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Tips to Keep Your Cash and Valuables Secured When Traveling

by Xchange Of America ~ November 3rd, 2017

It is of the utmost importance to keep your cash and valuables secure when traveling no matter where you are traveling to – whether you have dinars and are traveling to Iraq or the most developed countries. Although you might find statistics that show that some countries have higher rates of crime than others, this is very situational, as some countries have particularly bad areas with high level of gang related crime but otherwise safer tourist areas. Even if you are traveling to a relatively “safe” country, there’s always the chance that your valuables or cash could be stolen in any number of situations. To avoid this, follow these tips while you are traveling abroad to Iraq, Vietnam or any other number of countries:

Don’t bring more cash that necessary when out and about

While you are out and about during your travels you will want to keep a limited amount of cash with you. Although you might keep more currency back at your hotel in a security box or anywhere else where it will be secure, you won’t want to take a bunch of cash with you while you are visiting local sites, traveling or otherwise moving around in the country as it will make you a target. Criminals might spot you with a wad of cash and then target you or you may even simply be charged higher rates than others because of the perception that you are wealthy. Your best option is to keep the minimum amount of local currency with you when you are moving around.

Find hotels with safes in their room

It’s also a good idea to find a hotel that offers a safe or some kind of security storage option with their room. This way you can keep your valuables secure even when you aren’t there, as housekeepers or others with access to your room may be able to steal any items that aren’t secure. Don’t simply store your valuables in your hotel room, as you never know who might have access to it when you are away. The same goes for hotels or other lodging options, be extremely careful about what you leave behind, and if it’s something that is very valuable you will want to consider bringing it with you.

You won’t be able to secure everything

Understand that you won’t be able to secure every single item that you bring with you while traveling abroad, such as electronics or larger equipment that may be expensive. If there are going to be issues with you having to leave items behind or in areas where they aren’t secure, you should consider leaving some of your valuables back home if they aren’t necessary. The fewer valuable items that you bring with you during your trip, the less that you will have to worry about. It’s also advisable to bring some cash with you when traveling, and we can help you determine the appropriate amount to take with you and also answer your questions about traveling to a wide range of different countries. Ask us for tips for traveling to any foreign countries if you aren’t sure.

Avoiding Extraneous Fees When Exchanging Dinars

by Xchange Of America ~ November 1st, 2017

When traveling to Iraq, you will need to have Iraqi dinars with you to purchase a wide range of local products, to do business with vendors and shops, but there are very few dinar exchanges that offer fair rates. It’s essential to buy dinars from reputable providers like Dinar Inc., as we have offered dinars for purchase for many years and are licensed to offer them. When looking for a dinar exchange, you will want to be extremely careful and only focus on reputable providers to ensure that you aren’t paying more money than necessary. You will also typically want to avoid most airport exchanges or others that charge huge service fees that can quickly add up.

Check the reputability of any dinar dealer

With the large numbers of non-reputable dinar exchange services or dealers online that are looking to charge people huge fees, you will want to do your research ahead of time. Avoid rushing into buying any dinars without doing your research and finding out whether they are licensed or not, how long they have been in business, and any fees that they charge for a dinar exchange. Make sure that they have people available to answer your questions and give you an estimate of your costs for exchanging dinars. If they are slow to respond or have lackluster customer support, it’s a sign than you will want to avoid them, among others that you should look out for.

Avoid airport currency exchange services

Along with avoiding any online dinar exchange that is not licensed or reputable, you will also typically want to avoid any airport currency exchange services, as they can also charge fees that can quickly add up. Airport currency exchange service may not even offer a dinar exchange service, and if they do, it can be substantially higher in cost than reputable online services. The same goes for just about any other currency – you are usually better off with exchanging your currency online or at a licensed local dealer rather than airport currency exchange services which often know that you have no other option so they end up charging you as much as they possibly can.

Get dinars shipped at a low cost

At Dinar Inc. we offer some of the best exchange rates for Iraqi dinars without the service fees that you will find at many other dealers. We also ship them directly to your home at low shipping rates, and we can answer your questions about traveling to Iraq so you know exactly what quantity to purchase. That level of support along with great exchange rates is hard to find when you choose an unlicensed dinar dealer or when you use an airport currency exchange service. You’re guaranteed the best support possible when doing business with Dinar Inc., and we have been in business for many years and are a licensed provider of dinars online along with many other currencies. Make a purchase in confidence today and purchase dinars at Dinar Inc. with several convenient payment options.

Time to Save on Dinars Vietnamese Dong and Other Currencies

by Xchange Of America ~ October 8th, 2017

You won’t have to waste money on service fees or time waiting in long lines when you purchase dinars or Vietnamese dong among other exotic currencies from the comfort of your home at Dinar Inc. We offer some of the rarest and hardest to find currencies without the service fees and other changes which can quickly make any currency purchase a loss. Our secure website is the most convenient way to get the currency you need without having to wait in lines or look for an airport currency exchange at the last second. We promise excellent service from the very first moment that you contact us to the time that your currency arrives.

No scrambling at the last second

With all of your trip preparations and things to do before heading out, the last thing that you want to do is deal with trying to find a viable currency exchange service. Dinar Inc. lets you get the currency that you need from the comfort of your home – you can order well ahead of time so that you have your currency arrive at your doorstep well ahead of your trip. You won’t have to make last minute detours to try to find a currency exchange and you can simply focus on the experience of traveling and all the fun things that you are going to do once you arrive. It really can’t be beat compared to other options of finding currency.

Multiple currencies

Through Xchange of America and Dinar Inc. you can purchase just about any currency that you could need for global travel – one of the few licensed sources of such a variety of different currencies. We offer some of the best exchange rates that you will find as well, ensuring that you save as much money as possible on your exchange and that you can spend more on the things that matter during your trip. If you plan on traveling to multiple countries, this is unquestionably the way to go, and we can meet with you to help you determine exactly how much currency you should be bringing with you during your upcoming trip.

Helpful customer support

Among other benefits, one of the top reasons to do business with Dinar Inc. is the helpful customer support who will ensure that your order goes exactly as planned. You’ll find yourself save both time and money on the process, and the helpful support professionals can guide you along the way. However, the website is very easy to use and you will find that you are able to typically easily purchase the currency that you need without requiring much help from others. You’ll be impressed at how efficient the process is, and all orders are processed as quickly as possible so that you can get your currency purchased shipped to your home. With multiple payment and shipping options, there’s no better way to find rare currencies like dinars online or Vietnamese dong for an upcoming trip for business, pleasure or both.

About the Baghdadi Museum

by Xchange Of America ~ October 6th, 2017

Wanderlust has continued to grow among people from all countries, and travel has become more inexpensive than ever before. There is an increasing curiosity to experience different cultures and see beautiful places to enrich minds.

Iraq is a sometimes difficult to access country that can create some extraordinary and positive memories for those who are able to visit, unlike what might often be portrayed in the media or based on stereotypes. There are plenty of people who can attest to the hidden beauty and attractions of Iraq that are often overlooked such as the Baghdadi Museum.

If you belong to the group of people who are crazy about packing up their bags and setting foot into the unknown, then you must add Iraq to your wandering bucket list. The country has some extravagantly beautiful historic and modern attractions to see, and you will be among the few to see them. You will leave amazed by the vibrant shades of life that you come across in their cities.
Talking about Iraq, how could Baghdad not mentioned? With a number of things to do and places to visit, one attraction that draws many people is the Baghdadi Museum.

Situated in close vicinity to the Tigris River, the Baghdadi Museum isn’t a place to spend a very long time, just one hour would be enough, but the time you spend there just cannot be compared to anything else.

The museum is more of a time-travelling-machine that takes you in the history of Baghdad and shows all
different aspects of life that have prevailed in the place. The skillfully sculpted wax statues in the Baghdadi Museum showcase numerous situations in history.

The museum showcases over 70 different scenes representing various periods of time in the city’s history including street life, customs, professions, trades and more. Although it was damaged in 2003 during the Iraq invasion, it was repaired and reopened in 2008. The sets can be appreciated by all ages, and they have been well maintained to this day.

It will teach you of a lot about the life of people who locally reside in Baghdad by giving you an insight to their preferences and type of clothing through the ages, their household items and tools etc. Built in honor of their memory, the Baghdadi Museum also has a number of sculptures of influential people who played a major part in framing the society of Baghdad.

If you wish to visit the Baghdadi Museum then be there between 8am and 2pm and make sure that you don’t land up there on Tuesdays and Saturdays only to find the doors closed. This museum is one of many attractions in Baghdad, and it’s always a good idea to buy dinars before you plan on visiting.

Other attractions in the city include the National Museum of Iraq, Al-Kadhimiya Mosque, the Baghdad Zoo, Al-Zawraa Park and so many others. There are dozens of street vendors and foods to try out during your visit, and you will need dinars to experience those as well.

The Ziggurat of Ur in Iraq

by Xchange Of America ~ October 5th, 2017

The Ziggurat of Ur is one of the most well-known monuments in Iraq. It is located in the Dhi Qar region in South Iraq. It features the shape of a pyramid and it measures 64 meters long and 30 meters high.

This pyramid has a long history that is connected with the ancient city of Ur in Mesopotamia. The fascinating history of the area makes it a worthy destination anytime you are in Southern Iraq. The inhabitants of Ur decided to build a monument for their special moon god Nana. They believed that the Ziggurat of Ur was actually the only place on earth where Nana decided to dwell.

The monument has previously suffered great damages by both foreign and domestic soldiers and weather conditions. The remains were buried under the sand and the existence of the Ziggurat of Ur was truly forgotten for centuries. However, during the 19th century, European exploration in the region led to the rediscovery of the remains of this building. Since then, archeologists have helped in the restoration of a significant part of the pyramid.

Nowadays, we all know more or less the situation in the Middle East. Due to the military bases there, visitors should know that their visit to the Ziggurat of Ur will often be accompanied with security guards. However, the experience of the visit is really worth it. Visitors will be able to get on a tour around the pyramid, visit the temples and the tombs and even visit the remains of the palace situated in the center of the monument.

During the excavations that were made, archeologists found some small treasures in the remains of this pyramid. Some of the most fascinating finds were a golden dagger dating back to the 20th century BC, a lyre with a carved bull’s head on it and a gold headdress of a queen. The excavations were mostly funded by the British Museum and the Pennsylvania Museum, so the majority of the items discovered during them are currently in the possession of these museums.

Unfortunately, during the last few years many damages have occurred to this traditional monument. Insurgents and soldiers have destroyed some of the remains, while the building has also suffered from bomb explosions.

Visiting this pre-historic settlement will give visitors the opportunity to really see a magnificent view from the top. There are quite a few travel agencies in Iraq that organize traveling expeditions to the area, including a tour in the Ziggurat of Ur. Visitors will have the pleasure of visiting the remains of the ancient temples, royal chambers, staircases and wall bases.

If you find yourself in Iraq, it is a good idea to purchase dinars ahead of your visit to the Ziggurat of Ur and other fascinating attractions that date back to historic Mesopotamia. By having dinars with you, you will be able to explore the country to the fullest, visit street vendors, and get a totally unique experience that you can treasure for a lifetime. Contact us today about buying dinars or to ask us any questions at all about traveling to Iraq.

About The National Museum of Iraq and Other Attractions

by Xchange Of America ~ October 4th, 2017

Iraq has an extremely rich history and an interesting culture. Formerly known as Mesopotamia, the area gave birth to some of the world’s early and most influential civilizations. These civilizations were the first to study law, science, mathematics, and teaching.

Your trip to Iraq can really be an experience. Once you get there, by train or plane, as all ports are closed and it is not recommended to use your car, you may wish to visit some of the local attractions to immerse yourself in the unique history of this region.

Iraq has many historical and exciting places that travelers can choose to visit, especially in its capital. One of them is the National Museum of Iraq. The museum houses an impressive range of historical manuscripts and relics. It provides many details about the origins and way of life of the Iraqi people.

The National Museum of Iraq is one of the top attractions for any traveler. It was recently reopened and gives you a real taste of the history of the area. In addition, the National Museum of Iraq has some of the oldest ancient artifacts in Iraq.

The political struggles and revolution of the country are interwoven in all aspects of its existence. Various random artifacts from the National Museum of Iraq were stolen during random riots, but many of them still remain. A similar fate occurred to hundreds of ancient documents that were in the National Library of the city of Baghdad.

The city of Najaf, located south of the capital, is home to a famous mosque, consisting of four minarets, each made up of 40,000 gold tiles. Pilgrims often visit the city and mosque because this is a milestone in their religion.

Mosul is another city you can visit to see old mosques, churches and castles. The museum has ruins of Nineveh. Hathra gives you the same type of atmosphere. It is now protected by UNESCO and was once the capital of the Arab kingdom of Mesopotamia.

The Baghdad Zoo is very modern and is visited by many tourists, especially those who bring their children. The sanctuaries of Al-Hadimaya delight travelers with their unique architecture.
Another attraction is the Baghdad Tower, which offers a magnificent view over the whole of Baghdad.

There are also ancient remains of Babylon which you can visit, which have great archaeological significance as Babylon was one of the first great civilizations of mankind. Many are surprised by the historic ruins of the historic metropolis.

No matter when you plan on traveling to Iraq or what you see there, it’s a good idea to bring Iraqi dinars with you to ensure that your trip goes smoothly. Many of the above mentioned attractions require you to pay in cash, so having dinars with you will allow you to see them while enjoying local foods and getting a unique experience while traveling in the Middle East.

You can ask us any questions about buying dinars online or traveling to Iraq – feel free to contact us today or make your dinar purchase today online.

Tips for Staying Safe When Traveling in Iraq

by Xchange Of America ~ September 5th, 2017

Iraq remains relatively safe to travel to, but you need to follow a few basic tips to stay safe as you plan your next trip. It’s also a good idea to buy dinars from a reputable provider ahead of your trip to ensure that you have cash whenever you need it. However, you will want to take steps to secure your cash and belongings and only travel to areas that are known to be safe.

The very first thing you should do when organizing your trip to Iraq is to look for any types of tourism alerts that may be accessible to the territory to which you are traveling. You can check with the Department of State website before you go and get the latest updates for Iraq.

Although many areas remain dangerous, there are others that are secure, and you will have to carefully plan your trip to ensure that you are visiting the proper secure location.
Try not to take too much money with you on your trip. You should leave any unnecessary valuables behind. You should also record each of the numbers for your cards and the organizations that issued your cards in case they get stolen so that you can contact them quickly to shut your card down. Do not write your name or address on this piece of paper and store it anywhere except your wallet or purse.

You should also take a few photocopies of your visa as a backup. Once you arrive, you can often provide photocopies of your visa and ID rather than the original documents in order to keep them secure. Traveling on your own is can be amusing to explore new places, but can be very dangerous if you say you are alone in new areas, so have someone with you at all times ideally.

You should keep up to date with the latest news about the country ahead of your trip. You will want to thoroughly research political events and any particular conflicts or issues in the area that you will be visiting. Some parts of the country are quite stable and have not had a major political conflict or attack in several months or years, while others are much less stable. You will want to identify the particular areas where you will be traveling and get very familiar with them ahead of your trip.

Most of those who are traveling to Iraq are already aware of the risks and often work in business with private security, the military or government. Therefore, there are likely security procedures already in place for your trip, but for others who may not have this background, it is essential that you adequately prepare, that you ideally know someone in the country, and that you avoid traveling alone.
Bringing Iraqi dinars with you is always a good idea to ensure your safety and to guarantee that you will have a sufficient amount of the local currency with you for transportation, food, lodging and other needs.

5 Foods to Try in Iraq

by Xchange Of America ~ September 2nd, 2017

Iraq is a nation known for its vibrant culture and variety of unique foods. As with many of its Arab neighbors, its foods are aromatic, heart warming and delicious. Below are the top five dishes you have to savor during your time in Iraq to help you prepare for your trip, along with purchasing Iraqi dinars from our website whenever you need to. Trying them in Iraq maintains their authenticity.

1.Iraqi Biryani – Traditional Rice & Meat Dish

This flavorsome dish includes slow cooked meat served with scented rice. This is the Iraqi version of the popular Indian Biryani curry. The dish is very popular in many Mid-Eastern Islamic countries is often cooked with variations and different meats or spices and other places around the world with Muslim populations. This is a common dish that will often be present on the menu for occasions like Eid or local wedding parties.

2. Bamia – Stewed Meat with Okra

Bamia is cooked with okra, lamb and various spices and is also a very popular native dish in Iraq. The unique combination of the green okra with red meat gives a very distinctive flavor. Additional ingredients used include tomato sauce, onions, vegetable oil, cardamom, salt, and pepper.

3. Masgouf – BBQ fish dish

Masgouf is a grilled fish dish. The fish is cut into a butterfly shape, marinated with the skin on and roasted over a low heat for hours. Additional flavor is obtained by roasting the fish over charcoal for a smoked taste. The marinade is made from a variety of ingredients including olive oil, salt, tamarind paste and turmeric powder. The use of black pepper and garlic infused oil can add variety to the masgouf flavor.

4. Quozi – stuffed whole roasted lamb

This is another national favorite usually reserved for weddings, special birthdays and events. It’s a whole lamb that is roasted in a submerged oven for four to five hours. The lamb is stuffed with a mixture of ingredients ranging from rice, various vegetables, currants, nuts, and spices. Quozi spice mix can be obtained from Middle Eastern shops.

5. Keema also known as – minced meat

This is a simple meal comprising of roughly chopped meat served with chickpeas and gravy. It is typically a curry with peas or potatoes. Keema is usually eaten accompanied by rice.

Iraqi culture has long reflected cultural diversity. Although the people of its nation generally are a religious and conservative people, their food is a combination of multiple cultures, with heavy influences from neighboring countries and even further destinations such as India.
As you enjoy the foods of Iraq, it’s essential to have Iraqi dinars with you during your travels. The amount that you should bring will vary significantly depending on your requirements. We can help you choose the proper amount of dinars to bring with you during your travels and answer any questions you may have about traveling to Iraq and the reasons you should bring dinars with you. Feel free to contact us today to buy dinars or make your purchase online anytime.

Visiting South Korea? Dinar Inc. can help

by Xchange Of America ~ August 31st, 2017

At Dinar Inc. you don’t have to only purchase dinars, as there are many other currencies that you can purchase on our website, including South Korean won, Vietnamese dong, Indonesian rupiah and many others depending on your needs and unique requirements. Dinar Inc. has a variety of options to cater to your unique needs and ensure that you can enjoy your travels to the maximum. Although a variety of different currencies and payment options will exist in South Korean, it can be a good idea to purchase South Korean won if you are traveling there. Many people use our website to purchase dinars, but you can just as easily purchase the South Korean won currency ahead of your next trip.

Purchase a wide range of souvenirs and foods

When you travel to rural parts of South Korea, it’s a good idea to have South Korean won with you. You can purchase dinars, Vietnamese dong, or South Korean won ahead of your trip so that you can enjoy attractions that are further away from urban areas, where credit cards or other forms of payment might not be accepted. South Korea still has some areas where cash is king, and so you’ll want to have some local currency with you to fully explore the country. This might not be as big of a deal when you’re actually in the city, but certain items are paid for in cash there as well, such as small boutique vendors and tips.

Airport currency exchanges are expensive

If you have to rely on an airport currency exchange option, the chances are that you will end up paying a significant amount of money on service fees and other charges. This can quickly add up if you need to perform multiple currency exchanges. It’s often much better to purchase your currency ahead of time at Dinar Inc. so that you can get the particular quantity of South Korean won that you want. You can also ask questions about traveling to South Korea to determine exactly how much won you should exchange so that you don’t have a bunch left over after your trip. It can also be time consuming trying to find a local currency exchange.

You will almost certainly need cash

Whether it’s paying for tips, street food, gifts, personal care items, or other day to day needs, you will almost certainly need cash at some point when traveling in South Korea. You won’t be able to use a credit card for everything. Looking for a currency exchange booth at an airport or once you’ve arrived will also be a hassle that you can easily avoid by purchasing South Korean won directly on Dinar Inc. The amount of time that you can save can be quite substantial, and you’ll be able to properly prepare for your trip so that you can fully explore the country and enjoy it as much as possible. Buy dinars, South Korean won, and other sometimes hard to find currencies at Dinar Inc. today.

Traveling to Indonesia? Consider Dinar Inc.

by Xchange Of America ~ August 30th, 2017

If you are traveling to Indonesia, it’s a good idea to purchase the local currency, the rupiah, prior to traveling. At Dinar Inc. not only can you buy dinars, but you can also buy the rupiah, one of the most commonly traded currencies in the world. Doing so will allow you to prepare for your trip there so that you can enjoy local foods, gifts, and other unique things to do in Indonesia. With the US dollar currently have a great exchange rate compared to the Indonesian rupiah, you can make a large currency purchase prior to your trip and ensure that you have everything that you need for an enjoyable stay in the country.


Although many types of accommodations can be purchased ahead of time, you might want to stay in lesser known parts of the country where you can pay for accommodations in cash. That’s where having Indonesia rupiah will come in handy. Sometimes it can be boring to visit the more popular areas of the country like Bali or Lombok. The country is quite diverse and offers a variety of different local cultures and areas to explore, and if you don’t have cash with you, you can miss out on many of them. You can expect hostels to cost around 120,000 IDR per day while private rooms are around 200,000 IDR, and free breakfast and internet access are typically included in many of them.

Street food

The local foods are very cheap in Indonesia, where you can enjoy meals for around 10,000 IDR from street vendors, while restaurant meals are around 14,000 IDR. You can expect to pay more for a middle of the range restaurant; up to 80,000 IDR for a nice meal for one person. It gets higher for upscale restaurants. Western food in the country is significantly more expensive than local food, but it’s still affordable even for modest budgets, ranging from 100,000 to 200,000 IDR per person. Beers are approximately 30,000 IDR and you can purchase a week’s worth of groceries for about 400,000 IDR. Eating out in Indonesia is typically preferred because of how convenient and cheap it is, so it’s definitely recommended to bring the local currency with you.

You can get by with a modest budget

A modest daily budget of just around 40 to 60 USD converted to Indonesian Rupiah will almost certainly get you by in the country very comfortably. If you purchase your currency ahead of time and you end up purchasing too much, you can always sell it back to Dinar Inc. or another currency exchange service. However, with proper trip planning you can purchase the right amount and ensure that your trip to Indonesia is fun filled and that you aren’t ever short on cash. At Dinar Inc. our customers buy dinars and other hard to find currencies like to Indonesian Rupiah, so feel free to make a purchase today if you are interested, or you can call us at any time for more information. Learn more about the currency available at Dinar Inc. and make a purchase online today.

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