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Visiting South Korea? Dinar Inc. can help

by Xchange Of America ~ August 31st, 2017

At Dinar Inc. you don’t have to only purchase dinars, as there are many other currencies that you can purchase on our website, including South Korean won, Vietnamese dong, Indonesian rupiah and many others depending on your needs and unique requirements. Dinar Inc. has a variety of options to cater to your unique needs and ensure that you can enjoy your travels to the maximum. Although a variety of different currencies and payment options will exist in South Korean, it can be a good idea to purchase South Korean won if you are traveling there. Many people use our website to purchase dinars, but you can just as easily purchase the South Korean won currency ahead of your next trip.

Purchase a wide range of souvenirs and foods

When you travel to rural parts of South Korea, it’s a good idea to have South Korean won with you. You can purchase dinars, Vietnamese dong, or South Korean won ahead of your trip so that you can enjoy attractions that are further away from urban areas, where credit cards or other forms of payment might not be accepted. South Korea still has some areas where cash is king, and so you’ll want to have some local currency with you to fully explore the country. This might not be as big of a deal when you’re actually in the city, but certain items are paid for in cash there as well, such as small boutique vendors and tips.

Airport currency exchanges are expensive

If you have to rely on an airport currency exchange option, the chances are that you will end up paying a significant amount of money on service fees and other charges. This can quickly add up if you need to perform multiple currency exchanges. It’s often much better to purchase your currency ahead of time at Dinar Inc. so that you can get the particular quantity of South Korean won that you want. You can also ask questions about traveling to South Korea to determine exactly how much won you should exchange so that you don’t have a bunch left over after your trip. It can also be time consuming trying to find a local currency exchange.

You will almost certainly need cash

Whether it’s paying for tips, street food, gifts, personal care items, or other day to day needs, you will almost certainly need cash at some point when traveling in South Korea. You won’t be able to use a credit card for everything. Looking for a currency exchange booth at an airport or once you’ve arrived will also be a hassle that you can easily avoid by purchasing South Korean won directly on Dinar Inc. The amount of time that you can save can be quite substantial, and you’ll be able to properly prepare for your trip so that you can fully explore the country and enjoy it as much as possible. Buy dinars, South Korean won, and other sometimes hard to find currencies at Dinar Inc. today.

Traveling to Indonesia? Consider Dinar Inc.

by Xchange Of America ~ August 30th, 2017

If you are traveling to Indonesia, it’s a good idea to purchase the local currency, the rupiah, prior to traveling. At Dinar Inc. not only can you buy dinars, but you can also buy the rupiah, one of the most commonly traded currencies in the world. Doing so will allow you to prepare for your trip there so that you can enjoy local foods, gifts, and other unique things to do in Indonesia. With the US dollar currently have a great exchange rate compared to the Indonesian rupiah, you can make a large currency purchase prior to your trip and ensure that you have everything that you need for an enjoyable stay in the country.


Although many types of accommodations can be purchased ahead of time, you might want to stay in lesser known parts of the country where you can pay for accommodations in cash. That’s where having Indonesia rupiah will come in handy. Sometimes it can be boring to visit the more popular areas of the country like Bali or Lombok. The country is quite diverse and offers a variety of different local cultures and areas to explore, and if you don’t have cash with you, you can miss out on many of them. You can expect hostels to cost around 120,000 IDR per day while private rooms are around 200,000 IDR, and free breakfast and internet access are typically included in many of them.

Street food

The local foods are very cheap in Indonesia, where you can enjoy meals for around 10,000 IDR from street vendors, while restaurant meals are around 14,000 IDR. You can expect to pay more for a middle of the range restaurant; up to 80,000 IDR for a nice meal for one person. It gets higher for upscale restaurants. Western food in the country is significantly more expensive than local food, but it’s still affordable even for modest budgets, ranging from 100,000 to 200,000 IDR per person. Beers are approximately 30,000 IDR and you can purchase a week’s worth of groceries for about 400,000 IDR. Eating out in Indonesia is typically preferred because of how convenient and cheap it is, so it’s definitely recommended to bring the local currency with you.

You can get by with a modest budget

A modest daily budget of just around 40 to 60 USD converted to Indonesian Rupiah will almost certainly get you by in the country very comfortably. If you purchase your currency ahead of time and you end up purchasing too much, you can always sell it back to Dinar Inc. or another currency exchange service. However, with proper trip planning you can purchase the right amount and ensure that your trip to Indonesia is fun filled and that you aren’t ever short on cash. At Dinar Inc. our customers buy dinars and other hard to find currencies like to Indonesian Rupiah, so feel free to make a purchase today if you are interested, or you can call us at any time for more information. Learn more about the currency available at Dinar Inc. and make a purchase online today.

Popular Iraqi Dishes

by Xchange Of America ~ August 29th, 2017

Iraq is believed by many to be one of the originators of cuisine in the world, with some of the world’s first cooking books and recipe books being founded there. Iraqi dishes have evolved over thousands of years, with influences from ancient Assyria, Persia, and other neighboring regions. With Iraq’s location being along many historic trade routes, the cuisine was shaped by many surround cultures, as it currently is today. You’ll find some very delicious Middle Eastern and Mediterranean style dishes if you ever have the chance to visit Iraq, with several food options that you may be familiar with.


Grilled meat on a stick, called kebab, can be found throughout the country as a very popular street food. Popular meats for kebab include lamb, chicken and beef, with dozens of different recipes that you can find depending on where you visit and what is locally popular. Although several countries often lay claim to being the founders of this popular dish, Iraq certainly has a strong claim, with some of the most delicious versions of kebab that you can find. One combination includes beef, lamb, parsley, onions, lamb fat and spices. The mixture is molded onto skewers and then grilled, and served with freshly baked flatbread. The flatbread soaks up the juices and spices, making a perfect combination of a satisfying dish that hits the spot every time. This is just one version that you’ll find in the country, and commonly they are grilled on natural wood charcoal.


Dolma are stuffed vegetable dishes which are common throughout the Middle East and Mediterranean. One of the most popular types of dolmas is stuffed grape leaves, but you can find stuffed peppers, cabbages, onions, tomatoes, eggplants and more depending on where you visit. In Iraq in particular, grape leaves are commonly stuffed with minced beef or lamb, garlic, tomato paste, and a variety of spices including cumin, coriander, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom and other spices to give the dish a unique fragrance. Trying dolmas is a must the next time you travel to Iraq or if you find a local restaurant elsewhere, and when you buy dinars you can do so.

Cuisine influences

Fruits in Iraq are cooked with poultry and beef, marinated in sweet dishes that are very popular. This cuisine influenced was borrowed from neighboring Iran. However, the Turkish influence on the cuisine can be seen with options such as stuffed vegetables and dishes made with rice, lamb and yogurt. Types of fruits that may be cooked with meat include apricots, apples, prunes and grapes or raisins. With Iraqi being so heavily influenced by other cuisines, you might think that the country doesn’t have very many original dishes, but that isn’t the case. Dishes such as Masgoof (whole skewered fish BBQed on an outdoor grill with spices), Turshi (a side dish with pickled vegetables), and organ dishes are very popular in the country. Locals eat every part of the animal; nothing goes to waste, and a variety of slow cooking and braising methods make some very unique and delicious dishes.

Iraqi Culture and Customs

by Xchange Of America ~ August 28th, 2017

If you plan on traveling to Iraq in the near future and you aren’t familiar with local culture and customs, it’s a good idea to spend some time researching them. At Dinar Inc. we provide you with up to date information regarding Iraqi customs, and also allow you to buy dinars online from the comfort of your home or anywhere else. If you have traveled to Iraq before, you may still want to refresh yourself on the local customs and traditions. The culture will vary depending on which region to travel to, but you’ll be better prepared by just learning as much as you can on your own and also spending a brief time speaking to people who have traveled there.


When men greet men and women greet women in Iraq, a handshake as well as a kiss on the cheek are common. The number of kisses will depend on the region of Iraq that you are in as well as other local customs. In many parts of the country, it is considered taboo for men to touch women and vice versa. In terms of conversation, people are usually polite and avoid remarks that could be considered confrontational or rude. Indirect conversation is more common rather than an upfront direct or confrontational style. You should typically be about an arm’s length away when speaking with others in most situations. The distance may be larger if the two people talking are members of the opposite sex.


Knowing a bit about local business customs can be good if you are visiting the country on business or for work. Jackets and ties are common in formal situations for men, however in less formal situations a collared shirt and slacks are common. Women should dress conservatively in pretty much every circumstance. The title “Ostath” is frequently used in business settings, which refers to teacher or professor, essentially functioning as the Iraqi form of “Mr.” It’s common custom to arrive 10-15 minutes early to a meeting to allow for some time to get to know the people there and for small talk. Visitors are the ones who are typically obligated to end the meeting, as the host would feel that it is impolite and akin to forcing someone to leave the home.


Whether you are purchasing a gift to take back home or a souvenir, you can get away with some bargaining, so buy dinars online so that you have the opportunity to do so before your trip. Decisions for purchasing or bigger decisions can be expected to take some time, so don’t feel rushed to make a decision, and it’s often a moment where some humor can be inserted. Gifts are not expected during meetings, especially expensive gifts for those who you have just met, as they could be viewed as bribes by some. Inexpensive gifts are okay to give to those who you just met. For those who you have a personal relationship with, more expensive gifts are okay. Be sure that you buy dinars online so that you can enjoy your upcoming visit, and now you’ll be better prepared!

4 Fun Things to Do in Vietnam

by Xchange Of America ~ August 27th, 2017

You can easily spend several months traveling in Vietnam and seeing all the sites, outdoor things to do and attractions, but it helps to narrow down the options so that you can see the particular places that you want. During your next trip to the country, you’ll want to bring plenty of Vietnamese dong with you so that you can buy all of the gifts, foods, and other items that you’ll need for your trip. As you plan your next trip to Vietnam, try out these exciting activities:

Hang Son Doong

The world’s largest cave was only discovered in 1991 and is located in Vietnam; a must visit if you are fascinated by caves or just want to say that you visited the biggest cave in the world. The translation for Hang Son Doong is “Mountain River Cave” roughly, and it’s so expansive that it could actually hold a skyscraper. There’s even a jungle inside of the cave. The cave is over 200 meters tall and 5 kilometers long, and the jungle in the café was formed when a roof in the cave collapsed and started to allow some light in. There are even monkeys, hornbills and flying foxes that can be found in the cave.

The Tomb of Emperor Khai Dinh

Emperor Khai Dinh was certainly not a popular figure in his lifetime, but he created a vast monument to his life in a lavish and expansive tomb. There’s a golden effigy of himself in the inner chamber, stone elephants, dragons guarding the steps, and wrought iron gates welcoming visitors. Inside of the time are a variety of the emperor’s personal items. The walls are decorated with ceramic and glass. The emperor was considered to be a pawn of the French and the Vietnamese people were heavily taxed to pay the tomb and the indulgence he enjoyed during his life.

Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre

Water puppetry is something that is certainly unique to Vietnam, and you can experience it for yourself at the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre near Hanoi. Here, puppeteers stand in waist deep water and use a system of rods to operate puppets on the water while concealed behind a screen, giving the impression that they are floating along the water. This talent has been handed down from one generation to another, with puppeteers undergoing a minimum of three years of training. Performances include live music with traditional tales and legends being depicted.

Cao Dai Holy See

This lavish temple was created by the Cao Dai movement which was founded in 1926 and has a number of Vietnamese adherents as well as others throughout the world. This temple and other Cao Dai temples are easy to distinguish with their vibrant colors. The religion incorporates beliefs from several others including Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and even venerates historical figures like Joan of Arc and Victor Hugo. Tours of the temple can easily be arranged, but you should be sure to not disturb any ceremonies that are being held. Buy Vietnamese dong today and enjoy these exciting activities.

Buying Dinars With Fast Shipping Online

by Xchange Of America ~ August 26th, 2017

As you look for your next service to buy dinars from, you’ll want to take the time to make sure that you are doing business with a long established and reputable currency exchange service like Dinar Inc. There are several online companies that have been associated with unethical business practices when selling dinars, such as charging outrageous amounts for them or misleading their customers about them. You’ll want to avoid these companies and stick to a service like Dinar Inc. that sells dinars for the simple purpose of currency exchange, typically related to travel. You can get some of the fastest shipping rates and best exchange rates anywhere at Dinar Inc., where you can also make purchases for a wide range of other currencies.

Shipping straight to your home

You’ll get to pick the specific location where you want your dinar order to arrive, ensuring that you get it on time. No matter when you place your order on Dinar Inc. you can trust that it will ship as quickly as possible. Expedited shipping options can be arranged when necessary. Perhaps you have a limited time before your next trip to Iraq so you can’t prepare. You’ll then want to make your purchase as quickly as possible so that you can receive the dinars that you need prior to leaving. Once you depart or arrive in Iraq, it can be substantially more difficult to find a place to exchange currency.

Secure website

You’ll benefit from also using our secure website which is available to you whenever you want to make a purchase. It takes just minutes to make a purchase online for dinars, and we also offer a wide range of other currency options, both at Dinar Inc. and at our sister company Xchange of America. Your personal information is guaranteed to be protected at Dinar Inc., as we are one of the leading providers of currency exchange in the world and use the latest technology to protect your information. Our secure website is available to you at any time of the day or night, and your personal information will always be protected whenever you make a purchase.

No service fees or other outrageous fees

Other companies will frequently charge you service fees or other types of processing fees when you purchase currency exchange. You can avoid them altogether when you by dinars from Dinar Inc. We never charge you service fees in order to keep your costs as low as possible. You’ll benefit from some of the best exchange rates anywhere, as well as a fast ordering process. If you know that you’ll be traveling in the near future, it’s a good idea to go ahead and make a dinar purchase, and you can ask our staff ahead of time if you have any particular questions about the quantity that you should bring with you. Feel free to make your purchase anytime on our secure website, whenever it’s most convenient for you, and enjoy the unrivaled convenience that Dinar Inc. offers.

Buying Dinars Online with Great Exchange Rates

by Xchange Of America ~ August 25th, 2017

When trying to save as much money as possible on a dinar purchase for the purpose of traveling, you’ll want to choose a provider like Dinar Inc. that offers you excellent and fair exchange rates. Other dinar exchange services may charge you service fees and other excess fees which can quickly add up when you need to make a dinar purchase. Your best bet in many cases is to buy dinars online to save time and money, avoiding service fees and purchasing as many dinars as you need ahead of your trip. It’s recommended to travel with dinars if you plan on visiting Iraq for business, in the military or as a security contractor, or for other reasons.

Dinar Inc. offers excellent exchange rates

One of the top benefits of doing business with Dinar Inc. is the fact that you’ll get some of the best exchange rates anywhere. This is one of the best ways to save on your dinar purchase, but not the only way. You’ll also avoid the hassle of dealing with airport exchange service fees which can be quite substantial depending on where you choose to get your currency exchanged. Buying dinars online from a reputable provider is one of the best ways to ensure that you don’t overpay for your purchase. You’ll also get them shipped to your home or any other destination for some of the lowest prices anywhere.

Enjoy Iraq or other countries where dinars are accepted

Buying Iraqi dinars will allow you to enjoy your travel to Iraq, as there are currently many safe cities in the country that can be traveled to for business or pleasure. Perhaps you are visiting family or frequently travel to the country as a part of the military or for business reasons. Dinar Inc. will provide you with fast shipping as well as excellent customer service so that your currency purchase arrives when you expect it to. Don’t get stuck at the last minute having to look for a currency exchange service when you can get your currency purchase taken care of well ahead of time at Dinar Inc. with quick service and a convenient website that is always available.

Great service and support

If you need to ask any questions prior to your dinar purchase at Dinar Inc. you’re always welcome to email or call our experienced support staff. We always want to make sure that your purchase goes as smoothly as possible so that you can get back to planning for your trip or taking care of your other priorities. As one of the biggest suppliers of dinars, Vietnamese dong, and other rare currencies online, we have extensive experience and can answer any questions that you may have at all about our services. You’ll be able to have all of your questions answered so that you can make a currency purchase in confidence, along with plenty of different currency and payment options to choose from depending on your needs and requirements. Purchase dinars today from the comfort of your home at Dinar Inc.

What’s the Best Season to Visit Vietnam?

by Xchange Of America ~ August 24th, 2017

Vietnam offers several seasons that are worth visiting, and almost no matter when you visit you’ll be able to enjoy much of the country’s pleasant weather throughout the year. Most travel experts will tell you that much of the year can be pleasant to visit, especially during the dry season of October to March.

During the spring, March and April will have the lowest levels of rainfall and temperatures are very nice throughout the country. The far north of the country will be cooler this time of year compared to others. No matter when you plan on visiting, you should be sure to buy Vietnamese dong ahead of time so that you can enjoy the country’s unique attractions.

Winter is cooler

Vietnam can be quite hot in seasons outside of winter, so you can’t go wrong with visiting during the December to February season. During this time of year much of the United States is also cold. The season of October to March is dryer than other months, so you won’t have as much rainfall to deal with.

In the mountainous areas you can expect it to get cold, so if you plan on visiting those parts of the country you should be sure to bring warmer clothing with you. During these months you will also enjoy comfortable hiking temperatures so that you can explore the countryside and some of the more scenic and beautiful areas.

Spring is excellent for visiting

Vietnam remains significantly warmer in the spring, and the months between March, April and May are still excellent for visiting. In the spring, the north starts to get significantly warmer and remains dryer, which means that it’s a perfect time to visit the north. In areas like Ha Long Bay and Hanoi, temperatures will range in the 60s with occasional rain.

However, in the south the weather will be significantly warmer, between 70 and 90 degrees with more frequent rain. This means that it’s still a pleasant time to visit the south, and many of the beaches will often be packed with tourists. So it’s a great time of year to visit both regions and you’ll get to enjoy many outdoor activities.

Be sure to bring Vietnamese dong with you

It’s almost a must to buy Vietnamese dong before your trip, as there are several parts of the country that remain underdeveloped and lack credit card processing capabilities. Numerous vendors and small shops will require payment in cash, as well as other service providers like doormen or taxi drivers.

If you have enough of the local currency with you, you won’t be stuck in a situation where you have to miss out on a great souvenir or delicious food to sample. We offer you fast shipping when you buy Vietnamese dong on our website, as well as availability day and night, so feel free to make a purchase anytime. If you also have any questions at all about planning your trip to Vietnam, be sure to let us know ahead of time.

About Iraqi Cuisine

by Xchange Of America ~ August 23rd, 2017

Iraqi is a rich and diverse country with some interesting unique foods to try, if you ever plan on visiting for any reason. As the country continues to become more and more stabilized, it will be safer to visit, even though there are several areas that are currently safe to visit. If you plan on visiting Iraq, you’ll want to buy dinars online prior to your trip, as you can enjoy street foods, restaurants, and other local shops and stores that may require cash payments. With cash still being one of the major forms of developing countries like Iraq, it makes perfect sense to have it with you to take care of a wide range of different expenses.

Dating back thousands of years

Although negative news stories can often be loud, Iraq has a unique and rich history that dates back thousands of years. The area is widely known to be the cradle of civilization, and at one point in time it was the center of the civilized world, much like a first world country would be in modern times. The cuisine of the area is a mixture of influences from various ethnic groups, because of Iraq’s unique location with multiple tribes/ethnicities that have traded in the area for thousands of years. Some of the historical groups that have had an influence on the cuisine of the country include Persians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Sumerians, and Kurds. Some of the world’s first cookbooks were even created in Iraq, so by some definitions you could say that cuisine itself was founded there!

Modern Iraqi cuisine has many influences

Although those historic peoples created the foundation of modern Iraqi cuisine, today it is influenced from several other regions including Iran, Syria and Turkey. Generally, meals will begin with a salad or appetizer, with the salads being known as Mezza. Iraq shares a similar cuisine as many other Middle Eastern countries with popular dishes including kebabs, a sandwich similar to doner kebab, falafel, and a variety of lamb dishes including a lamb stew, and others. Vegetable dishes are also popular such as stuffed vegetables or grape leaves (dolma) and stuffed peppers. Depending on the region of Iraq, different crops are grown, with wheat, stone fruits and apples in the north, barley, rice and citrus fruits in the south.

Lamb is the favorite meat

Lamb is the most popular meat in Iraq, however a variety of other meats are also popular such as beef, chicken, goat and fish. Pork is eaten in Iraq by non-Muslims. Rice is commonly served with most dishes, and flatbreads are also a staple that are frequently served with meals. You may also be familiar with some dips which are popular in Iraq such as Tzatziki, baba ghanoush and hummus, as well as a hot pepper dip called muhammara. A variety of different soups are also very popular in the country, which is a common cuisine feature shared with Iran. Chai is widely consumed during the early morning and throughout the day, and it is considerably stronger than other regions. To enjoy these delicious foods, be sure to buy dinars online prior to your next trip to Iraq.

Weird and Interesting Vietnamese Foods to Try While Traveling There

by Xchange Of America ~ August 22nd, 2017

Vietnam is known for having some of the most unique and incredible street foods in the world, with a variety of options that will spark your curiosity or make you second guess whether or not you should try what you’re seeing. If you want to experience Vietnam and enjoy the different experiences in the country, you should try to buy Vietnamese dong before your travels. This way you’ll have enough currency with you to enjoy the best that the country has to offer, along with its wide range of unique and interesting street foods. Below are a few weird and interesting options that you should try during your next trip.

Duck Embryo (Trung vit lon)

Fetal duck embryos are definitely one of the more interesting Vietnamese foods out there, and very weird. You can find them in cafes and from street vendors. The dish is made from duck eggs that are almost hatched. They’re then boiled and served with herbs, salt, pepper, ginger, and lime juice. Certainly not for the squeamish, but a delicacy in the country that will give you some stories to tell your friends back home.

Snake Meat

Snake meat is eaten in Vietnam, and the venom is even used to make certain tonics and wines, as well as its blood and bile. Some people even eat the live beating heart of snakes. The snakes are typically brought to the restaurant live and then killed and gutted and cooked right in front of the guests. So, although this food item will certainly be fresh, most will probably think twice about eating it.

Dog and Cat Meat

As sad as it is to many of those of us who live in the West, both dog and cat meat are delicacies in Vietnam. They’re sold in particular parts of the country and during festivals. Although not everyone in Vietnam eats them, you can find dog and cat meat in certain parts of the country. This one probably isn’t your thing, but it’s best to be aware of this cultural practice if you’re traveling there.

Bo La Lot

This is a pretty standard dish. Bo La Lot is minced beef wrapped in betel leaves and then barbecued on charcoal. It’s served with a spicy sauce and topped with peanuts. This Vietnamese snack is delicious and you’ll find it at many street vendors, providing you with a high quality boost of energy when you’re trekking around town or through the villages.

BBQ items

This food isn’t weird, but you’ll find thousands of vendors offering BBQ foods throughout the country, as grilling meat and vegetables is very popular in Vietnam. Options range from seafood like fish, lobster, scallops, prawns, beef, chicken pork and more depending on what you’re craving. Best of all, the prices are some of the lowest that you’ll find anywhere. When you buy Vietnamese dong, you’ll be able to try all of the different BBQ foods that you are sure to encounter when traveling there.

Don’t forget to buy Vietnamese dong to try out weird and interesting foods there!

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