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Why You Should Buy Dinars from Dinar Inc. Before Traveling to Iraq

by Xchange Of America ~ May 29th, 2016

Although you may need it for reasons other than travel, visiting Iraq is the number one reason for why you could need the Iraqi Dinar. If you are traveling to Iraq, take a moment to consider purchasing the Dinar you will need for your trip prior to leaving. By deciding to order online you can shop knowing exactly what rate is going to be paid and that you will have the funds you need for your trip. The worst case scenario is for you to arrive in Iraq without any of the local currency which could make it difficult to purchase necessities like food and water. In this article we will discuss some of the reasons why you should buy Dinars before traveling to Iraq.

Buying currency before you leave gives you the opportunity to take your time and to learn more about what impacts the Dinar. If you have recently traveled to Iraq or a neighboring country, you may have noticed that many things impact currency which are not as common in the United States. It seems there are potentially more diverse factors in deciding the value of the Iraqi Dinar, so it is wise to solicit expert advisement on the matter. Buying foreign currency has never been easier, you are just a few clicks away from having the currency you need for your trip. The greatest value to customers we find as time progresses is that their currency is available to them as it is needed. A travelers’ rule of thumb is to always avoid purchasing foreign exchange at kiosks found in malls or airports. Unfortunately for consumers these brick and mortar-only stores fail to provide value to their customers and typically charge fees which makes it expensive to exchange money.

It is important to consider the fees of your exchange in the total cost, along with the current exchange rate. By paying both a lower and more accurate rate, you can travel knowing you have received the epitome of value. To make the process as seamless as possible, our website lists in detail how the exchange works and the terms to the exchange itself. If needed, our team will buy back Dinars, potentially those you do not use on your trip should you have any additional remaining. This is not something typically offered by other companies and is a great reason to give us a try. We pride ourselves on treating our customers right and that is evident in everything we do.

The educated and seasoned staff at our company understand what it means to need convenient, easy to manage currency exchanges and can help you make the best decision possible. With the most up to date security you can purchase the Iraqi Dinar with the security offered by SSL on our state of the art website. We make sure both the digital and physical security of your experience is covered fully, as we track each shipment of currency, allowing you to keep up to date tabs on when your money is going to arrive. The next time you are looking to buy Iraqi Dinars for a trip to the country of Iraq, be sure to check out our offerings and learn the Dinar, Inc. difference!

Save Time By Purchasing Iraqi Dinars Online

by Xchange Of America ~ May 28th, 2016

If you are searching for a way to buy Iraqi Dinars online you may stop your search now. Dinar, Inc. offers customers the ability to purchase the Iraqi Dinar from the comfort of your own home. You may have the currency shipped to your home prior to travel to Iraq and rest assured know you have the currency you need. One of the major reasons for why people are beginning to skip physical currency exchanges is because of the tremendous time savings offered by internet exchanges.

Airports used to be the only place to find currencies, and although you may be traveling through an airport with an exchange, take note that these exchanges charge sizeable fees, knowing that you are in need for the currency. As the demand for something rises, so does its cost. Since the only reason you would need to purchase currency from inside an airport is to subsequently use it in your travels, it is prudent of consumers to find the most economically sound option for the entire foreign currency buying experience. If you decide to wait until you leave for your trip you can expect to pay much higher than the market rate since these exchanges know you need the money and you need it immediately.

Although they have dropped in popularity, some currency exchanges can be found in public, though they are typically only found in major metropolitan areas and maintain similar fee structures as the airport exchanges. By opting to buy Iraqi Dinars online you avoid the hassle of driving back and forth from a physical location which may not even offer the currency whatsoever! Since the Iraqi Dinar’s exchange rate fluctuated frequently it is important to do business with a company that pays close attention to the exchange rate. Physical stores take advantage of their customers by updating their exchange as frequently or infrequently as necessary to use advantageous exchange rates, higher than what it actually costs to exchange Dinar for USD.

One of the traditional ways to exchange your currency for Dinars was to do so upon arrival in Iraq. The total number of accessible exchanges changes frequently and seldom provide the most equitable rate for your exchange. If you decide to wait until traveling to Iraq to source local currency you could be out of luck in finding a fair rate, leaving you stranded without the local currency needed to purchase things from food to hotel fares. The amount of fees you pay is directly correlated to the convenience of services in all exchanges except for the internet exchange from Dinar, Inc. Since we understand the value of money and aim to provide the best customer experience possible we service our customers with high quality customer service and accurate tools to make the most of your exchange. You may also find it beneficial to order your currency online as all of our shipments include tracking information, saving you time compared to driving to the exchange to try and make things work for you!

Buying Iraqi Dinars online is incredibly easy on, our website allows you to learn about the history of Iraq, review frequently asked questions about buying currency online as well as information on the current exchange rate.

What Factors Affect the Dinar Exchange Rate?

by Xchange Of America ~ May 27th, 2016

If you are purchasing the Iraqi Dinar, one of your primary questions may be on what impacts the Dinar exchange rate. Some of the major factors which affect the Iraqi Dinar exchange rate is change in competitiveness, balance of payments and interest rates. These three elements are among the most important influencers of the exchange rate and can be investigated to reveal how the currency is performing and what may soon happen with the rate. If you are planning on traveling to Iraq, you should begin by getting the local currency which you will need to buy anything along your way. The United States’ dollar is approximately between 1160 and 1170 Iraqi Dinar as of June 2016.

The first of the major elements is competitiveness, which describes how the inflation and economic state impact how valuable the currency in a comparative nature. When inflation is more favorable to consumers in Iraq versus the United States, there is a rise in value when exchanging from USD to Dinar. To clarify this point a bit more, let’s break down inflation, one of the many aspects our experts use to evaluate the current exchange rates in order to inform you of the best time to buy. Inflation is a general increase in prices across the board and a loss in purchasing power. Both minor and major events impact the inflation rate, by paying close attention to the current events of a country you may understand the change in inflation rates over time.

The second major element to the Dinar exchange rate is the balance of payments. The balance of payments for a country represents the amount of trade surplus or deficit. When a country is unable to finance its current account deficit with capital inflows such as international business, the currency will depreciate in value. In order for the current account to result in a positive exchange rate, the country must be stable in its deficit or entirely free of debt through intelligent financing. The use of capital inflows for major development projects can also impact the long run value of a country’s currency as its initial expense will eventually result in an improved country and therefore an improved economy. This impact does require a relatively long amount of time to transpire but should be kept in mind for when a particular deficit fails to depreciate the Dinar’s value.

The final factor we would like to mention is the interest rates of a country, typically found by the rates offered by the government banks to its businesses and people. Whichever country experiences a higher interest rate will be likely to stimulate greater economic grow and therefore a more positive exchange rate. This is most obvious when the United States alters its interest rates in a deleterious measure, as it makes the currencies pegged to it, namely Dinar, more valuable. If you would like to learn more about what factors impact the Dinar exchange rate, please contact our currency experts to get the information you need in order to make the best decision possible.

What Can You Purchase With Vietnamese Dong When Traveling?

by Xchange Of America ~ May 26th, 2016

When traveling to Vietnam, one of the many things you will need to consider before leaving is the local currency of your destination. Vietnam’s domestic currency is the Dong, and has been in use since 1978. In your travels you will find a wide variety of shopping experiences, all of which using the Dong as their accepted currency. The shopping experiences available to you on your trip include dining to enjoy local cuisine, shopping at local markets and tours. There is a high likelihood that one of the expenses on your trip will be your accommodations, which are going to be paid for with the Vietnamese Dong.

If you have done world traveling you know that each country possesses its own unique cuisine, directly correlated to the country’s culture and heritage. The country’s most popular dishes include Noodle Soups, Meat Dishes, and seafood dishes. Sampling some of the local wildlife, Vietnamese seafood is abundant with flavors we don’t often find stateside. If you are a fan of spices, try some of the local Noodles mainly referred to as Ph? in the United States. Typically served in a flavorful clear broth, Ph? combines a variety of meats with spring onion and slices of minimally cooked beef for maximum flavor. The authentic cuisine is absolutely delicious, a real treat when experienced in Vietnam.

Another major purchase you can make with the Vietnamese Dong is within the many markets. Within the street markets you will find many instances of Vietnam culture as well as international ties, culminating a global shopping experience, something you may not have expected to find in Vietnam! Clothing is among the top most popular market goods because of their low prices and high quality. The markets do not just serve up custom made garments but also goods from major international brands such as Nike and Adidas. These brands are offered at a fraction of the cost to which you would find them in the United States.

If you are really looking to make the most of your trip, make sure to add a tour to your to-do list; with some of the most beautiful sites in the world it would be hard to pass up. Some of the great areas to tour in Vietnam are Hanoi, Halong Bay, and Mekong Delta. Hanoi is the perfect place to tour by motorcycle which can introduce you to the country’s capital city as well as the scenic roads which

If you are interested in buying Vietnamese Dong for your travels to Vietnam, be sure to check out our currency exchange services which make buying Dong easy, convenient and cost-effective. If you intend on immersing yourself in Vietnam and its beautiful country, you need to make sure you have enough Dong to cover the expenses of your trip!

The Convenience of Buying Dinars On the Internet

by Xchange Of America ~ May 25th, 2016

There are many ways to exchange the United States’ Dollar for foreign currencies around the world. In particular, there are many ways to exchange USD for Iraqi Dinars, the easiest of which being online. If you are buying Dinars, considering doing so online. The most convenient way to purchase Iraqi Dinars is online on sites like In this article we will discuss the convenience of buying Iraqi Dinars on the internet.

Buying Dinars on the internet is the most comfortable method bar none. From the comfort of your own home, and anywhere with internet access you can buy currency and have it delivered to your door. Instead of driving potentially hours to the most nearest physical currency exchange, you can browse current exchange rates without driving a single mile. Your time is valuable and we understand that. At the same time, we realize the importance of value and make sure to pass on the value to our customers.

Physical currency exchanges market themselves as the convenient solution to currency exchange although they are the exact opposite of convenient. If you have tried purchasing foreign currencies at an exchange you have experienced how problematic they can be. Not only are their fees higher, but their overhead alone requires them to charge more than internet based exchanges. If you are looking to buy Iraqi Dinars, buying on the internet allows you to order and have it shipped to your home hassle free. With our straightforward interface with clear instructions you can order Iraqi Dinars in just a few minutes. Not only do you avoid the hassle of driving, you can rest assured knowing that you will have the Dinars you need, when you need them. The effortless system is the way of the future and many customers have already made the switch.

One of the final considerations to make in regard to the convenience of buying Dinars on the Internet is the ability to exchange the Iraqi Dinars if you need to. This is incredibly useful if your trip to the area is cancelled or your need for the currency changes. This also means that we will work with you and buy your Iraqi Dinars, simply inquire about our currency purchasing program to learn more. This is especially important for businesspeople with plans that change at an instance, which allows them to buy currency knowing that the company will work with you on buying currency back no matter the reason.
It isn’t often that we find items of necessity with such convenience. In order to win the business of our customers we make sure to deliver exceptional customer service. To do so, we coordinate a team of currency exchange experts to inform you of the best time to buy. We have the knowledge and resources needed to make expert observations to get you the most value possible. If you are interested in learning more about the Iraqi Dinar and are looking to take part in the growth of Iraq, visit our website at

Benefits of Buying Iraqi Dinars Online

by Xchange Of America ~ May 24th, 2016

Whether you are traveling to Iraq or are looking to do business in any form with a company from the area, you may need to source Iraqi Dinars. One of the most notable ways to purchase this currency is to buy Iraqi Dinars online. There are many benefits to purchasing Iraqi Dinars online, in this article we’ll discuss some of the many benefits of buying Iraqi Dinars online.

The number one benefit of buying Iraqi dinars online is the convenience in doing so. Nowhere else will you find such convenience, whether it be a local exchange, an airport exchange or and Iraqi exchange. Your order on Dinar, Inc.’s website will far surpass any experience buying foreign currency elsewhere. By ordering online you avoid the hassle of searching for local exchanges in your area which could be hours away depending upon where you live. If you opt to purchase your Dinars at an airport exchange you can expect to pay much higher fees, the presumption being that the airport both has an exchange and that the particular exchange also handles Dinars. In this convenience you also avoid the headache of waiting until it is too late. If you decide to wait until your travels to Iraq, you may be stuck without the currency or be forced to pay astronomically high fees in order to do so.

The second major benefit to buying Iraqi Dinars online is that the process is easy. Our company’s website is very easy to use and offers the latest information on both exchange rates and Iraqi news. Our currency exchange experts are here to help you determine what you need to know about the currency and also follow the rates very closely to better assist you in getting the most value possible. Our experts can save you money by alerting you to great buying opportunities, where the exchange rate is favorable to the Iraqi Dinar. Although the exchange rate fluctuates frequently, it is important to keep in mind that the only way to validate the exchange is to consider the current economic events which are available if you speak to our team of experts.

The last and potentially most important benefit to you is the cost savings of buying Iraqi Dinars online. By purchasing your currency online, you can shop knowing you are getting the best value for your money. Typical physical currency exchanges use their location as a means to pressure you into paying high fees and more than you would if being done in the comfort of your own home. Do not put yourself in a position to be taken advantage of in a high-pressure situation by purchasing your Dinars at home, prior to any travel. When traveling or just exchanging currencies in general, it makes sense to pursue the most value oriented solution possible. If you have any questions regarding the current exchange rate or would like more information on the Iraqi Dinar, please contact our team of currency experts. Buying Iraqi Dinars online is the easiest, convenient and cost-effective method, please view our exchange at to learn more.

What is the Dinar Exchange Rate?

by Xchange Of America ~ May 23rd, 2016

The Dinar is the official currency of Iraq and is overseen by the Central Bank of Iraq. The currency is offered in notes ranging from 250 Dinars to 50,000 Dinars. The current exchange rate for the Dinar is $1 USD/ 1167.60 Dinars as of early June 2016. Like currencies of the West, the Dinar is influenced by both domestic and international events and is subject to change. It is very important to mention that this exchange rate varies on a daily basis, as the total level of inflation (or deflation) of the Dinar fluctuates daily as well. One of the purposes the exchange rate holds is the overall health of a country’s economy. As the Dinar grows in value and becomes worth more in terms of exchange, the overall health of the Iraqi economy improves. This change is indicative of positive growth and is impacted by a number of factors. Let’s dig in to some of these factors to truly understand what the dinar exchange rate is and means.

The number one impactor of the Dinar exchange rate is the differential in inflation rates. What this means is if the differential in interest rates between the United States and Iraq are more favorable in Iraq that the currency will also tend to reflect this as well. What higher inflation rates mean for investors are greater economic opportunity and a greater return for their money as opposed to the United States’ Dollar. While this differential is impacted by dozens of elements, the fluctuation occurs regularly and is something to be on the lookout for. One of the many benefits of purchasing Dinar from Dinar, Inc.’s website is that our experts weigh in on these fluctuations and can make the decision easier for you to make in when to buy.

Another major element to the Dinar exchange rate is the amount of public debt held by the country of Iraq at the given time. What this means, is that if the country of Iraq opts to influence and stimulate domestic growth through deficit financing, that the Dinar will lose value. Subsequently, if the amount of deficit financing is lower than that in proportion of the primary country’s financing that the currency may be more attractive. As with most economic forces, sizeable public debt can encourage inflation, meaning another impact on the exchange rate. With these two considerations in mind, we find it necessary to add a third and final to the list of elements.

The last element we would like to make note of are the terms of trade. Essentially, the terms are trade are a whole representation of a country’s demand for exports. As the terms of trade favor Iraq, its currency becomes more valuable because the economy is influenced by exports, as with other country’s economies. This is an incredibly important point as export revenues can be easier to determine than other figures, as revenues rise, it is likely the Dinar gains value. We hope this article has brought to light some things you may already have known and some that you may not have. If you are interested in learning more about the Dinar exchange rate, feel free to reach out to our expert analysts.

Why You Should Buy Vietnamese Dong Before Traveling

by Xchange Of America ~ May 22nd, 2016

When we travel, one of the last things we want is for something to go wrong with our itinerary. Though there are few things we may control about the weather, flight delays, et cetera… what we can certify is that we have all of the things needed for the trip to go smoothly. One of these things of note is local currency. In your travels to Vietnam, possessing the Vietnamese Dong is critical and should be a major item on your list. Though you could try and wing it, attempting to locate a secure source once you have already entered the country, sourcing it prior to your travels is the only way to ensure you have it for your trip.
One of the major sources people often mention when searching for currency are the international airport currency converter companies.

There are three major problems with sourcing from these companies, the first being that you may not travel via an airport or airports which host such a company. Secondly, these companies add an extreme margin to their exchange, which puts you in a very weak position. If you have opted to wait until your travels, you may be pressured into paying these high fees seeing as if there may be no alternatives. The third reason why this is a major problem is because if you are traveling by means other than air this will not be possible whatsoever.

Sourcing an exchange locally may be equally as difficult as doing so in the airports. Most areas of the United States do not feature exchanges, which could mean that you would need to drive a long distance to conduct your exchange. While this may not be the case, physical currency exchange companies also bet on the fact that you will be in a weak position, meaning you will tend to pay a higher rate for their services as opposed to buying online. Deciding to wait until your arrival to Vietnam may make buying Vietnamese Dong incredibly difficult as exchanges are typically designed to make as much money as possible, knowing that you have no other choice. By purchasing your Vietnamese Dong online, you can avoid the headache of sourcing currency under pressure, as well as the ridiculous fees they tend to charge.

If you decide to buy Vietnamese Dong on our website, you can rest assured knowing that your currency will arrive on time and provide the best value possible for your exchange. Our convenient system allows you to purchase foreign currency in a safe, easy to use manner. Our company experts monitor the international exchange rates very closely and understand what forces are at play in making those changes. Purchasing your Vietnamese Dong online also saves you time, your most valuable asset. This is an incredibly important point to make, much more important than the reasons listed above. Purchasing your currency online means you can avoid the time consuming search for local, airport, and even Vietnam based currency exchanges. If you have bought currency in one of the above methods, the best way to experience this difference is to try it for yourself, we are sure you will be surprised with how much time and money you save.

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