Iraqi Women’s Rights Campaign Highlighted at Summit

by admin | January 6th, 2013

Representatives from Iraq, in a recent summit meeting of the coalition Active Leaders for Women’s Advancement in the Near East (Alwane), announced initiatives to highlight and energize the Iraqi women’s role in all levels of involvement in the country, including economic practices such as where to buy dinar. In the area of politics, the Alwane Iraq committee is seeking to activate the quota of women in political representation which in the 325-member Iraqi House of Representatives stands at 25 percent.

The committee is likewise pursuing the training for women parliamentary candidates, while at the same time working to create more employment opportunities and provide encouragement to women to actively seek positions in the Iraqi workforce so they know where to buy dinar. A national advocacy campaign supportive of women’s rights and gender equality is also being pursued by the Alwane Iraq committee.

Delegations from sixteen countries attended the summit meeting held in Amman, Jordan. It was organized to highlight Alwane’s achievements during its first year. More than 130 men and women delegates attended the summit; among them were youth leaders, activists, government officials, entrepreneurs, business leaders, academicians, and civil society leaders. Many vital and pressing issues concerning the status of women were the focal points in the meeting’s agenda which likewise showcased success stories on women’s advocacy.

Future Search Champions for Women

Two Iraqi delegates were honored during the summit meeting. These were Naim al-Suhail, Iraqi presidential advisor, and Dr. Sabah El Tamimi, Baghdad Provincial Council member. Both were cited not only for their diligent efforts contributing to the empowerment Iraqi women and the enhancement of their role in society. They were likewise hailed for their significant contribution to the Iraqi Future Search report.

A broad overview of Iraqi women’s current social standing and specific objectives and recommendations for the future were effectively presented in this report. The Future Search report has been adopted as data reference by the Iraqi government in developing its strategy toward enhancing women’s role in the country. Specifically, it will serve as a resource for the national human development plan crafted by the Iraqi Ministry of Planning and the UNDP, a government initiative which too addresses women’s issues.

All of Iraq’s youth forums have been provided copies of the Future Search report. Besides presenting an evaluation of the Iraqi women’s past and present status, it also offers recommendations on how to elevate further the rights of women and their role in society, including active participation in political affairs.

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