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Travel to Vietnam because the Vietnamese dong is affordable right now

by Xchange Of America ~ December 28th, 2014

Travel to Vietnam has increased in recent years because the Vietnamese dong is currently low compared to the U.S. dollar, and you can buy a significant quality of the currency at a relatively low amount. The amount of money that you can save on the Vietnamese dong can be substantial, and you can to travel to Vietnam for a very low amount. Vietnam offers a wide range of benefits compared to other countries, and the biggest benefit to traveling in Vietnam is the fact that you won’t spend very much money compared to other countries. There are many other unique benefits to traveling in Vietnam, and the main benefit is that you won’t be spending much money due to the low exchange rate of the Vietnamese dong to the dollar.

Vietnam is hospitable and friendly

One great reason to travel to Vietnam is the fact that the country is very hospitable and friendly to Americans and people from other countries. Street vendors and restaurants throughout the country accept both dollars and Vietnamese dong in many cases, and the people are warm and welcoming. The people can definitely make a travel experience much better and more comfortable, and you will get a warm welcome whether you are from America or Europe. Vietnam is also actively trying to improve its tourism experience and expand on this industry, and as a result they are a wide range of amenities and comforts now available to tourists that normally would be available in first world countries.

The Vietnamese dong is affordable

You can buy large quantities of the nation’s currency at a very low amount, and as a result you won’t be spending very much money per day. Even in the largest cities you will just spend a little over $10 per day, and you can stay at large hotels at a fraction of the cost of other countries. The low cost of travel makes Vietnam one of the most affordable countries in the world to travel to, and you can spend a long time in the country without spending more than few thousand USD or even less. The Vietnamese dong may go up in value in the future so right now is a great time to capitalize on this opportunity and travel to the country for a low amount.

Vietnam has excellent low priced food

Vietnam certainly has great Vietnamese restaurants throughout the country where you can get a full meal for just a few dollars, but there are also a wide range of other cuisines now available, especially in the larger cities. You can find Chinese, Indian, and other ethnic cuisines, and another thing to take into account is that each region of Vietnam will have different cuisines as well. For example you can buy king crab at some of the beach cities like Da Nang and the cost will be around $10 or less, and there is much more than just pho available throughout the country. Take advantage of the exchange rate with the Vietnamese dong now and travel to Vietnam for a low cost.

What is the Iraqi dinar RV?

by Xchange Of America ~ December 5th, 2014

The Iraqi dinar RV or revaluation is expected to occur within the next five or so years, and when it does occur it will change the value of the currency substantially. The revaluation is one of the major reasons why the dinar is being so heavily invested in, and it continues to be invested in, in spite of the political climate and instability in some parts of Iraq. The Iraqi dinar RV is expected to potentially change the value of the country’s currency which is currently at a relatively low value compared to the currencies of the Western world. The revaluation is also expected to be timed so that it will result in as high of a value as possible.

The Iraqi dinar revaluation may result in the “dropping of zeros”

The Iraqi dinar RV may result in the “dropping of zeros”. For example, this could mean that a 10,000 dinar note may be exchanged for a 100 dinar note. This typically occurs when a country has a particularly high rate of inflation. The inflation rate in Iraq is not as high as it used to be, however many people predict that when the Iraqi dinar TV occurs that there will be some form of dropped zeroes applied. This would not necessarily change the foreign exchange value of the currency, but history has shown that an increase in the currency’s value is certainly possible following such a revaluation.

Some investors predict a global currency reset

Some investors expect that there will be a global currency reset in the future where the value of the American dollar and many other currencies will be “reset” to their true value. This is based on the theory that many currencies are currently not near their real value for several reasons, debt and inflation being a few of those reasons. The dollar is expected to be devalued by many investors, and the amount of the devaluation is expected to be anywhere from 5 to 30%. The global currency reset is expected by some to occur at the same time or a similar time that the Iraqi dinar RV occurs. Investors also predict that the dollar will be devalued while currencies like the dinar will be revalued to be much more valuable than they are now.

Iraq’s economy is expected to grow

The IMF recently predicted that Iraq’s economy would continue to grow in 2015 and the economy has proven to be very resilient to the political troubles and violence in some parts of the country. The economy is expected to get back on track for growth ahead of the Iraqi dinar RV, and investment experts predict that the economic growth of the country will translate into a higher future potential value of the currency. The growth of the economy is tied to the continued development of the country’s oil fields. The infrastructure in Iraq is also currently being rebuilt in many parts and that will help to contribute to economic growth in 2015 as oil production is expected to step up substantially for the year.

Buy Vietnamese dong before you travel

by Xchange Of America ~ December 3rd, 2014

Vietnam has become a popular tourist destination, and many people buy Vietnamese dong before traveling because of the country’s amazing landscape, food, culture, and hospitality. You can buy Vietnamese dong right now at a relatively low cost compared to many other currencies in the world, and the dollar remains very strong against this currency. If you are looking to travel it is by far one of the best countries where the dollar will go very far, and the best hotels and food in the country are available for a fraction of the cost that they would be in the United States or Europe. Even in the biggest cities you can expect to spend no more than $12 to $15 per day.

Buy Vietnamese dong now as the dollar is strong

In recent months the dollar has been very strong, and if you buy Vietnamese dong now you can benefit from the strength of the currency. You can buy Vietnamese dong in the tens of thousands for a low amount, and the value of the Vietnamese dong was recently lowered in order to encourage travel and investment in the country. If you buy Vietnamese dong before you travel, you will end up saving a substantial amount of money on travel costs and you won’t have to use a foreign currency exchange service, although dollars are also widely accepted throughout the country. Some vendors however may not be able to accept dollars, so it’s a good idea to buy Vietnamese dong before you head over there.

You can buy Vietnamese dong at a lower cost if the exchange rate is good

You should also think about timing your purchase so that you can buy Vietnamese dong when the exchange rate is favorable. Meaning that if there is a particular day when the dollar is stronger, you may want to buy Vietnamese dong on that day to save more money on currency exchange costs. You can call a currency exchange service like Dinar Inc. to find out what the exchange rate is on a particular day, and when you buy Vietnamese dong on a day when the exchange rate is high you can end up saving a substantial amount on money for your upcoming trip to Vietnam.

Have some cash on hand when you travel

It’s a good idea to have some cash on hand when you travel to a foreign country, which is why you should buy Vietnamese dong before your trip. The cost to convert dollars can be substantial, and you may end up spending more money than you need to if you wait until the last minute. The best thing to do is to buy Vietnamese dong before you travel and have cash available for services like taxis, restaurants, street vendors, and other vendors who may not be able to take dollars. You don’t need very much and if you aren’t sure how much you’ll need, you can contact someone at Dinar Inc. for an estimate on the total cash that you might bring when you travel.

Will the Iraqi dinar RV still occur

by Xchange Of America ~ December 2nd, 2014

In spite of recent political events and war in some parts of the country, the Iraqi dinar RV is still predicted to occur within the next few years as each region of Iraq has become more united in the fight against ISIS/ISIL. The Iraqi dinar RV won’t be delayed, however the economic growth of the country is expected to be slower in 2014 due to the fighting and the instability in some parts of the country. The international presence in Iraq is helping with the country’s stability tremendously, and many people believe that Iraq’s economy will grow at a much faster rate in 2015. The Iraqi dinar RV may end up changing the value of the currency tremendously, although the value fluctuation may not happen overnight.

Iraq’s dinar may be much more valuable than what it currently is

Most people believe that the Iraqi dinar RV will result in the currency dropping three (or more or less) zeroes. This dropping of zeroes would mean for example that 1, 10 and 100 dinar notes are phased out, and 1000 dinar notes would drop down to 1 dinar. This is a way to get rid of undervalued dinar notes, and it would be an attempt to increase the value and strength of the dinar compared to other currencies. Those who own dinar notes under 1000 could trade them in or exchange them for another currency. This Iraqi dinar RV may be followed by a boost in the actual value of the currency.

Kuwait’s dinar rapidly changed in value

After Kuwait became an oil power, the value of its dinar changed tremendously. It rose to about $3 per dinar and continues to be very strong against the dollar. Iraq, being a gulf country and potential oil power, certainly has the ability to be at the same level of Kuwait and other oil countries. Iraq’s oil reserves are far vaster than many other Middle Eastern oil countries, and with the proper infrastructure and development, which is currently taking place, the economy of Iraq is expected to continue to grow and the country will rebuild quickly. With modern construction equipment and technology the building phase may not take very long at all.

The Iraq dinar RV may change the value of the currency

Since you can buy thousands of dinars now for very little money, you can expect the value of those notes to change in the future as Iraq shifts toward becoming one of the biggest oil powers in the world. There will be a shortage of oil in the future, and Iraq is poised to have one of the largest and quickest economic expansions after suffering through several decades of war. A real Iraqi dinar RV is exactly what the currency needs so that it becomes relevant in the global arena, and it is only a matter of time before this occurs. If you buy dinars now you can get a potentially large return after the Iraqi dinar RV occurs, and it is still predicted to occur soon by many investment experts.

Recent political events in Iraq and the Iraqi dinar RV

by Xchange Of America ~ October 4th, 2014

With recent events in Iraq causing turmoil, many are wondering if and when the Iraqi dinar RV or revaluation will occur. Although there have been problems in western Iraq, the region will eventually stabilize with several countries coming to the assistance of the people of western Iraq. The Iraqi dinar RV will still occur in the future, however it is not known when it will occur. There are budget issues that are currently being addressed, and there is also the issue of the HCL (hydrocarbon law) that are two of the most pressing issues that will affect the Iraqi dinar RV. It is know that the Iraqi dinar RV will occur, but the timing of the revaluation may vary.

The hydrocarbon law is key to the Iraqi dinar RV

One of the most important factors that will contribute to the value of the dinar during the next Iraqi dinar RV is the successful passage of a hydrocarbon law. Ever since Nour al-Maliki took office in 2006, oil revenues began to gradually increase and production increased from 2 million barrels per day to 3 million barrels toward the end of 2013. Even though oil revenues reached as high as $13 billion per year, there needs to be a contract that clearly outlines the responsibility of the Iraqi federal government and the provinces in terms of managing oil field infrastructure and investment. It is estimated that such an agreement will pass soon in spite of the political turmoil that the country is currently facing.

Oil production has continued in spite of ISIS/ISIL

In spite of ISIS/ISIL militants in Western Iraq, oil production has continued in the South of the country. Although the country’s Western oil reserves have been largely halted temporarily, the militants have been driven back and are not expected to be a major influence on the country’s economy in upcoming years. The presence of a large force from several countries including the United States will add more security to the country, and within time most if not all of the oil production facilities that have been taken over will be reclaimed. The oil fields in the South of Iraq are plentiful, and their production has not even come close to a maximum yet.

The Southern fields alone will produce over 8 million barrels

By the end of the decade, it is estimated that the Southern oil fields in Iraq will produce over 8 million barrels of oil per day, effectively tripling current oil production. In February of 2014, oil production in Iraq hit its highest level in 35 years before political turmoil affected production, but again the turmoil is only expected to be temporary.

History of the Vietnamese dong

by Xchange Of America ~ July 23rd, 2014

The Vietnamese dong (Code VND) has been the official currency of the country of Vietnam since 1978. Because the currency has been devalued so much since 1978 it is issued in bills of 200, 1000, 5000, 10000, and higher. It previously was divided into lower denominations called hao and xu, but neither of these are used any longer. The word dong refers to the bronze coins that were used during the Vietnamese dynasties. There have been several commemorative dong coins that have been issued since 1986 but they are not used in circulation. After a period of time in which coins were not issued, the State Bank of Vietnam began issuing coins in December of 2003 starting in denominations of 200.

Economy grew after Cold War ended

Vietnam was and continues to this day to be a communist country. The U.S. placed embargoes on Vietnam during the Cold War that first affected North Vietnam in 1969 but was extended to the South in 1975. After the Cold War ended, foreign countries began investing heavily in Vietnam, as it was a new economy with tremendous growth potential. However the United States maintained sanctions against Vietnam, but it did not prevent countries like Great Britain, France and Australia from investing.

The Vietnamese dong was devalued due to pressure from the U.S.

The U.S. pressured the IMF to devalue the Vietnamese dong in order to encourage the use of the U.S. dollar in the country, but the devaluation actually ended up benefitting the economy in the long run as it increased foreign investment and eventually U.S. investment once the sanctions were lifted in 1994. The Vietnamese dong continued to be devalued through a series of progressive currency devaluations, and the collapse of the USSR allowed Vietnam more trading freedom with the West.

The Vietnamese economy is one of the fastest growing in the world

At the moment the Vietnamese economy is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. A substantial middle class has emerged that is about 35% of the population, and its natural resources are now being developed including oil and gas. Many national companies have begun opening franchises in Vietnam including McDonalds and Starbucks. Companies like Samsung have moved their factories into Vietnam, strengthening the economy and providing jobs which in turn increases the chance that the Vietnamese dong will increase in value in the near future. Contact Dinar Inc for more information about buying Vietnamese dong.

Is the Time Right for American Banks to Convert Iraqi Dinars?

by admin ~ July 29th, 2013

The climate in Iraq has definitely been stabilizing: less violence, more businesses being formed, reconstruction work under way, and the banking and economic systems are being constantly improved. Even with all of the progress that’s been made to date, American banks have still not fully embraced the Iraqi dinar. At this point, in order to convert Iraqi dinars to American dollars, you must deal with a bank which operates in Iraq, or the Central Bank of Iraq.

The new system of banking in Iraq has seemingly been modeled after the Federal Reserve Bank in the United States. It has responsibility for managing the currency, holding foreign exchange reserves, moderating interest rates and, therefore, inflation, and stabilizing currency prices. With this type of system in place and improvements that have been made, many more banks will be interested in opening in Iraq.

Many of those involved with the dinar believe that when large international banks are confident enough to deal in Iraqi dinars, it will cause a surge in pricing. Since 2004, eleven foreign banks have been licensed by the Central Bank of Iraq to do business in the country. However, due to the still volatile conditions there, at least by western standards, these banks have largely partnered with existing Iraqi banks rather than opened full-fledged branches of their own. This lack of presence of the foreign banks is seen as hindering the improvement in the dinar’s value that many people seek. Three global banks, National Bank of Kuwait, HSBC Bank, and Charter Bank of England are being especially closely watched as it comes to their involvements in the Iraqi banking environment.

Traders feel that once these banks with such a huge global presence become entrenched in Iraq, it should cause the dinar to become available everywhere on the international market. People should be able to easily trade dinar for their local currency; as easily as they do any other foreign currency at their local bank or currency exchange.

Until this happens, if you have dinars you want to exchange, you will have to deal directly with local Iraqi banks. You can find a lot more information about banks and banking in Iraq by visiting the website for the Central Bank of Iraq. There is also a list of all the banks that do business in Iraq on the site.

American banks should begin converting Iraqi dinars in the near future, as the continued stabilization of the monetary systems are put in place, economic growth is felt, and violence is kept in check in the country.

What Does the Future Hold for Iraq’s Dinar?

by admin ~ July 21st, 2013

The answer to this question is not as easy as yes or no, since there are so many things influencing the value of the Iraqi dinar. (Among these are violence, inflation, and reconstruction to name just a few.)

However, there are some positive signs in Iraq that suggest that the country as a whole is stabilizing, which should help to push the Iraqi dinar higher.

Iraq’s economy is tightly interwoven with Iraq’s oil supplies, so as oil prices stabilize it also has a positive impact on Iraq’s economy and its money supply.

The Iraqi government is also working with the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations on ways to support their efforts in economic reform, reconstruction, investment and higher educational areas. These efforts will also support guaranteed water resources, removing the existing landmines, and developing agriculture to help the Iraqi people become self-sufficient. Both the United Nations and the U.S. government are well aware that greater security in the region will only come with greater economic improvements.

To that end, the U.S. military will no longer use United States dollars to pay for anything in Iraq or Afghanistan. In an about-face in the way business has been conducted, they are attempting to keep U.S. money out of the hands of Al-Qaeda and the insurgents, by instead paying out funds via electronic funds transfer in the local currency. This measure is seen as one which will build up trust in the Dinar and the banking systems, which is essential to any increase in the dinar’s value.

Other good news for Iraq has been that the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and Cyprus have all forgiven 100 percent of the Iraqi debt. Iraq’s leadership has also asked China to forgive the $8.5 billion U.S. dollar debt it has with them, highlighting China’s role in Iraq’s reconstruction process. There has been no response from China yet.

What does all of this mean? Experts are saying that the Iraqi dinar should be restored to its past value (which was $.30 pre-war, and also was over $3 U.S. pre-Gulf War, and now is stable at a low 1170 dinar per U.S. dollar) before the end of the year or soon thereafter, due to the already mentioned reasons, and one more important one, below.

The whole Middle Eastern region is discussing publicly the unification of all their currencies similar to what we saw with Euro. With this discussion being had by the governments in the region, and the fact that it makes sense for them all to get away from dollar exchange at the same time a collapse is seen as imminent, oil-rich Iraq will definitely be a part of these equations. This has been in the works for quite some time, and is expected to be implemented within the next twelve months, and should have a very profound, exponential effect on the value of the Iraqi dinar.

Where to Check The Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rate?

by admin ~ July 18th, 2013

Authoritative Iraqi dinar exchange rate information is found at official government websites like:

Yearly Average Currency Exchange Rates are published by the IRS. The Internal Revenue Service has no official exchange rate. Generally, it accepts any posted exchange rate that is used consistently.

CIA World Factbook provides the official value of a country’s monetary unit at a given date or over a given period of time, as expressed in units of local currency per US dollar and as determined by international market forces or official fiat.

US Treasury Financial Management Service - Which reports standardized exchange rates for use in reporting by US governement agencies.

This quarterly report reflects exchange rates at which the U.S. government can acquire foreign currencies for official expenditures as reported by disbursing officers for each post on the last business day of the month prior to the date of the published report. Example: The quarterly report as of December 31, will reflect exchange rates reported by disbursing officers as of November 30. If current rates deviate from the rates in this report by 10 percent or more, Treasury will issue amendments to this quarterly report. Amendments will also be issued to reflect the establishment of new foreign currencies.

To ensure all reports are translated at uniform exchange rates, all U.S. government agencies should use these rates, except as noted above, to convert foreign currency balances and accomplished reported transactions to U.S. dollar equivalents as of the date of this report and for the ensuing three months. Since the exchange rates in this report are not current rates of exchange, they should not be used to value transactions affecting dollar appropriations.

Central Bank of IRAQ (CBI) reports Iraqi dinar exchange rate figures based on its regular auctions of Iraqi dinar currency auctions.

In addition to these authoritative government resources, the IRS webpage on Foreign Currency and Currency Exchange Rates lists three following external, non-government Iraqi dinar exchange rate sites which can be considered reliable:


Reasons to Buy Dinar?

by admin ~ July 16th, 2013

Before you can understand what the Iraqi dinar is worth, and whether or not investing in that country is going to be good value for money, it’s worth taking some time to understand the progress it’s made in the years since the US-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein.

Here are a few things that you might not know about what’s been happening in Iraq lately:

  1. Did you know that 47 countries have reestablished their embassies in Iraq?
  2. Did you know that the Iraqi government employs 1.2 million Iraqi people?
  3. Did you know that 3100 schools have been renovated, 364 schools are under rehabilitation, 263 schools are now under construction and 38 new schools have been built in Iraq?
  4. Did you know that Iraq’s higher educational structure consists of 20 Universities, 46 Institutes or colleges and 4 research centers
  5. Did you know that Iraq has a counter-terrorist unit and a Commando Battalion?
  6. Did you know that the Iraqi Police Service has over 55,000 fully trained and equipped police officers?
  7. Did you know that there are 5 Police Academies in Iraq that produce over 3500 new officers each 8 weeks?
  8. Did you know there are more than 1100 building projects going on in Iraq? They include 364 schools, 67 public clinics, 15 hospitals, 83 railroad stations, 22 oil facilities, 93 water facilities and 69 electrical facilities.
  9. Did you know that 96% of Iraqi children under the age of 5 have received the first 2 series of polio vaccinations?
  10. Did you know that 4.3 million Iraqi children were enrolled in primary school by mid October?


Instead of shouting these accomplishments from every rooftop, they would rather show photo’s of what a few perverted malcontent soldiers have done in prisons in many cases never disclosing the circumstances surrounding the events.

Instead of showing our love for our country, we get photos of flag burning incidents at Abu Ghraib and people throwing snowballs at presidential motorcades.

The lack of accentuating the positive in Iraq serves only one purpose. It undermines the world’s perception of the United States and our soldiers. This is verifiable on the Department of Defense website. Pass it on!

Investment in Iraq?

There was a time when Iraq was a leader in its region, and for every 1 Iraqi Dinar you exchanged, you would receive an outstanding $3.20US. The New 25,000 dinar note would have been worth over $75000US dollars!

The question that we often hear these days, is, “Will Iraq regain its economic strength?”

The New Iraqi currency, now a one version currency common to both the North and South, and independent from the executive government, represents Unity, Strength, and Credibility, essential in economical recovery. A nice beginning in stabilizing the Dinar, and furthermore, making the north-south commerce a much smoother ride.

Mesopotamia is one of the finest areas of the globe, and excluding petroleum, there are other natural resources in addition to the brilliant Iraqi brains, that can make Iraq one of the strongest economies in the world in a very short period of time. Also, take into consideration that Iraq was the world’s largest producer & exporter of dates and that over 600 varieties of palm trees are grown in-country. If managed properly this alone can help Iraq get back on its feet in no time!

As we all know, Iraq floats over a lake of oil, and its reserve is sufficient to feed the world need for decades to come. An important factor in helping regain its strength back in an even shorter period of time!

An estimated 33 billion US dollars have already been collected for the process of reconstruction, and Companies like Coca-Cola, Chevron Texaco, Alabama Blount4 Inc. are investing!!!

If you are still skeptical about investing your hard earned money, consider the following more realistic point of view:

It’s very likely for the Iraq Dinar to stabilize at 1US dollars = 100 IQD in a few years, if and when that happens your investment in 1 bundle of 100pcs of the 25,000 Dinars for example would be worth $25,000 USD.

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