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Is Iraq Safe to Travel To Yet?

by Xchange Of America ~ September 6th, 2017

If you make a decision to travel to Iraq today, there is no doubt that you will find yourself receiving a lot of comments from people discouraging you. When anything is mentioned concerning Iraq, safety is the key concern, considering the country’s reputation.

Right now, the question of whether it is safe to travel to Iraq or not is still a big issue to foreign travelers.

More than three decades have passed with Iraq being portrayed as a country where war is the story of the day, from the war between Iran and Iraq in the 1980s to the current civil war in the country.
These wars have led to a lot of people being harmed and displaced from one terrorist attack to another, thus making the country portrayed one of the most dangerous and insecure places to travel today.
But, it is important to understand that not all parts of Iraq are dominated by war and that there are some safe parts that one can easily travel to, with street vendors to spend dinars at, welcoming locals, and activities and delicious food.

Among the safe places in Iraq is Kurdistan, located in Northern Iraq. The autonomy of Kurdistan makes it act as an independent region in Iraq, where its activities are not influenced by the wars found in the other regions. The Kurdish people have their own culture and language.

In Kurdish Iraq, terrorism is quite rare, such as the bombing that is commonly heard of in central Iraq. The peace and political stability in the region have attracted economic development as a result of massive foreign investment and infrastructural development.

In southern Iraq there are also many oil companies operating and constant flights in and out of the country. Businessmen visit the country on a regular basis. Holy sites are visited by pilgrims from all over the world. Free food is offered on the street, and life goes on as usual. Security is a concern of course, and locals will tell you that.

It is also important to follow the stories as given by others concerning the safety of Iraq travels. For instance, statistics show that Paris has experienced more terrorists’ attacks than Kurdistan, in the last 5 years. It is also seen that since Saddam Hussein invaded Kurdistan in 2006, no single foreigner has ever been killed in the region.

Foreign travelers are rarely targeted by terrorists. Anil Polat, who happened to visit Iraqi Kurdistan in 2011, says that Kurdish people are fond of foreigners and the chances of those foreigners being targeted by terrorists are extremely low. In addition, there are no reported cases of the Kurds committing any kind of violence on their own land.

It is also very difficult for non-Kurdish Iraqis to enter Kurdistan with an aim of hurting the foreign travelers. From the general experiences from those who have toured the region, it can be said that Iraq is safe for travel, but it is also important to bear in mind that the country is still a war zone. You only need to be updated about the latest happenings in various regions in the country.

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