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Avoid Airport Currency Exchanges To Save Money

by Xchange Of America ~ June 30th, 2016

When you are rushing through the airport on your way to your destination, whether it is Iraq or Vietnam, you may suddenly realize that you forgot to do your currency exchange to Dinars. This can be a problem, but luckily the airport does feature exchanges. Is that actually lucky though? Is it actually something you should consider? Long story short, no it is not.
Forget about going through the currency exchanges at the airport and focus on a place like Dinar Inc., which will provide you with the ability to buy Dinars but at a much better rate for yourself. Why should you lose money when you exchange money? You don’t with Dinar Inc.

There are several reasons to avoid the airport exchange.

1. You will face fees and charges that are simply not necessary when you are at the airport exchange to buy Dinars. This is not uncommon at the airport. Think about how much money you spend for something like a magazine, or even a drink. When you decide to exchange money at the airport, you will end up paying too much because of the fees. Most airports have facility fees put on them, which results in fees for things like airport currency. These then result in you paying too much just to exchange your funds to Dinars.

2. The exchange rate is what it is all about when you buy currency, including when you buy Dinars. When you buy through Dinar Inc., you get an excellent exchange rate that ensures you have more money in your pocket. The airport does not provide proper exchange rates, and this is because there is no competition within the airport for currency exchange. Each exchange company can set its own rates, and the airport’s rates are some of the worst in the currency exchange world.

3. Another major problem with the currency exchange at the airport is that they have limited selection of currencies and limited amounts at that. If you want to buy Dinars, you may find that you are heavily limited with the funds you can get, if you can even get Dinars. The last thing you want is to travel and end up not having the chance to exchange your currency before you even leave. That is not a good situation to be in.

4. Lastly, your safety is the most important thing, as is your peace of mind. If you exchange your currency in an airport, you may be setting yourself up to not only be robbed of it, but also to lose money because you aren’t able to pay attention. Airports are busy places, and there are hundreds, even thousands of people moving around. It can get very distracting. In some countries that don’t have as much in the way of safety, it is also dangerous. Some people watch currency exchange locations for people, and then follow them to rob them.
Don’t be fooled by the airport claim of convenience with currency exchange. Buy your Dinars from Dinar Inc.

How To Save When Buying Iraqi Dinars

by Xchange Of America ~ June 29th, 2016

When you exchange currency, rule number one is to have near, or as much, of the currency as you should. Yes, there are different currency exchange rates between currencies, but generally you should have as much as you did before just in different country’s funds. If you go to a place like an airport, or other typical currency exchange places, you are going to be paying out the nose through fees.
That is not the case when you buy Iraqi dinars at Dinars Inc. We pride ourselves on getting you the best currency exchange rates, so that you don’t have to feel like you just lost a lot of money simply by changing currencies.

There are several ways that you can save money on your currency exchange, and these tips will ensure that happens.

First, always make sure you plan ahead. When you plan ahead, you are getting the currency exchange at the best rate possible. Never do it at the last moment.

When you are getting free delivery of the currency, even when you buy Iraqi dinars, don’t always fall for the free delivery offer. Sometimes it can mean a lot of extra fees. Free delivery is not a bad thing, but make sure you read the fine print. On that same not, avoid Saturday delivery because that companies will deliver to your work address and chances are you are not there.

When you buy Iraqi dinars, always check the money market. Visit a place like and see what the exchange is going to be. Don’t be afraid to shop around as well. You can get a good rate by asking a company to match a rate you saw. On that note, it will be hard for you to find a better rate than you will get with Dinars Inc.

You should also beware of the credit and debit card trap. There are often extra charges for these types of things, which can end up costing you even more money once you get past the hidden fees that some companies put on their products.

Lastly, don’t fall for the buy-back guarantees that you may see. The small print will tell a different story here and you may find that they are not worth totally what you are paying for. Instead, just shop around with your Iraqi dinars and find the best place to exchange them back into the currency that you want.

There are a lot of risks associated with currency exchange sometimes, but there doesn’t have to be. Don’t just go for the first place you find.

Instead, choose a reliable company like Dinars Inc. If you need to buy Iraqi dinars, then we can certainly help you out there. We have several stores to serve you and we can ensure that your trip to Iraq goes off without a hitch and that you have more money in your pocket. That is our promise to our customers, and that is our promise to you.

The Best Things To Do In Vietnam

by Xchange Of America ~ June 28th, 2016

When you hear the word Vietnam, your first thought may be to a war that was fought 40 years ago there. That is not the Vietnam that exists now. Today, it is a thriving economy and one of the fastest growing places in terms of wealth in the world. It is also visited by millions of tourists every single year. If you are planning on going to Vietnam, you are going to need to exchange your currency to the Vietnamese dong, so don’t forget to do that before you travel. Dinar Inc can do that for you and ensure you have plenty of money in your pocket for your Vietnam vacation.

Once you arrive in Vietnam, then what do you do? Well, that is the great thing, there are plenty of things that you can do.

The first place you need to visit is the Hoi An Ancient Town. This is a truly beautiful place within Vietnam, and it gives you a great look at the culture of this amazing country. It has existed for over 500 years, and was once one of the major trading centers in all of Southwest Asia.

If you want to see what Vietnam truly is, and the true culture there, then visit Old Quarter. This is a great place to go to see the real people of Vietnam and they are truly great people indeed. Don’t forget to buy Vietnamese dong before you go here because there are plenty of places you will want to shop when you arrive.

There is no denying that the Vietnam War was one of the worst chapters of the history of this wonderful country. If you want to learn more about that history, you can visit the War Remnants Museum. This museum is a place where you will see the leftover remnants of the 1960s-1970s war with the United States. It is a place that is highly emotional, and highly educational. It is a place that you should visit to really learn about the history of this country.

The Cu Chi Tunnels are another part of the history of this country that involves the Vietnam War. It is a place where you can tour the tunnels themselves and see how the Vietnamese people lived and fought during the war that defined the country after the war.

One of the most beautiful places in all of Vietnam is the Paradise Cave. This cave system has become one of the most popular places for people to visit, and it is a definite place you should visit. The caves are a bit expensive, so once again make sure you buy Vietnamese dong before you arrive.

When you are looking for Vietnamese dong, look no further than Dinar Inc. which will provide you with everything you need so you can have a truly amazing experience within a country that is becoming one of the most important on the entire planet. You won’t be disappointed by this country.

The Top Factors That Influence A Country’s Exchange Rate

by Xchange Of America ~ June 27th, 2016

The exchange rate of a country can be a difficult thing to comprehend, and it can be an irritating thing to deal with when you need to exchange funds. That being said, understanding how the exchange rate is made can help you get the best exchange rate when you buy dinars. The dinar exchange rate can fluctuate, but it can be understood. When you understand it, you get the best rate, and you come to Dinar Inc. to get that rate.

The first, and biggest influence in the exchange rate, is the inflation of the country. If a country has a lower exchange rate, then its currency value will be higher and the terms of the exchange will be much more favorable. The Iraqi inflation rate has actually improved greatly, lowering heavily over the past few years.

The interest rates of the country also play a major role. The higher the interest rate, the more foreign capital that comes in and the higher the exchange rate as a result.
Next, you have the public debt. The public debt of a country determines how attractive it is to foreign investors. Large public debts mean that foreign companies will not want to do business with a country. That then causes more debt in the country, the more the inflation goes up and the worse the currency is.

The political stability is another factor in the exchange rate of a country. If a country has political turmoil, it can cause a loss of confidence in a currency and a movement of capital within the currency. This can then cause the exchange rate to be not so favorable. Iraq has actually seen a great deal of turnaround in the stability of the political system.

Currency-account deficits are the balance of trade between trading partners and a country. It reflects all payments between the goods and services of a country and its interest and dividends. If there is excess demand for a foreign currency, then the exchange rate of the country is going to lower and goods and services become cheaper for foreigners.

Lastly, the terms of trade of a country also dictate the exchange rate of that country. This compares export prices to import prices, and if the terms of trade increase it will show greater demand for country exports. The Iraqi terms of trade index is actually rising, which is very important if you want to get a good exchange rate.

The dinar exchange rate is what it is all about when you come to Dinar Inc. You will come to us and we will provide you with the best dinar exchange rate so that you have more money when you travel to Iraq, or many other Middle Eastern countries. We will ensure you have the proper exchange rate that is most advantageous to you. You will leave with a great exchange, and you will be ready to travel to Iraq, which is a truly wonderful country.

How Much Vietnamese Dong Should You Bring On A Vietnam Trip?

by Xchange Of America ~ June 24th, 2016

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries on Earth. It has a deep history and a stunning landscape, as well as some of the friendliest people in the world. If you travel to Vietnam, you will be very happy there and you will never want to leave. While you are there, you should consider the fact that you are going to need the Vietnamese dong, which is the national currency of the country.

When you need to buy Vietnamese dong, don’t ever do it at the airport or a local exchange. Instead, use an online exchange like Dinar Inc. With an online exchange, you can do the exchange from your computer using your bank account or even a credit card, and then you just wait until the dongs arrive in the mail. Dinar Inc. is trusted and reliable, with thousands of customers who have been happy with the service and how quickly they get the dong currency.

Once you buy Vietnamese dong, you can begin your trip and what a trip it is going to be. Now, let’s backup one moment and determine just how much dong you are going to need for your Vietnam trip.
The Vietnamese dong is attached to the dollar of the United States, and typically sits at about 16,000 dongs per United States dollar. For the Australian dollar, you will get 14,000 dongs, and for one Euro you will get 24,000 dongs. The pound will give you 32,000 dongs. This rate is going to fluctuate of course, but it all depends on who you go through for your exchange rate, and the fees you pay, plus the exchange rate internationally at that very moment.

You can take United States dollars into Vietnam, because the currency is accepted there and many activities for tourists are quoted in dollars, rather than dong, so you have no problem switching between both if need be. That being said, you should not just bring dollars, always bring dongs so that you have everything you need.

The amount of Vietnamese dongs you need to bring depends on what you want to spend. If you want to stay in a relatively nice location, it is going to cost you about 15 dollars per night, while a cheaper place will go for five dollars a night. You can go for a higher value place and that will cost upwards of 50 dollars a night. Hotels typically cost about 100,000 dongs for a night for a double on average.

If you eat cheap and good street food, you will save a lot of money. You can typically buy street dishes for as little as 3,000 dongs, or about 25 cents in United States currency. Portions will be small, but you will still save a lot of money even buying a few portions if you are hungry.

Putting it all together, you should have between $20 and $40 per day for a trip. That means you will need between 320,000 and 640,000 dongs per day. If you stay for one week, you will need between 2.24 million to 4.48 million dongs.

Why You Should Buy Dinars On The Internet Instead Of A Local Exchange

by Xchange Of America ~ June 23rd, 2016

Going to a local exchange may be easier because you can just walk in the door and buy the dinars that you want. When you buy Iraqi dinars, you want to make sure you get the exchange rate that you were looking for, because a poor exchange rate is going to be a rate you want. The better the exchange rate is the more money you are going to have for your trip to Iraq. The more money you have for your trip to Iraq, the better the trip is going to be.

So, why should you choose an online source rather than a local exchange? The main reason is you are going to save a great deal of money. A place like Dinar Inc. will provide you with an excellent rate, at a fraction of the cost of a local exchange.

First of all, you will not have to worry about service fees when you are dealing with Dinar Inc. When you buy Iraqi dinars, you will get more money because the service fees will be a fraction of what you would pay at a local exchange. Dinar Inc. does not charge service fees. This can save you upwards of 50 per cent compared to a local exchange, which can have a number of fees in place to take your money and leave you with little else. Buy Iraqi dinars online and you will simply have more money in your pocket. That is what you want when you travel to Iraq.

Second, it may seem like an airport may be a good place to do the exchange. After all, you are traveling from the airport, why not just do the exchange there? That would be a bad idea. The airport currency exchange is quite awful because they will charge you the highest fees, and you may not even get the currency you need because it all depends on what quantity they have there. The airport currency exchange can set its own fees, and its own exchange rate, and it is not going to be favorable to you at all. Never do your exchange at the airport.

Lastly, what is more convenient than having the money sent to your door? You don’t even have to leave your computer. You just connect your debit card, credit card, or bank account to the exchange account, transfer the money and within a few days you will have the dinars you needed. That is what you get when you buy Iraqi dinars from an online exchange like Dinar Inc.

Dinar Inc. will ensure that you get the best exchange rate, no service fees, and more money in your hand for when you travel to Iraq. That is what you want, and that is what you are going to get. Forget about a local exchange, and certainly forget about an airport exchange. Get buy Iraqi dinars online and take the worry out of your exchange.

Buy Dinars Online From A Trustworthy Source

by Xchange Of America ~ June 22nd, 2016

Buying dinars in a retail location can be fine, when you buy it from the right source, but it is not always the best option when you are located in a place away from a metropolitan area. When that is the case, you are going to want to get your dinars from an online source, but that too carries some risk. You should always be careful of getting it from an online source because it can lead to you losing a lot of money if that source is not reputable.

This is why you need to buy from a reputable source like Dinar Inc. you are getting the most for what you pay for and you are getting a trusted dealer in dinars so you don’t have to feel like you are getting cheated.

First, let’s talk about why you should buy your dinars online. The main reason is that it is simply the easiest option. Yes, you can go to Iraq and buy dinars there, but what if you don’t find a good exchange rate, or even find a place to do the exchanges? That isn’t a good situation. Now you are stuck in a place with the wrong currency. Not a good situation to be in at all. Sure, you can do the exchange at the airport but there are problems with that too. You will end up paying lots in fees, getting a poor exchange rate and you may not even get as many of the dinars as you need, if they even have dinars at all.
Second, the convenience is excellent when it comes to dinars and getting them online. All you have to do is use your bank account, credit card or debit card and link that to the account to get the dinars you need. Then you just leave your computer and soon enough you will get the dinars you needed in the mail. That is all there is to it when you buy dinars online.

This is why you need to buy dinars online, because it is just so convenient. When you are buying from an online source, you need to choose a reputable source, and these tips will help you:

1. Research the company to make sure that you get the right company that will provide you the dinars that you need for your trip.
2. Verify that the dinar dealer that you are using is authentic and genuine in what they do. A good option is to look at the Better Business Bureau, which will have a guide to understand how trustworthy the company is.
3. See if you can find anyone who has used the company before, and find out what their experience was like.
Always do your research to find the dinar dealer that you need. A good company will give you low fees, a great exchange rate and more money in your hand when you travel to Iraq. Dinar Inc. can do that for you.

Buy Dinars Online Before Traveling To Iraq To Save Time

by Xchange Of America ~ June 21st, 2016

If you need to travel to Iraq, one of your first orders of business is going to be to buy dinars. This is the major currency of the country, and you want to make sure you get a proper exchange rate for when you travel to the country. The better the exchange rate, the better off you will be with more money in your pocket. Getting that great exchange rate is very important and Dinar Inc. can do that for you when you buy your dinars online before you travel.

Dinar Inc. has several locations that you can use if you need to exchange to dinars, but what about if those locations are located away from you? Dinar Inc. has that covered because you can get your dinars from the comfort of your own home. That is how easy it is when you use Dinar Inc. for your needs.

You may be thinking that you could just go to the airport and get your exchange done there, but that is not a good idea. You will be paying out the nose for all those fees and your exchange rate will literally be garbage. You don’t want that, and the airport is simply not worth it. Instead, choose to get your exchange rate done online.

You don’t even have to go anywhere. When you have the exchange rate of the dinar done at home, you will receive the money in the mail. That means all you have to do is go online and nothing else. Simple as that.
One of the issues with going to one of the brick and mortar exchanges is that they are often located away from you, and they give you poor exchange rates. They also have a great deal of fees associated with them. You don’t want that because once again you are losing money. Should you lose money when you do an exchange for money?

Of course, you could arrive in Iraq and do the exchange yourself there, but again you may lose out when you don’t find an equitable rate in the country. The location of exchanges are not as numerous either, so you don’t want to end up going to Iraq and not being able to buy dinars in the process.

No, the best option is to do it online. All you have to do is to link your bank account, debit card or credit card to an account for the exchange. Once you have done that, you can do the exchange, take a sip of coffee, and then move on. Soon after, you will receive your money in the mail and you will be ready to travel to Iraq. That is all there is to it. Buy dinars, get dinars, go to Iraq. There are no other steps, no deep fees and you get a great exchange rate to enjoy. No fuss, no muss, you just enjoy the online convenience of being able to buy dinars quickly and easily.

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