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Why Vietnam is a Popular Travel Destination

by Xchange Of America ~ February 28th, 2017

Vietnam has become one of the most increasingly popular travel destinations in Southeast Asia for a number of reasons including a low cost of traveling, several amazing historic sites, unique and delicious cuisine and more. If you’re planning on visiting Vietnam or Cambodia in the near future, you’re making a good decision, as you’ll get an excellent value for the money that you spend there. Before you travel to Vietnam, make sure that you purchase Vietnamese dong before your flight so that you can truly enjoy the country and explore all of the areas that you want to explore. Be sure that you visit the most popular tourist areas in the city such as Halong Bay and Ho Chi Minh city, and consider these benefits of traveling there:

An amazing and unique culture to experience

Vietnam truly offers one of the most incredible and exciting cultures to explore and visit, with a wide range of historic areas, tourist sites, beaches, bays and other natural wonders to see. You’ll find that the locals are very friendly and when you buy Vietnamese dong and have it with you during your trip you’ll be able to purchase whatever you want and enjoy the local culture, restaurants, bars and other exciting things to do. Everywhere you go you’ll find people who are welcoming, smiling and warm and you’ll get to experience a totally new culture that you may not have seen in the past.

Great delicious and cheap food

The Vietnamese street food and cuisine is one of the top reasons to visit, and you’ll be able to purchase it when you buy Vietnamese dong before your trip, as many vendors will mainly accept the dong for purchases. However, the food is very inexpensive and you’ll only spend a few dong per meal, and because of the fact that you can purchase such a large quantity of currency, you’ll be able to get by in the country without spending much money at all. The food is freshly made, and each region serves its own unique cuisine to test out. For example you can find king crab near the beach and a wide range of other types of seafood for very low prices compared to the United States.

One of the most affordable travel destinations in the world

As previously mentioned, the Vietnamese dong is currently cheap to purchase right now. It’s one of the most affordable travel destinations on the planet, where you can enjoy a long term vacation if you wish at a really low price. You won’t spend much money at all for your trip, whether it’s for just a week or for several weeks, and you’ll be able to enjoy some luxury meals, hotels, and other normally high priced items at a much lower cost due to the relative strength of the dollar compared to the Vietnamese dong. Be sure to purchase whatever quantity of Vietnamese dong that you may need before you visit the country, and you can make your purchase online now or on the phone at your convenience.

Ways to Spend Dinars in Iraq When Traveling

by Xchange Of America ~ February 27th, 2017

When traveling in Iraq, being deployed or visiting, you’ll typically want to buy dinars online prior to your visit, as there are plenty of ways to spend the local currency. When you have dinars with you, you won’t have to rely on using credit cards, and there are plenty of vendors, restaurants, transportation services and other services that will accept dinars as payment. Because of the fact that you can purchase such a large quantity of dinars, you can ensure that you’ll purchase as many dinars as you need ahead of your trip. If you aren’t sure about how many dinars you need to purchase, we can provide you with more information and help you make a decision.

Buy food from local vendors

Buying food from local vendors is one of the best ways to spend your dinars when you travel, as there are a wide range of delicious cuisine options available in Iraq to consider. On the streets of many Iraqi cities you’ll find vendors selling delicious sweets, food trucks selling local cuisine, and other opportunities to buy delicious food in cash. Having Iraqi dinars with you is a great way to explore the safer cities of Iraq and purchase these unique and traditional Middle Eastern dishes. Because of the fact that you can purchase such a high quantity of dinars, you can get by in Iraq very easily with a small purchase.

Plenty of beautiful souvenirs

In Iraq you’ll also find lots of great opportunities to purchase a wide range of handmade and amazing souvenirs. Gold jewelry in Iraq has some of the lowest prices that you’ll find anywhere. You can also find unique items such as incense lamps and carpets. You’ll find a wide range of shops in cities like Baghdad that sell beads, mantles, tablecloths, and some truly incredible carpets. For those that have money, Iraqi furniture is some of the most exquisite in the world, and their local houses are often highly decorated with their local furniture. You’ll have the opportunity to purchase some beautiful and innovative for your own home if you travel to Iraq with dinars, and you’ll find great prices on many of these items that might otherwise cost you thousands of dollars in the United States.

Interesting historic tourist attractions

Iraq also features a number of interesting historic attractions to visit, as it is the cradle of civilization. Some unique sites in Iraq include the Ziggurat of Ur which was built during the early Bronze Age in the 21st Century BCE. It is an amazing a huge step pyramid and it served as an administrative complex and as a temple to the moon god Nanna. The temple was constructed by the King Shulgi, and the city of Ur was a major controlling region of Mesopotamia. Other interesting sites to visit include the National Museum of Iraq, Al-Shaheed Monument, Ishtar Gate and a huge range of other archaeological sites in Iraq. You’ll be able to explore these areas when you purchase dinars and have them with you during your trip.

Save Money When You Buy Dinars and Other Currencies Online

by Xchange Of America ~ February 26th, 2017

When you buy dinars online you can save a substantial amount of money compared to most other methods of currency exchange, as you’ll be able to time your purchase for when the U.S. dollar is strongest against the Iraqi dinar, and you’ll avoid a wide range of different service and exchange fees. You don’t have to worry about any type of service fee when doing business with Dinar Inc., and you’ll be able to purchase the maximum amount of currency from our website. We also offer a number of other Asian currencies to consider for purchasing including the Vietnamese dong, Hong Kong dollar, Indian rupee, Thai baht, Philippine peso, Malaysian ringgit, South Korean won, and many others through our partner company Xchange of America.

You can time your purchase for when the dollar is strongest

As you may already know, you can time your currency purchase for when the U.S. dollar is strong compared to any particular currency that you are trying to buy. Currencies generally fluctuate in value only slightly over a short period of time, but you’ll find larger fluctuations in value over a period of weeks or months. You can get information about currency exchange rates from Dinar Inc., as we publish our rates online or you can call us for more information about them as well if you are trying to purchase currency at a particular time when the U.S. dollar is strong.

No extra fees to worry about

You won’t have to worry about extraneous fees such as service fees and similar types of charges when you do business with Dinar Inc. We never charge you service fees, and the exchange rate that you see published on our website is the rate that you pay when you check your currency out. Many other currency exchange services charge ridiculous extra service fees that can sometimes add up to 25 to 50% of your purchase cost or more. These fees are common with airport currency exchange services but certainly aren’t limited to just those services, as plenty of other local currency exchange services will also charge you similar high service fees and processing fees.

Fast and low cost shipping methods

You’ll also get to choose from a number of low cost shipping options depending on your needs, including expedited shipping whenever it is necessary. You’ll save plenty of money on the process and when you buy dinars online from Dinar Inc. you can rest assured that they will be shipped to you on time and at the lowest cost possible. We offer a wide range of shipping options depending on your needs, and you can feel free to request expedited shipping if you prefer, or our regular shipping will also arrive anywhere in the United States in just a few days. You can also trust that your currency will be insured and protected during your shipment, especially if you purchase a larger quantity. Feel free to place your order on our website in confidence and save money while ensuring that you have the currency you need before your next visit to Iraq.

Saving Money on Vietnamese Dong

by Xchange Of America ~ February 25th, 2017

When you need to purchase Vietnamese dong for any reason, you might find that it’s difficult to find a suitable currency exchange service in your area. Many of them will charge you a wide range of extra fees in order to purchase Vietnamese dong if they even offer the currency. You’ll find that many services don’t actually sell Vietnamese dong and you’ll be stuck with having to search for another currency exchange in your area or having to use an online currency exchange anyway. You can avoid spending too much money on your currency exchange by using a high quality online service like Dinar Inc. and you’ll find that you can save a huge amount on your purchase as well as time.

Our online currency exchange doesn’t charge service fees

You won’t have to worry about huge service fees when you use Dinar Inc. and a few other online currency exchange services, and that’s one of the biggest benefits to buying Vietnamese dong on our website before your next trip. Another top benefit is the fact that you’ll have your currency delivered on time and well before your trip as long as you purchase your currency a few weeks before you need to leave to Vietnam. You won’t get stuck having to use an airport currency exchange where you can spend a substantially higher amount of money for less currency.

You won’t have to drive around looking for a currency exchange

Driving around trying to find a local currency exchange can be a major hassle, as many of the local exchanges in your area may not sell Vietnamese dong. In other cases you may have to travel to another city near you just to be able to purchase the currency. You may have to make multiple trips if they need to ship their currency in, as the Vietnamese dong is a relatively rare currency that is often unavailable at local currency exchange services. At the end of it all you may also end up spending more money on the process, as online currency exchange services are often much cheaper than most offline exchange services.

Some of the best exchange rates anywhere

At Dinar Inc. you’ll find some of the best Vietnamese dong exchange rates anywhere, and that’s why it’s a great idea to purchase as much of it as you can before your next trip. You’ll get excellent value for each dollar that you spend, ensuring that your next trip is fun and enjoyable and that you have enough currency to do all the things you want to do in Vietnam and explore the country to its fullest. You’ll love the time that you spend there, and if you plan on traveling to any number of other Asian countries such as South Korean, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong, we also sell their currencies so that you can enjoy a multi-country trip. Purchase the Vietnamese dong or other currency that you need on our website today, and you can have it shipped to you within a few business days.

Do You Really Need Iraqi Dinars Before Traveling to Iraq?

by Xchange Of America ~ February 24th, 2017

You may be wondering whether or not you actually need to purchase Iraqi dinars before you travel to Iraq. Although in years past many vendors and other service providers would prefer to be paid in U.S. dollars or other currencies, in modern Iraq the dinar has stabilized as a currency ever since its reissue, and it has become a widely accepted and even preferred currency to use in the country. That means that you will almost certainly need to have dinars with you when you want to travel the country and purchase just about anything. Many vendors will tell you they prefer to be paid in dinars, so be sure that you purchase them before your trip.

You’ll be able to purchase what you want

When you have dinars with you, you’ll be able to purchase whatever you want in the country, whether you’re looking to try out a food truck, local restaurant, if you need a haircut, taxi, to tip your waiter, bellman, and many other small charges. You’ll find that dollars are often inconvenient to use because of the fact that very few vendors carry change for dollars and many of them will preferred to be paid in Iraqi dinars, since it’s easy to make exact purchases. Popular items to purchase include souvenirs like lamps, rugs, table decorations, jewelry, clothing and other beautiful handmade items that are very affordable.

Many vendors will not accept dollars

If you fall short of the local currency you might not be able to visit some particular restaurants, stores or other areas where dollars are not accepted. This might limit what you can purchase on your trip or the places that you can go. With how easy it is to purchase whatever quantity of dinars that you need online at Dinar Inc., there’s no reason why you should have to miss out on having a great experience during your next visit. Don’t assume that you’ll be able to purchase everything with dollars and have at least a small quantity of dinars with you, even if you plan on staying for a few days. We can give you helpful information about how much you should bring and other details about traveling in Iraq.

You won’t have to worry about carrying dollars with you

Carrying a large quantity of U.S. dollars with you can be a security risk that you will generally want to avoid when traveling in Iraq. Having dinars with you can reduce that risk, assuming that you don’t leave your home with too huge of a quantity. Although many bigger purchases such as hotels and other purchases are still made with dollars because of the sheer quantity of dinars that you would have to use, many smaller purchases are made with dinars including all the items mentioned above. So be sure that you have a sufficient amount of dinars with you before your next trip to Iraq, and if you have any questions at all about the quantity that you should purchase or other questions, feel free to contact us today for more information.

Buying Dinars Before Traveling to the Middle East

by Xchange Of America ~ February 23rd, 2017

Before you travel to the Middle East or to Iraq, it is a good idea to buy dinars ahead of time so that you’ll have a sufficient quantity for any expenses that may come up. It’s relatively easy to buy dinars from the comfort of your home at Dinar Inc., and you can save a substantial amount of money and time on the process. You may be able to use a credit card in some locations, but there are other areas of Iraq where you may not have access to credit cards, or you may want to purchase an item from a street vendor or other local business with cash.

You’ll have the most freedom to travel when you buy currency

When you buy currency, you’ll have plenty of freedom to travel throughout any part of Iraq that you want to visit, even the rural parts of the country. You can expect that there will be very few vendors in some of the smaller towns who are able to take credit card payments. If you want to really explore the country and also be able to take any method of transportation that you may find, you’ll need to have a sufficient amount of dinars with you. You don’t have to purchase too many unless you plan on staying in Iraq for a while, and you’ll end up saving a substantial amount of money on exchange fees if you purchase them ahead of time.

You can purchase multiple types of currency as needed

At Dinar Inc. you certainly aren’t just limited to purchasing dinars, as you’ll find a wide range of other currencies to choose from including the South Korean won, Chinese yuan, Indian rupee and many others. All of these currencies are available at top exchange rates, and it can be convenient to purchase multiple currencies in one place if you plan on traveling to multiple countries. If you are planning on traveling to other areas and don’t see the currency that you want on Dinar Inc., you can always check out the options available on Xchange of America where you can find several other types of currency to consider purchasing.

You’ll avoid being stuck with limited options

You won’t have to deal with using an airport currency exchange if you purchase your dinars ahead of time, which can potentially save you hundreds of dollars on your purchase and up to 50% or more. You may not be able to find an adequate currency exchange service after you have left for Iraq or another country, and it can be majorly inconvenient to have to try to find a currency exchange at the last second. Your best bet is to utilize an exchange service like Dinar Inc. so that you can purchase whatever quantity of dinars that you’ll need ahead of time. We can also give you helpful information about the quantity that you should consider purchasing and other important details to help you plan for your next trip to the Middle East.

Buy Iraqi Dinars in any Quantity with Multiple Payment Options

by Xchange Of America ~ February 22nd, 2017

It can be convenient to purchase Iraqi dinars using multiple payment methods, especially if you prefer using something other than the traditional credit card for any reason. At Dinar Inc. you can purchase Iraqi dinars with a number of different payment methods including e-check, cash on delivery (for customers in the United States), cashiers check, money order and bank wire. This offers you one of the widest range of payment options for Iraqi dinars that you can find anywhere. You’ll also be able to purchase currencies from several other countries including Vietnam, South Korea, China and others. Whether you are working in the military, traveling for business, or visiting the country of Iraq, you’ll have the convenience of choosing the payment option you prefer.

A secure ordering system

Our secure ordering system protects your private information throughout the entire process, so you won’t have to worry about losing your information to hackers. This is very important as there are many other types of online currency exchange services that lack the basic security features and other requirements to keep your information safe. You can place your order anytime, day or night, and your information is guaranteed to be protected throughout the entire process. You only need minimal information to get started with an order, and just a few of the features that are used to protect it include a SSL certificate and encrypted data.

Fast checkout, great prices and discounts

You’ll find some of the best prices on currencies on our website including the Iraqi dinar, Chinese yuan, South Korean won, Vietnamese dong and several others. This can help you plan a multiple country trip easily. When you purchase a larger quantity of currency you’ll also save money as well, which is a great incentive to stock up when the exchange rate is favorable. For many of the currencies mentioned above and others that we sell, the dollar is relatively strong compared to them. That means that you can purchase a large quantity of currency at a relatively low cost, and when you use Dinar Inc. it will be shipped to you as quickly as possible at a low price.

Easy reordering after you sign up

You’ll also be able to enjoy easy reordering any time you want after you sign up for an account. You only need to login in and you can have your order sent out very quickly, for any quantity of Iraqi dinars or other currencies. Our reordering process is even faster than your initial order. If your information is on file you can also place your order online, and our customer service is available 7 days a week for your convenience so that you can use this option as well. We are leaders in currency exchange service in the United States and we offer a convenient, safe and highly efficient process to order the currency that you need for a trip or for any other reason. Feel free to place your order online for Iraqi dinars or our other currencies or call us at 1-888-800-1977 for any questions.

Benefits of Traveling to Vietnam

by Xchange Of America ~ February 21st, 2017

Traveling to Vietnam has become very popular in recent decades as the country’s economy continues to grow and it becomes more developed. Although Vietnam is starting to become well developed in several areas, the Vietnamese dong still remains one of the lowest priced currencies in the world relative to the U.S. dollar. It isn’t expected to stay this way forever, so you should take advantage of the strong U.S. dollar and travel to Vietnam if you get the opportunity. Many people love their experience traveling there as they meet friendly locals who are willing to help, enjoy great and unique food, experience a different culture, and see the natural beauty of the country.

You’ll spend very little if you prefer

You won’t have to spend very much money on your trip to Vietnam, as the dollar remains a strong currency compared to the Vietnamese dong. Although you can enjoy a wide range of luxurious things to include in during your trip such as dinner at top rated restaurants, quality hotels and more, you can also spend less money and enjoy street foods or cheaper restaurants, or even cook your own food in a vacation rental. You can get by with just a few dollars per day or its equivalent in Vietnamese dong, and that means that you can extend your trip for quite some time if you would like.

You’ll get to enjoy amazing and fun outdoor activities

Vietnam is loaded with natural attractions like Halong Bay, numerous beaches, and other fun things to do in nature. Enjoy swimming in the ocean, hiking, biking, kayaking and any number of other outdoor activities that interest you. You’ll find that the country is very beautiful and that the terrain is quite diverse depending on which region of the country that you visit. You can go on guided nature tours or kayaking tours for a very small amount of money, and many tour operators will request that you purchase their tour in Vietnamese dong. So be sure to have the local currency with you even when you plan on enjoying outdoor activities, as you can enhance your experience with equipment rentals, tours and other small outdoor recreation equipment items that you can purchase.

Vietnam is a very travel friendly country

Vietnam happens to also be one of the most travel friendly countries on the planet because of the fact that the local economy is so heavily reliant on tourism. You’ll find that there are plenty of amazing restaurants, bars, hotels, nightlife destinations, and other fun and exciting things to do such as guided tours of historic areas, souvenir vendors, and more. There’s the War Remnants museum where you can see remnants of the Vietnam war, the Cu Chi Tunnels where you can go on a guided tour of the tunnels which are quite fascinating, and caves and islands to explore. You’ll also find incredible other museums throughout the country, as well as a huge historic district in Ho An Ancient Town as well as the Old Quarter and other areas, and these places are absolutely loaded with vendors and food sellers.

Buying Dinars Online is More Secure

by Xchange Of America ~ December 29th, 2016

If you need to purchase Iraqi dinars for any reason you can buy them safely and securely on the internet. It is essential to pick the right company that offers a secure online purchasing experience and the guarantee that your currency shipment will arrive on time. Buying dinars online from a trustworthy company is the best way to get them quickly and at the lowest cost possible. Within just a few minutes your purchase can be ready to go no matter what quantity that you need. Simply put, purchasing dinars on the internet is the most secure way to obtain them and once you have tried it you’ll very likely use the same method in the future.

Your information is protected at Dinar Inc.

At trustworthy currency exchange companies like Dinar Inc. your information is fully protected whenever you make a purchase, ensuring that none of it will be compromised during the transaction. With the submission of just a few basic details including your billing information and shipping address, your order will be ready to go. The information transmitted over the website is protected by high level SSL encryption technology. This type of security is essential for any website transaction, and you should avoid any websites or currency exchange services that cannot promise to fully protect your information. Purchasing any of the currencies on Dinar Inc. is very fast and convenient no matter how much you plan on purchasing.

Quality customer support is essential

It is also essential to choose a company that offers high quality customer support so that you can ask any questions during the process and have them answered quickly. You may run into issues during your checkout or have questions about your delivery time or the security of the transaction. No matter what questions you have, you can call Dinar Inc. 7 days a week for customer support and assistance. It’s always a good idea to choose a company that offers a similar high level of customer support and dedication. A lack of quality customer support is a major warning sign that something may be wrong with the company that you are considering and that they may not be trustworthy.

Purchase dinars and other currencies anytime with just a few details

At Dinar Inc. you can purchase dinars and a wide range of other hard to find currencies including the Vietnamese dong, Indonesian rupiah, South Korean won, Chinese yuan, Indian rupee, Thailand baht and many others anytime you need with just a few basic details. You can purchase them in any denomination and quantity that you may need, for preparation for an upcoming trip or any other reason. It’s a good idea to try to purchase a large amount of currency prior any trip overseas so that you have cash available for unexpected expenses, or for service providers that may accept payments only in cash. Your purchase and details are always protected and secure at Dinar Inc., and it is one of the safest and most efficient way to purchase Iraqi dinars anytime that you need, 24/7.

The Most Convenient Way to Buy Iraqi Dinars

by Xchange Of America ~ December 28th, 2016

If you need to buy Iraqi dinars you probably don’t have many options available to you locally. It can be difficult to find any quality currency exchange service in many cities, let alone a currency exchange that will carry rare currencies like the Iraqi dinar. Your best option is to purchase Iraqi dinars online from a reputable and trustworthy currency exchange service. This may mean that you have to do a little bit of research and check out the different online options, but as long as you find the right company you’ll save money on your currency exchange and get your currency shipped to you quickly.

Buy dinars without ever leaving home

Dinar Inc. and other online trustworthy currency exchange services allow you to buy dinars without ever having to leave your home. You simply make a purchase online whenever you want and your currency will be shipped quickly and at a low cost. The Dinar Inc. website is available 24/7 anytime you need to make a purchase for your convenience, and you’ll never have to deal with waiting in lines or looking for a local currency exchange service to assist you. You won’t have to waste time traveling back and forth, and in some cases you may have to wait until the currency is shipped to your local currency exchange if they don’t have it on hand. You can avoid all of that by simply ordering it online and having it shipped directly to your home.

A wide range of currencies to choose from

Most local currency exchanges won’t offer you the particular currencies that are available at Dinar Inc. including the Iraqi dinar and several others. If you try to look for a local option you might spend several hours searching without luck, or you may have to travel a long distance. Dinar Inc. sells a full range of unique and hard to find currencies for a wide range of Asian countries as well as Middle Eastern countries. If you plan on traveling to any of the countries that Dinar Inc. sells currency for you can purchase as much currency as you may need ahead of time.

Purchase dinars anytime

Whether you are planning for a trip to the Middle East ahead of time or just want to purchase dinars for any other reason, or any of the other currencies sold on our website, you can easily make your purchase anytime you want. Our secure website is available throughout the day or evening and your order will be processed promptly. This is a much more convenient option compared to having to drive to a local currency exchange, and in many cases you may be required to make multiple trips to your exchange. With the online method it takes just minutes to make a purchase for dinars or the many other currencies sold on the website, including currencies from Southeast Asia, the Middle East and many other regions. You can view the currencies on our website now at and make a purchase anytime.

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