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Trading In Dinar: Tips from the Experts

by admin ~ March 29th, 2013

It takes a certain amount of skills to profit from forex trading, especially when the enterprise involves the Iraqi dinar. Sufficient experience is necessary to deal with those who want to buy dinar, and a look at what some experts have to say sure would be of help.

An understanding of the mechanics that dictate rate fluctuations in the foreign exchange market should be one of the primary objectives of a would-be forex trader. Needless to say, the forex market is governed by several factors, most of which also emanate from various economic and political sectors.  Currencies, the Iraqi dinar included, are subject to policy directions. Any shift in monetary policy in Baghdad, for instance, can have a profound impact on the rate accessible to those who need to buy dinar.

The forex rate can also be affected by economic data regularly released by the government. Hence, a trader has to be constantly updated on these developments in order to have a reading on which direction the market is headed.

Buying low and selling high is the elementary dictum that forex traders follow. It isn’t easy to predict though when rates have hit bottom or a certain ceiling has been reached.  For this reason, forex traders always have to keep their ears on the ground so to speak. Rumors can be prevalent in the market, and each piece of information filtering in has to be thoroughly examined.

For example, rumored Iraqi plans to boost oil production in partnership with some foreign oil majors will have an effect on the forex market. This can result in an appreciation of the value of the Iraqi dinar. With this information in advance, a trader can buy dinar while rates are still low as the market hasn’t fully digested the repercussions of the development.

It is also important for an astute forex trader to manage his or her trading position. Risks in forex trading can be spread out via a portfolio of currencies. With this suite of money holdings, a fall back position can be established when there are wide fluctuations in the market. A sudden drop in the value of the Iraqi dinar, for instance, can be cushioned by a position in a stronger currency. In this situation, the trader is in a position to buy dinar in a calibrated move to sell

The Iraqi Dinar Forum

by admin ~ March 26th, 2013

Investing in currencies like the Iraq dinar needs sufficient information to base decisions on. The foreign exchange market, like the stock market, is affected by many factors. Some of these are fundamental or intrinsic to the market, stock, or currency which has to be sourced out from various sources for validation and counter checking. To achieve success while trading on the dinar, therefore, investors must have a vast resource of information needed whether it is the right time to buy or sell.

The right and timely information is what Dinar Inc. values most as it serves the needs of those who have an interest in the Iraq dinar. One of the foundations of the company’s success in the dinar market is the wide information network that it has established in the course of its long years of exposure in Iraq and the Middle East. The nucleus to this network is the company’s own personnel who regularly make business trips to the country and the region in order to gather valuable inputs on how to best serve the interest of its customers.

Corollary to this mechanism, Dinar Inc. has developed a blog section in its website wherein the company shares whatever information it has accumulated on developments that could affect the exchange rate of the Iraq dinar. Through this blog, informed decisions can be made on dinar holdings based on first-hand reports on the various developments in Iraq and the Middle East. Such data can include actions taken by the Iraqi economic planners as well as those initiatives put in the pipeline by the country’s monetary authorities.

Moreover, Dinar Inc. has customer hotlines which can be accessed 24/7 not only as an information conduit but also as a feedback mechanism by which the company can further improve its services. Customers can arrange to have a one-on-one telephone call with one of our Iraqi dinar experts, who can share invaluable knowledge and insights.

Status of the Iraqi Dinar Today

by admin ~ March 23rd, 2013

Political and economic reforms following the downfall of the regime of Saddam Hussein augur well for the value of the Iraqi dinar. With Saddam’s deposition came hopes that the rebuilding of the country’s infrastructure will bring social, economic and political stability. The new monetary system in place which has ushered in new Iraqi dinars in circulation, among other things, puts Iraq in a better position to attract foreign investments. Moving forward with this scenario encourages the thinking that the dinar’s value will trend higher.

Encouraging signs are likewise provided by the Iraqi government’s issuance of Treasury bills. In July, the country’s central bank auctioned Treasury bills in the secondary market, Held for the first time in years, the auction thus far drew local banks to purchase three-month bills worth 900 billion Iraqi dinars ($628 million) at a coupon rate of between 2.5% and 6.8%. The country’s central bank is also adopting measures to bolster its foreign currency reserves, one net effect of which is the improvement of the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar vs. the U.S. dollar.

The creation of a viable domestic capital market is likewise on the drawing board of Iraq’s monetary authorities, a move intended to pare the country’s huge pre-war foreign debt. Notably, this direction has been provided impetus by the generous waive-off of 80% of the country’s debt by the Paris Club. Forward-looking investors on the Iraqi dinar can therefore anticipate excellent returns as the positive impact of these developments, along with the country’s growth-oriented policy, set more firmly in place.

Developments in the banking sector further indicate the growing economic stability in Iraq. Absent for decades, foreign banks have sought and have been granted licenses to operate in the country. Among these banking institutions are the Iranian National Bank, National Bank of Kuwait, Bahraini Arab Banking Institute, Standard Chartered, HSBC, and Commercial Housing Bank. The growing presence of foreign banks in Iraq is expected to further reinvigorate the country’s economy including a more vibrant outlook for the Iraqi dinar.

Significantly, the Iraqi currency has recovered much of the value it lost during the Saddam era and during the Gulf War and its aftermath. Those who have Iraqi dinars are now in a better footing than ever before. In one estimate, the currency’s value has appreciated by as much as

Positive Changes in the Iraqi Economy

by admin ~ March 20th, 2013

Attempts to reduce the dependence of Iraq on revenues from the oil industry count as one of the most positive impacts on the country’s dinar currency in recent years.  Better fortunes lie in store for Iraq and its people thanks to the numerous international initiatives that aim to help it focus economic rebuilding on other industry sectors.

Clearly, there is a tremendous task ahead for Iraqi economic planners to steer the country’s growth via a more diversified route. After all, the oil industry has been the country’s main economic primer prior to the Gulf War. In 1980, Iraq’s oil sector generated $27 billion in revenues from its output of about 4 million barrels daily. With the magnitude of such dollar earnings, the dinar currency enjoyed favorable rates in the exchange markets. This strength of the dinar is manifested by the Iraqi foreign reserves which stood at $38 billion prior to the war’s outbreak.

Succeeding events, however, proved debilitating to the dinar currency. The hostilities that erupted between Iraq and Iran plunged the former into some $45-billion indebtedness. These debts severely depleted Iraq’s foreign reserves to the detriment of its dinar currency, among other major debacles. The UN economic sanctions and subsequent invasion of the U.S.-led Coalition forces caused further debilitation of the Iraqi economy.

With the installation of a new government in Iraq following the war, initial rebuilding efforts were channeled into the oil industry which then still accounted for 90 percent of the country’s economy. In more recent years, however, economic activity has conspicuously moved beyond the oil exploration and oil production activities of foreign companies in Iraq.

Some of the noteworthy endeavors toward this direction were those undertaken jointly by international bodies like the UNICEF, WHO, and USAID, efforts which are trickling into the steady appreciation of the Iraqi currency. Among the outstanding results of these cooperative international efforts was the raising of over $35 billion in an Iraqi donors’ conference in Madrid in 2003.

Much can be expected too from USAID initiatives to help Iraq be integrated into the world economy via various economic programs outside of the oil industry. These efforts include assistance to Iraq’s efforts to strengthen its agriculture and agribusiness sectors, potent areas which truly can help much in the economic diversification in the country.

Only Buy Authentic Iraqi Dinar

by admin ~ March 19th, 2013

The dinar currency of Iraq can easily rank as one of the world’s most improved, with its value gaining 43% since the country introduced new banknotes in 2003 in the post-Saddam era.  Certainly, this level of growth must have come as a surprise to those who used to buy dinar at a much lower rate before as currency fluctuations are most often just incremental. With the continued improvement in the Iraqi economy, trading in its currency has also increased substantially, and those just coming in into the picture may be confounded by certain nuances behind Iraqi banknotes in the market.

There are instances, for example, that Iraqi banknotes are referred to as Swiss dinar which implies that these are legal tender notes in Switzerland, which they are not. Also, the currency of Switzerland, as most people would know, is the Swiss franc. The Swiss dinar currency, when mentioned in the context of Iraq, refers to the old Iraqi banknotes printed prior to the Gulf War. It derived the name from the Swiss printing technology employed in its production.

For some time following the first Gulf War, the Swiss dinar remained legal tender until its phase-out by the Iraqi government and the introduction of the new notes. The Swiss dinar, nonetheless, remain in use in the Kurdish region of Iraq. This tidbit is an important piece of information for those who buy dinar to ensure that it is the right currency they are dealing on.

It is also of vital importance for those who buy dinar to recognize the security features that authenticate the new Iraqi banknotes. Notably, the new dinar currency was printed by the British De La Rue mint which employed modern security marks to easily establish the authentic from forged notes.

Moreover, it is advisable to buy dinar only from reputable dealers. Here at Dinar Inc., customers are guaranteed on the authenticity of the dinar currency we deal in. Our dinar forex operation is licensed by the state of Florida’s Office of Financial Regulation, and we take pride in being the only licensee on dinar foreign exchange in the state. Besides individuals, our clientele also include major financial institutions with global operations.

Iraq Dinar Value Updates

by admin ~ March 17th, 2013

There are a lot of mutually beneficial opportunities that can be derived in an economy rebuilding itself, such as what is happening in Iraq. Investing in the country’s currency and exploring gains can be achieved as dinar exchange rates fluctuate – doing so is one of the best ways of contributing to the revitalization of the Iraqi economy and at the same time achieving a modicum of financial success. The country’s economic planners have achieved much in improving the Iraqi dinar value, and further gains are on the horizon with the continuing efforts of Iraqi authorities to further stabilize the country’s economy.

A review of dinar exchange rates during the past two decades or so will reveal periods of high volatility. The dinar value manifested strength prior to the UN trade embargo on Iraq resulting from the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990. In those pre-embargo days, one dinar was equivalent to $3.20. With the turmoil in the country that followed in subsequent years, however, the dinar exchange rate plummeted to rock-bottom levels.

The per-dollar dinar exchange rates by August 2002 showed a marked reversal of the levels before the UN economic sanction.  Around this period, these rates hovered in the vicinity of 2,000 dinar per dollar. The dinar value even sank further moving forward to April 2003, a time when the level reached historic lows, ranging from 3,500 to 4,000 dinar per dollar.

In more recent periods, however, the Iraqi currency has recouped much of its losses. As of June last year, the rate has settled at around 1,166 dinar per dollar. Investors can ride on the rejuvenation of Iraq’s economy following the initiatives of its government to hasten its rebuilding efforts.

As is wont in the financial and money markets, timing and anticipation will be the key to success in investing in Iraqi dinar. We at Dinar Inc. are very much in a position to anticipate and avail of opportunities in the ever-shifting foreign exchange market, particularly those on the Iraqi currency. We have people right on the ground in the Middle East; they are constantly updated on the many factors affecting movement of the dinar. As appreciable, Dinar Inc. is a licensed wholesaler of the Iraqi currency, ensuring that all our transactions are legitimate and within bounds of monetary regulations.

Iraq Dinar News Updates

by admin ~ March 14th, 2013

There are many factors to consider when investing in a currency like the Iraq dinar, considering that its home country has undergone a long period of turmoil and upheaval. Actions and events as Iraq attempts to rebuild itself as a nation and revitalize its economy have profound effects on the value of the country’s currency. Those in the market to buy dinar will need to keep themselves abreast of these developments in order to secure the best deal possible.

For sure, much has happened and will still happen as the Iraqi government continues to craft the policies and directions that will help shape the country’s destiny as a nation and as an emerging economy in the Middle East. Already, the initiatives from Baghdad have resulted in the significant improvement of the Iraq dinar in the forex markets. In a recent estimate, the Central Bank of Iraq put at 45% the value appreciation of the country’s currency since new Iraqi banknotes were introduced in 2003.

Expect more developments to come out from Iraq as it pursues further economic stability and growth. The astute traders out to buy dinar in the market at favorable rates are always on the look out and their ears on the ground as well for the market-moving news on the currency. On this capability, we are good at Dinar Inc.

The members of our management team are circulating within the network which has been instrumental in the rebuilding efforts in Iraq since 2003. We continue to be part of this knowledgeable circle so much so that we are able to capture breaking news even before these filter into the mass media.

To further fortify this advantage on reading the market trends on the Iraq dinar, our key personnel visit the Middle East weekly to the to feel the pulse of what’s happening in the region. Further attesting to our competence, Dinar Inc. is the only licensee in the state of Florida accessible to those seeking to buy dinar legitimately and legally. Having us as your partner will not only give you insights and updates on the Iraqi currency but also how to apply any information we have to your best advantage.

Hold On To Your Dinars

by admin ~ March 11th, 2013

Investors often have an ambivalent outlook on the value of the Iraqi dinar, following its years of depreciation brought about by war and economic turmoil. Nonetheless, there are those who are determined to hold on to their investment in the currency. These forward-looking investors appear to have a sound basis on their decision to buy dinar with the expectation that they can achieve gains on their holdings sometime in the future. Their standpoint on the solid foundation on the bright prospects for the dinar appreciation can be summed up as follows:

Foreign investment inflow

Many prominent foreign investors have recognized the opportunities available as Iraq pushes forward economic measures to rebuild its business and industry. Some of the most high profile investments in Iraq were made by none other than billionaire entrepreneur Donald Trump, who staked his resources in Iraq based on the soundness of the economic platforms that the country’s government is pursuing. Recent news that British business tycoon George Soros has entered the Iraqi brokerage business likewise provided a vote of confidence not only on the Iraqi dinar but also on the economic policy measures of Iraq.

Booming oil exports

In 2012, Iraq became the second largest crude oil exporter in the Middle East, in the process overtaking Iran and thus providing another bull factor for investors looking to buy dinar. Notably, Iraq accounts for 12 percent of the world’s total oil reserves and is second only to Saudi Arabia in terms of crude oil exportation.

Rising gold reserves

Complementing the gains in its oil exports, Iraq has significantly increased its gold reserves. With the country’s gain in this international monetary benchmark, further stability in Iraq’s economy can be expected.

Stabilizing foreign relations

Iraq’s stature in the world community has vastly improved. A case in point is its growing amity with Kuwait, a development that appears to be leading to a normalization of ties after years of antagonism, something that will only help to boost its economic fortunes. With relations normalized, an inflow of Kuwaiti investments is a distinct possibility, further raising the crop of businessmen who will be looking to buy dinar.

Iraq Dinar Exchange Rate Updates

by admin ~ March 9th, 2013

One of the most exciting economic developments in the Middle East is taking place in Iraq, where the government is exerting all of its efforts to improve the country’s economy as well as restore peace and order. Significant progress has been achieved toward this objective as shown by the gains achieved by the Iraqi dinar in the foreign exchange markets. Computing the dinar exchange rates since January 2004 when new Iraqi banknotes were circulated, the level was estimated to have risen by 174 percent.

Further improvements of the dinar exchange rates have been observed in subsequent years as Iraqi government planners continue to implement various measures to revitalize business and industry in the country.  Baghdad, for instance, has adopted policies more hospitable to foreign investments; these initiatives tremendously helped bolster the value of the Iraqi dinar in the market. As of June last year, the exchange rate stood at 1,166 dinar per one U.S. dollar.

No doubt, many more developments will be emanating from Iraq. Although some progress has already been made in the country’s rebuilding efforts, there are still many major issues that have yet to be resolved. As steps are taken by the government to address these concerns, dinar exchange rates can be affected one way or another.

Dinar Inc. is very much aware of this predicament which has a bearing of urgency for those who have interest in the Iraqi dinar and its forex market movement. For this reason, the company has opened an online conduit for information that it gathers on the developments that may affect Iraqi currency rates. Any breaking information is made available in a blog maintained within the Dinar Inc. website.

The reliability of the information on this blog is beyond reproach as Dinar Inc. has a communication network right on the ground in the Middle East. Notably, the company sends its staff regularly to Iraq and the Middle East to have a tight grip at what’s happening in the country as well as in the region. Through its network and ears on the ground, Dinar Inc. is able to get hold of valuable information even before the mass media is able to disseminate such bits of valuable news.

How to Know Your Iraqi Dinars Are Authentic

by admin ~ March 7th, 2013

Investors need to have the facility to ensure the authenticity of an Iraq dinar purchase.  A dealer’s certificate has to be validated and not taken at face value. More so if you are buying online or from eBay. It is always prudent to have a way of checking whether the Iraqi dinar you buy is authentic regardless of where the currency is being purchased.

The process of authentication is not too complicated. The important thing to do is to really take some personal effort in authenticating the banknotes.  In a manner of speaking, it’s just like buying a second-hand car. You can’t rely on the used-car sales person or dealer to check out the vehicle for you. The more logical step is to seek the advice of a third-party mechanic.

In authenticating an Iraq dinar banknote, you don’t even need a third party. All you have to do is study its security markings which are easy to spot. The currency, like other countries’ banknotes, was printed to incorporate numerous security features. An Iraq dinar note has five security markings. All these can be visible to the scrutiny of the naked eye, and as such, there may even be no need to use UV ray or black light. Nevertheless, it is more convenient to have these devices. With these tools, authentication can be done in just seconds, as the security features will produce a conspicuous glow when exposed to UV ray or to black light.

Specifically, one of the dinar security features to look for is the watermark image of a horse’s head in the 25,000 denomination of the currency. This watermark can be found at the left hand side of an Iraq dinar bill. You can easily spot this feature by holding up the banknote against a light source. Similar prominent watermarks can be found in other currencies, such as the U.S. dollar.

Another distinguishing feature of an authentic 25,000 Iraq dinar note can be found at its left hand bottom corner. The feature to look for is a hologram that changes in color or shade when the note is moved every which way against a light source. Security threads are likewise incorporated in a dinar bill for easy authentication. Spotting these features is easily done using a black light.

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