Kurdistan Better than the Rest of Iraq?

by admin | January 12th, 2013

When the Kurds had enough of the ruthless persecution they were going through, they finally decided to kick Saddam out. From that point onwards, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) seemed to have gained an invigorated sense of independence from the rest of Iraq – something that the locals apparently enjoyed as well.

The KRG’s people also began acting independently after gaining more freedom. The former is now taking on oil contracts with international companies that know where to buy dinar, without the consent from government officials at Baghdad. Locals are looking up to the Kurdish flag (instead of the Iraqi flag) and singing their own national anthem.

Erbil, the region’s capital, is booming – new infrastructures are being erected everywhere, luxury shops selling designer items with hefty price tags are on display, the dinar exchange rate is up, and auto dealers are set up everywhere. Fancy restaurants, electronic stores, and cafes filled with locals sipping coffee (instead of hiding in their houses in fear of a random attack) flood the streets.

Their booming oil and gas industry has managed to stimulate Kurdistan’s economic growth, which has kept locals feeling optimistic and relaxed. Poverty rate has recently witnessed a significant drop, and is currently lower than any other place in Iraq.

Even the region’s tourism industry is starting to grow at a noticeable dinar exchange rate. As a matter of fact, the number of western tourists coming to Kurdistan to look where to buy dinar has grown to a point where most Kurds are no longer “intrigued” at the sight of foreign folks.

Those who’ve been various places within Iraq before say that Kurdish salesmen selling carpets and other products aren’t as stalking as those from Cairo or Istanbul. Other than an abundance of friendly folks, visitors also enjoy the fact that there are plenty of places to visit during their stay, which includes a diversity of ancient sites, functioning cities, clean malls, rugged mountains, and more.

Regardless of the fact that Kurdistan could very well be better than the rest of Iraq, the region still has its fare share of problems which require resolution as well. Although poverty rates are down, the percentage is still big enough to make observers believe that the government could still do better to alleviate these problems. There are also ethnic minorities ranting about the KRG not giving their “fair cut.”


Nonetheless, the oil and gas sector is undeniably booming, which is why many factions are working extra hard to cap violence so they can make more money.

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