

It takes time to find the right company that exchanges dinars. It’s easier said than done. If you think you’re going to buy dinars from a currency exchange once you arrive in Iraq, it’s not always this easy.

Limited Supply of Dinars

The amount of available dinars is typically related to the demand and supply of the currency at a particular currency exchange. In the United States, business people and army officials travel to Iraq, and many exchange companies have limited currency resources to offer. If you choose Dinar Inc., one of the largest dinar exchangers in the world, you’ll get the sufficient currency to cover all your traveling expenses in Iraq.

After finishing first step of locating a few currency exchange services that deal in dinars, you have to find out what exchange rate they’re really offering. You seldom get the exact rate that has been advertised. To make things more difficult, some currency exchange services also charge service fee.

Now think about the time spent on comparing the exchange rate, plus trying to find out which
company charges for the service and the ones that don’t. At Dinar Inc., you can buy dinars at the best exchange rates without any service fee.

Aren’t there currency exchange services at the airport?

Yes, they are. However, there’s always the risk of getting less money than you expect. That’s because of the aforementioned reason – limited currency supply and high demand. Imagine, having to wait in a long line to buy dinars and by the time your turn comes, they run out of supplies.
As far as the exchange rate is concerned, airport currency exchange counters have a bad reputation. This means even if you get lucky and they are selling dinars, you’ll be paying more U.S dollars in exchange rates for the same amount of dinars that you could get elsewhere.

Therefore, if you’re planning to exchange currency right at the last second, you could be making a huge mistake.

Save Your Time with Dinar Inc.

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Buy Iraqi Dinars Ahead of Your Travel Date

by Xchange Of America ~ June 28th, 2017

Every traveler has experienced the exhilarating – and chaotic – rush of the last few hours leading up to the beginning of a trip. Running around frantically trying to remember things you may have forgotten, making sure everything is packed, packing additional things, remembering passports for everyone, getting to the airport on time, and many other check-list worthy tasks. The chaos and stress is only amplified for international travel! Even within the chaos, once you are on board the flight and off to your destination, once you land and are on the way to your hotel, you are free to relax and enjoy the trip.

Wait! You forgot the money!

There is an airport kiosk that offers currency exchange services and conducts currency exchanges for visitors of the airport. This service is used a vast majority of the time by people on the day of their trip. This last minute process involves waiting in line and hoping you have enough time after the transaction is complete to make it on your flight or bus ride before it leaves you stranded at the airport.

There is an easier, and obvious, alternative to all of this frantic running around on the day of the trip (at least as far as currency exchange is concerned). Buying the currency online in advanced, well before the trip begins.

Imagine you are traveling to Iraq and you know about these applications and websites that offer this currency exchange service. Rather than waiting for the day of the trip to arrive to buy Iraqi dinars, you decide to use one of these services to prepare ahead of time. This means there will be one less thing to worry about, forget, or run around frantically over on the day of the trip – offering more time to quickly slip into a state of relaxation.

After creating an account with a service, it takes only a few clicks in order to secure your currency. The process to buy Iraqi dinars has never been simpler. Since the platform exists online with less paperwork, less employees, and no brick and mortar location the administrative costs of handling the transaction are lower, and these savings are passed down unto you. The online platform also allows for faster shipping meaning you get your hands on your currency quicker.

Buying currency on a website or application that offers a currency exchange service allows for less stress and chaos on the day of the trip, effectively getting you to a state of relaxation quicker. Users of these online services can conduct currency transactions of their choosing from anywhere at virtually any time they see fit.

Buying currency ahead of the travel date is truly the best option to alleviate travel day stress, cut down on cost, and conduct these transactions on your terms. So next time you decide to travel internationally, plan ahead of time and buy your currency online to reap all the benefits of the service.

Benefits of Buying Iraqi Dinars Online

by Xchange Of America ~ May 24th, 2016

Whether you are traveling to Iraq or are looking to do business in any form with a company from the area, you may need to source Iraqi Dinars. One of the most notable ways to purchase this currency is to buy Iraqi Dinars online. There are many benefits to purchasing Iraqi Dinars online, in this article we’ll discuss some of the many benefits of buying Iraqi Dinars online.

The number one benefit of buying Iraqi dinars online is the convenience in doing so. Nowhere else will you find such convenience, whether it be a local exchange, an airport exchange or and Iraqi exchange. Your order on Dinar, Inc.’s website will far surpass any experience buying foreign currency elsewhere. By ordering online you avoid the hassle of searching for local exchanges in your area which could be hours away depending upon where you live. If you opt to purchase your Dinars at an airport exchange you can expect to pay much higher fees, the presumption being that the airport both has an exchange and that the particular exchange also handles Dinars. In this convenience you also avoid the headache of waiting until it is too late. If you decide to wait until your travels to Iraq, you may be stuck without the currency or be forced to pay astronomically high fees in order to do so.

The second major benefit to buying Iraqi Dinars online is that the process is easy. Our company’s website is very easy to use and offers the latest information on both exchange rates and Iraqi news. Our currency exchange experts are here to help you determine what you need to know about the currency and also follow the rates very closely to better assist you in getting the most value possible. Our experts can save you money by alerting you to great buying opportunities, where the exchange rate is favorable to the Iraqi Dinar. Although the exchange rate fluctuates frequently, it is important to keep in mind that the only way to validate the exchange is to consider the current economic events which are available if you speak to our team of experts.

The last and potentially most important benefit to you is the cost savings of buying Iraqi Dinars online. By purchasing your currency online, you can shop knowing you are getting the best value for your money. Typical physical currency exchanges use their location as a means to pressure you into paying high fees and more than you would if being done in the comfort of your own home. Do not put yourself in a position to be taken advantage of in a high-pressure situation by purchasing your Dinars at home, prior to any travel. When traveling or just exchanging currencies in general, it makes sense to pursue the most value oriented solution possible. If you have any questions regarding the current exchange rate or would like more information on the Iraqi Dinar, please contact our team of currency experts. Buying Iraqi Dinars online is the easiest, convenient and cost-effective method, please view our exchange at to learn more.

Iraq’s Oil Reserves Up By Five Percent

by admin ~ May 15th, 2013

Iraq’s massive oil reserves have just gotten bigger. According to Oil Minister Abdul Kareem al-Luaibi, the estimate of crude reserves increased to 150 billion barrels, which is five percent more than previous calculations. According to previous dinar currency reports, the reserves were previously pinned at 143.1 billion, five percent les them current estimates.

“The increase comes from the Dima oil field and some new studies in some oil fields, and we will soon announce the details,” said al-Luaibi to reporters during an interview in Baghdad. Oil Ministry’s spokesman Asim Jihad says that oil producers have recently discovered were conducting exploration tests at Dima, southern Iraq, and found one billion barrels of light crude reserves.

According to a recent Iraqi dinars report this year, Iraq produces an average of 3.15 million barrels per day. The Oil Minister says Iraq’s output will increase by an additional 135,000 barrels daily by as early as June this year. The Majnoon oil field is expected to produce 100,000 barrels daily starting May, while the Ghaffar field will begin producing 35,000 barrels a day starting June.

Further predictions reveal Majnoon’s output could very well increase to 175,000 bpd by the end of 2013.

The latest estimates of the Middle Eastern nation’s reserves exclude the ones located within the semi-autonomous Kurdish region. According to the Kurdistan Regional Government, their land holds approximately 45 billion barrels of oil.

In a conference held in London last April 18, 2012, Hussain al-Shahristani, Iraq’s deputy prime minister for energy affairs, says that additional deposits could bring its current reserves up to 214 billion barrels.

Iraq has relied on foreign investment (including the sale of Iraqi dinars) for the development of its oil sector. To help expedite the process, Baghdad has awarded several lucrative oil exploration/production contracts over the past years. Winners of these contracts include giants such as British Petroleum, ExxonMobil, and Shell. Kurdistan has awarded its own contracts with other companies as well.

Positive Changes in the Iraqi Economy

by admin ~ April 29th, 2013

Attempts to reduce the dependence of Iraq on revenues from the oil industry count as one of the most positive impacts on the country’s dinar currency in recent years. Better fortunes lie in store for Iraq and its people thanks to the numerous international initiatives that aim to help it focus economic rebuilding on other industry sectors.

Clearly, there is a tremendous task ahead for Iraqi economic planners to steer the country’s growth via a more diversified route. After all, the oil industry has been the country’s main economic primer prior to the Gulf War. In 1980, Iraq’s oil sector generated $27 billion in revenues from its output of about 4 million barrels daily. With the magnitude of such dollar earnings, the dinar currency enjoyed favourable rates in the exchange markets. This strength of the dinar is manifested by the Iraqi foreign reserves which stood at $38 billion prior to the war’s outbreak.

Succeeding events, however, proved debilitating to the dinar currency. The hostilities that erupted between Iraq and Iran plunged the former into some $45-billion indebtedness. These debts severely depleted Iraq’s foreign reserves to the detriment of its dinar currency, among other major debacles. The UN economic sanctions and subsequent invasion of the U.S.-led Coalition forces caused further debilitation of the Iraqi economy.

With the installation of a new government in Iraq following the war, initial rebuilding efforts were channelled into the oil industry which then still accounted for 90 percent of the country’s economy. In more recent years, however, economic activity has conspicuously moved beyond the oil exploration and oil production activities of foreign companies in Iraq.

Some of the noteworthy endeavours toward this direction were those undertaken jointly by international bodies like the UNICEF, WHO, and USAID, efforts which are trickling into the steady appreciation of the Iraqi currency. Among the outstanding results of these cooperative international efforts was the raising of over $35 billion in an Iraqi donors’ conference in Madrid in 2003.

Much can be expected too from USAID initiatives to help Iraq be integrated into the world economy via various economic programs outside of the oil industry. These efforts include assistance to Iraq’s efforts to strengthen its agriculture and agribusiness sectors, potent areas which truly can help much in the economic diversification in the country.

Hold Onto Your Iraqi Dinar

by admin ~ April 14th, 2013

Investors often have an ambivalent outlook on the value of the Iraqi dinar, following its years of depreciation brought about by war and economic turmoil. Nonetheless, there are those who are \f1 determined to hold\f0 on to their investment in the currency. These forward-looking investors appear to have a sound basis on their decision to buy dinar with the expectation that they can achieve gains on their holdings sometime in the future. Their standpoint on the solid foundation on the bright prospects for the dinar appreciation can be summed up as follows:

Foreign investment inflow

Many prominent foreign investors have recognized the opportunities available as Iraq pushes forward economic measures to rebuild its business and industry. Some of the most high profile investments in Iraq were made by none other than billionaire entrepreneur Donald Trump,  who staked his resources in Iraq based on the soundness of the economic platforms that the country’s government is pursuing. Recent news that British business tycoon George Soros has entered the Iraqi brokerage business likewise provided a vote of confidence not only on the Iraqi dinar but also on the economic policy measures of Iraq.

Booming oil exports

In 2012, Iraq became the second largest crude oil exporter in the Middle East, in the process overtaking Iran and thus providing another bull factor for investors looking to buy dinar. Notably, Iraq accounts for 12 percent of the world’s total oil reserves and is second only to Saudi Arabia in terms of crude oil exportation.

Rising gold reserves

Complementing the gains in its oil exports, Iraq has significantly increased its gold reserves. With the country’s gain in this international monetary benchmark, further stability in Iraq’s economy can be expected.

Stabilizing foreign relations

Iraq’s stature in the world community has vastly improved. A case in point is its growing amity with Kuwait, a development that appears to be leading to a normalization of ties after years of antagonism, something that will only help to boost its economic fortunes . With relations normalized, an inflow of Kuwaiti investments is a distinct possibility, further raising the crop of businessmen who will be looking to buy dinar.

How to Know your Iraqi Dinar Notes are Authentic

by admin ~ April 12th, 2013

Investors need to have the facility to ensure the authenticity of an Iraq dinar purchase. A dealer’s certificate has to be validated and not taken at face value. More so if you are buying online or from eBay. It is always prudent to have a way of checking whether the Iraqi dinar you buy is authentic regardless of where the currency is being purchased.

The process of authentication is not too complicated. The important thing to do is to really take some personal effort in authenticating the banknotes. In a manner of speaking, it’s just like buying a second-hand car. You can’t rely on the used-car sales person or dealer to check out the vehicle for you. The more logical step is to seek the advice of a third-party mechanic.

When authenticating an Iraq dinar banknote, you don’t even need a third party. All you have to do is study its security markings which are easy to spot. The currency, like other country’s banknotes, was printed to incorporate numerous security features. An Iraq dinar note has five security markings. All these can be visible to the scrutiny of the naked eye, and as such, there may even be no need to use UV ray or black light. Nevertheless, it is more convenient to have these devices. With these tools, authentication can be done in just seconds, as the security features will produce a conspicuous glow when exposed to UV ray or to black light.

Specifically, one of the dinar security features to look for is the watermark image of a horse’s head in the 25,000 denomination of the currency. This watermark can be found at the left hand side of an Iraq dinar bill. You can easily spot this feature by holding up the banknote against a light source. Similar prominent watermarks can be found in other currencies, such as the U.S. dollar.

Another distinguishing feature of an authentic 25,000 Iraq dinar note can be found at its left hand bottom corner. The feature to look for is a hologram that changes in color or shade when the note is moved every which way against a light source. Security threads are likewise incorporated in a dinar bill for easy authentication. Spotting these features is easily done using a black light.

Deadline Postponed for Nasiriya Integrated Project

by admin ~ January 18th, 2013

Iraq’s Petroleum Contracts & Licensing Directorate (PCLD), part of the Ministry of Oil, has announced that following requests received from interested companies the deadline for submitting qualification information for the Nasiriya Integrated Project has been postponed to 28th February 2013.

Documents sent by DHL are accepted provided that they have been sent before the deadline.

The PCLD will announce and inform all qualified companies of subsequent steps in due course.


Iraq Reserves Right to Sue over Oil Exports

by admin ~ January 15th, 2013

raq’s State Oil Marketing Organization (SOMO) has issued a statement suggesting it will take legal action against companies exporting crude oil without dealing with the central government, including the confiscation of cargoes and the filing of lawsuits against sellers, buyers and transporters.

The statement reads as follows:

In accordance with the provisions of Laws No. 101 of 1976 and 272 of 1987, the Iraqi Ministry of Oil announces that the Oil Marketing Company (SOMO) is the sole legally authorised entity that has the exclusive right to export and import crude oil, gas and oil products from/to Iraq.

“Consequently, the Iraqi Ministry of Oil and SOMO, as its affiliate, shall reserve the right to take all legal actions against any company or entity that may deal with bodies other than SOMO, in addition to the confiscation of cargoes smuggled across borders as well as suing sellers, purchasers and transporters of such cargoes inside and outside Iraq.

Earlier this month, Genel Energy started exporting crude oil by truck directly into Turkey from its Taq Taq oil field in Iraqi Kurdistan, after official exports from the region were halted until the federal authorities pay the 350 billion dinars ($300 million) dues owed to international companies working in the Kurdish area.

(Sources: SOMO, Reuters, Associated Press)

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